5 Most Popular Tempo Traveller in India – Price and Features

5 Most Popular Tempo Traveller in India – Price and Features

Haven’t you seen the 4-wheeler tempo travellers on roads with tourists? I bet you have, at least once in your lifetime. You also might have seen speed posts’ red painted vehicles on roads. This blog will discuss India’s 5 most popular tempo travellers.

What is a Tempo Traveller, and what is its Importance?

A tempo traveller is a four-wheeled tempo traveller normally used to carry passengers and or cargo from one place to another. The traveller comes in a price range of INR 3-17 Lakhs and is capable enough to carry loads up to 1810 Kg, which is equivalent to that of a mini truck. Therefore, in the same price range, you are availing of some alternative offers.  

1. Force Tempo Traveller 3050

Force Tempo Traveller 3050

Force tempo traveller 3050 is a four-wheeled vehicle with a lot of special features and specifications. Let us make it through its specifications and features one by one and decide what’s special in the traveller van.  


Force tempo traveller 3050 comes with FM2.6CR ED type, 4 cylinders, the engine that produces 350 Newton-Metres of torque. This produces 115 HP of power and hence is a capable tempo traveller. The gross weight of the tempo traveller (GVW) is 3675 Kg, and with a wheelbase of 3050 mm, the tempo traveller has got a lowered centre of gravity. This leads to more stability while travelling on the road.

The BS-VI engine complies with all the environmental norms leading to fewer carbon pollutants in the air and economic mileage. Furthermore, the synchromesh transmission makes a smooth gear-changing experience for the driver. This type of gear transmission also causes less wear and tear to the engine of the tempo traveller.


Force tempo traveller 3050 comes with robust features that match its style and design. This Mercedes-made 2596 CC engine comes with CNG and diesel as fuel options. It has got a stylish design covered in white colour. The tempo traveller comes with a driver+12 seated configuration. 

The brakes of the tempo traveller are one-of-a-kind hydraulic, dual circuit, ABS-enabled (vacuum-assisted) brakes with EBD and auto slack adjuster. So this tempo traveller is totally safe to run on roads of all kinds, i.e. wet, dry, cemented, etc. It has got a comfortable interior with a semi-elliptical spring suspension assisted by hydraulics shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar.

This tempo traveller is priced at INR 12.85-16.32 lacs. Now let’s move on to the next tempo traveller.

2. Tata Winger Cargo

Tata Winger Cargo

Tata Winger Cargo is a four-wheeler that is generally used to move cargo from one place to another. This tempo traveller is priced at INR 8-8.20 Lakhs. The 98.56 HP tata-made 2200 CC engine generates a torque of 200 N-M. In this segment, we will discuss this tempo traveller’s special features and specifications.

  • It has a 60-litre large-size fuel tank, enabling it to cover large distances at large speeds.
  • The maximum torque to the four-wheeler cargo carrier is 200 Newton Metres. This makes the tempo traveller van capable of lifting heavy loads.
  • The 98.56 HP engine with a GVW of 3490 Kg and a wheelbase of 3488 mm lowers the centre of gravity and thus makes the cargo traveller more stable.
  • The payload capacity of the Tata Winger Cargo carrier is 1680 Kg, and the kerb weight is 1810 Kg.
  • It comes with pre-built power steering, thus making the vehicle easy to manoeuvre. Thus making the intra-city rides more comfortable for the driver.
  • The vehicle’s ground clearance is 185 mm, thus making the traveller van a more stable four-wheeler cargo carrier by lowering the centre of gravity.

In this row of discussion, let’s move forward to another segment of tempo travellers in India.

3. Force Traveller 4020

Force Traveller 4020

Force traveller 4020 is a four-wheeler tempo traveller that is normally used to carry passengers from one place to another. This vehicle is priced at INR 16.40-17.26 Lakhs. Mercedes made a 2.6 Litre, 4-cylinder engine that is capable enough to generate a torque of 350 N-M. In this segment, we discuss some of the features and specifications of this tempo traveller.

  • The Force traveller 4020 comes with a large fuel tank capacity of 70 litres. This allows long inter-city rides without interruption.
  • The GVW of the tempo traveller is 4675 Kg and has a wheelbase of 4020 mm. This lowers the centre of gravity for the vehicle and thus makes the rides more smooth.
  • It has got a ground clearance of 200 mm. Thus, making the traveller van more stable due to the much-lowered centre of gravity.
  • The brakes of this tempo traveller are drum/disc brakes.
  • The gear transmission of the Force traveller 4020 is manual and synchromesh. This reduces the wear and tear while applying brakes.

In addition to the above facts, let’s move to another section of tempo travellers.

4. Mahindra Supro Cargo Van

Mahindra Supro Cargo Van

Mahindra supro cargo van is a bit smaller than other tempo travellers. This is mostly used to transport goods in intra-city operations. This four-wheeler is priced at INR 5.29-5.65 lakhs. Let us move on to discussing the cargo van’s overall features and specifications.

  • This cargo carrier has a TCIS compression ignition four-stroke, direct injection engine that produces a power of 26 HP. This power is enough for carrying out day-to-day operations. 
  • The above engine produces a torque of 58 NM and is enough to carry a payload of 700 Kg.
  • A wheelbase of 1950 mm lowers the centre of gravity to a much lower level. Thus increasing the stability of the vehicle on all types of roads.
  • The brakes in the tempo traveller are disc/drum.
  • It has a driver+1 configuration. Thus facilitating an assistant driver.
  • The 30 Litre fuel tank enables the traveller van to easily travel around a city.

In addition to this, we will be discussing the last but not the least in the chapter. So lets us move on.

5. Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Maruti Suzuki Eeco cargo tempo traveller comes last in India’s most popular tempo travellers. This is a bit cheaper tempo traveller. It comes at a price range of INR 3.81-3.91. Let us discuss the Maruti Suzuki Eeco.

  • The tempo traveller cargo carrier comes with a G12B type, 4 cylinder engine, generating a total power of 61 HP. This power is enough to carry out intra-city operations with ease.
  • This engine pulls the four-wheeler with a maximum speed of 85 Kmph.
  • The max torque of the engine is 85 Newton-Metres. This enables the tempo traveller to lift a maximum load of 920 kg.
  • The GVW of the vehicle is 1510 Kg. Thus, there is a balance between the GVW and the payload capacity of the vehicle. This enables a smoother drive for the tempo traveller.
  • A large fuel tank of 65 litres makes it a long performing traveller van.

Highlighted Points of Infographic

The following are some important points regarding the infographic:

  • Here there is a comparison of five top tempo van in India.
  • This infographic represents information and a comparison of GVW, power, and price.
  • The models in this infographic are Force tempo traveller 3050, Tata Winger Cargo, Force traveller 4020,  Maruti Suzuki Eeco.

5 Most Popular Tempo Traveller Infographic

What do we say about the above tempo travellers?

In this blog, we have discussed the top five tempo travellers in India, and we conclude that “although these tempo travellers have a bit of a lofty description, they have importance in real life scenarios and are useful”. What are your thoughts about the tempo vans?