Top 5 Tata Trucks Under 20 Lakh In India- Price And Variants

Top 5 Tata Trucks Under 20 Lakh In India- Price And Variants

Tata trucks have been India’s favourite transporting vehicles for a long time, and never in this time have they failed to fulfil the needs of Indian transporters. Tata Truck under 20 Lakh have a wide range of vehicles, in which they also have its latest launch Electric powered truck. These Tata trucks under 20 Lakh in India range from 7.3 Ton to 11.2 tonnes. So if you are up to buying a Tata truck, this is the best place to get all the relevant information. The blog will provide you with all the details of these vehicles, so let’s check it out. 

5 Best Tata Trucks Under 20 Lakh Price:- 

Let’s look at the best 5 models of Tata trucks with their price and specifications.

1.Tata ULTRA T.7 

Tata ULTRA T.7

Tata Motors have designed this fully advanced and futuristic truck with all the technological access. Building this truck aims to reduce the pollutants caused by conventional fuel vehicles. This truck comes with a 62.5Kwh battery capacity, generating a torque of 2800 NM and a Power of 328 HP. Also, this vehicle offers a high speed of 80 KMPH and gradeability of 26%. Moreover, this vehicle’s automatic transmission and power steering make the ride smooth and safe. The Tata Ultra T.7 Electric truck is available at Rs. 15.29 – 16.82 Lakh*.

This model of Tata trucks comes with 3 variants, Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric 3900/HSD, Electric 3550/CBC and Electric 3900/CLB. 

  • Wheelbase:- 3550 MM
  • GVW:- 7490 KG
  • Charging Time:- 2 Hours 
  • Battery:- 24 V

2.Tata 1109g LPT

Tata 1109g LPT

This CNG engine-based Tata truck is designed with all the top specifications that work in every challenging condition. Tata 1109g LPT has a 3783 CC In 3.8 SGI engine, generating 83 HP and 285 NM for many applications. This Tata truck under 20 Lakh has a GVW of 11,250 KG with a fuel tank capacity of 430 Ltr. This vehicle’s 217 MM ground clearance and 21% gradeability make the drive on uneven surfaces smooth. Also, This model of Tata Trucks Under 20 Lakhs Price range has 8 different body-type variants, which are; Tata 1109g LPT 3800/CAB, 4920/HSD, 4920/Reefers, 3800/Containers, 3800/CLB, 3800/Reefers, 3800/HSD and 4920/CAB. 

  • Transmission:- Manual
  • Gradeability:- 21% 
  • Seating Capacity:- D+1
  • Price:- Rs. 17.83 – 19.44 Lakh*

3.Tata 712 LPT 
Tata 712 LPT Truck

The Tata 712 LPT is one of the finest Intercity and Intracity vehicles manufactured by Tata motors. This vehicle’s 3300 CC 3.3 L New Generation engine provides a power of 123 HP and 390 NM, which is adequate for many applications. Moreover, this truck’s 3400 MM wheelbase and 193 MM ground clearance simplify suburban transport. The engine of this truck is tuned with a 280 mm dia-Single plate dry friction type clutch and GBS 40, 5 Speed, Manual Synchromesh Gearbox (5F, 1R)- PTOP gearbox. The price of Tata 712 LPT starts from Rs. 14.96 Lakh* and goes up to 16.10 Lakh*. 

This model has 3 variants Tata: 712 LPT 3400/CBC, 3400/FSD and 3400/HDLB. 

  • Gradeability:- 36.2% 
  • GVW:- 7490 KG
  • Fuel Tank:- 120 Ltr. 
  • Minimum turning Radius:- 6250 MM

4.Tata T.9 Ultra

Tata T.9 Ultra

Tata T.9 Ultra is designed to improve intercity transport; this truck’s compact size makes the way easy in most traffic situations. The 2956 CC 4SPCR BS6 engine provides the drive with 100 HP power and 300 NM torque. The engine can supply high torque in low-speed conditions, which is suitable for intercity travel. This truck comes with a GVW capacity of 8750 KG. The vehicle is fitted with power steering and 26.8% gradeability. The Banjo-type rear Axle of this truck gives the allowance to carry more oversized loads and is less prone to leakage. Also, this Tata truck, under the 20 Lakh price range, has 6 variants: Tata T.9 Ultra 3550/CAB, 3920/CAB, 4530/CAB, 3550/HSD, 3920/HSD and 4530/HSD. 

  • Reverse Parking Assistance:- Yes 
  • Seating Capacity:- D+2
  • Gearbox:- 5 speed (5F+1R)
  • Price:- Rs. 16.94 – 17.95 Lakh*

5.Tata 709g LPT

Tata 709g LPT Truck

The Tata 709g LPT is a CNG fuel Based vehicle which can qualify for intercity and intracity transporting segments. This truck’s improved 3783 CC In 3.8 SGI engine is designed to give high-end specifications to perform well in challenging conditions and complete all tasks. The engine generates a power of 83 HP and a torque of 285 NM. It has a Moderate GVW of 7300 KG, and a Fuel tank capacity of 300 Ltr. Tata 709g LPT starts from Rs. 14.57 Lakh* and goes up to 16.18 Lakh*. 

Also, this model has 3 variants: Tata 709g LPT 3800/CLB, 3800/HD and 3800/CAB. 

  • Gradeability:- 25%
  • Power Steering:- Yes
  • Ground Clearance:- 216 MM
  • Transmission:- 5F+1R Manual

Essential Points For Infographic:- 

  • This infographic represents India’s 5 most popular Tata trucks under 20 Lakhs. 
  • The Products are listed with Power, GVW and Price in this Infographic.
  • The Tata truck models in this infographic are Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric, Tata 1109g LPT, Tata 712 LPT, Tata T.9 Ultra and Tata 709g LPT. 

Top 5 Tata Trucks Under 20 Lakh In India- Price And Variants

These are the top 5 models of Tata trucks under the price range of Rs. 20 Lakhs, with its price, GVW and other variants. Further, you can visit our website if you require more information about the different models, Truck Junction.

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