5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Truck

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Truck

Want to buy a Used Truck? Is buying a used truck safe? Is it worth it to buy a used truck? Confused!! Don’t worry, you will get all your answers about used trucks in this blog. So, let’s move on to the blog. 

As we all know, the second-hand commercial vehicles segment is a crucial part for our country as it helps in boosting the economy. Also, the size of the second hand truck market is reaching higher numbers.

Currently, the market is valued at 41 Billion USD in 2021 and is expected to grow to around 52 Billion USD in 2027. The growth of commercial vehicles debunked the pandemic created by the covid19 virus. 

You need to consider many points before opting to buy old truck. Because the parts of a used truck wear out with time after running many kilometres on roads and obtain a massive price. If you are buying a used truck for the first time and do not know the path, we are here to guide you. 

Is Buying Second Hand Commercial Vehicles Worthy?

The used trucks have pros and cons, so you need to consider everything before buying them. One of the pros while buying a used truck is it comes with experience. The second hand trucks have a plus point: they gain experience of rough road conditions, high loads, long hours run and many more. The essential con that should be considered is the engine’s and other parts’ wear and tear as these machines worked under different road conditions over a long period. So deciding whether the truck is good for you or not might be confusing. That’s why we are here with a blog on 5 points that should be considered while buying used truck. 

So let’s see all the factors you need to look at which affect the used truck prices. 

The price is a critical point when you buy old truck. And there are many aspects which can affect the old truc k price. The condition of parts, body, and if you want to get your vehicle on finance, the age factor of the truck will also come into play. 

Key Points To Remember While Buying Old Truck In India

Key Points To Remember While Buying Old Truck In India

  • Get a Trusted Seller 
  • Age of The Truck 
  • Engine Condition 
  • Warranty And Insurance 
  • Body condition and Lubes 

Commercial vehicles come at very high prices. Even an old pickup truck will take a big pile of money from your pocket. So before buying these high-volume second-hand trucks. you have to go through a list that will help you get high-quality used pickup trucks or commercial vehicles from other segments.  

Following points which play a major role in determining the second hand truck price

Where To Buy Second Hand Trucks 

You can get old truck for sale, but are the dealers trusted?

You can buy used commercial vehicles in many places, but you need to get a trusted seller. It would be best if you bought the truck from a trusted dealer as they ensure that it undergoes several processes, so it should be perfect for the new owner. Moreover, you can get a used truck for sale through these dealers. 

  • Dealers will help you with after-sales services and the documentation and name transfer process.
  • Get to know the owners of that used truck and gain information about the vehicle.
  • Know the reason for selling the truck, ask your queries to him. 

There are many places where you can get used truck for sale in India. The Used or Old truck market is big but not organised, but at Truck Junction you can get all used trucks in a categorised way, where buying used truck is very easy. 

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Is The Truck Too Old To Buy 

The age of the truck is also an essential factor when opting for second-hand trucks. Finance companies have a 10 years policy of finance, so if your truck is 6 years old, it will get finance for the next 4 years.

Why is the age of trucks so Important?

  • The bank will not invest if the truck is too old.
  • Old trucks maybe went off the emission norms of new policies.
  • It is hard to get instalments for the used trucks.
  • The availability of parts will become a serious concern while buying these used mini truck. 

It means the older the truck is, the harder it gets to maintain it, but always check the engine while buying used truck. 

A Good Look Under The Hood 

How to Identify a Good Engine?

The old engines tend to leak because of the ununiformed gaskets and damaged oil rings, which makes the lube come out of the machine. On the other hand, if the old engine is still shiny and clean, it will also tell you about the regular maintenance history of the vehicle.

Good maintenance history of the old vehicle will lay a good foundation for your new journey with the truck and give you good mileage. Because even when the truck is not in use, it still requires periodic maintenance, oil change, coolant, radiator, filter, diesel check and many other things. These things may look normal, but these little lookout points are essential. 

Other parts you need to check:

S.No Part Name  System
1 Clutch Power Train
2 Propeller Shaft Powertrain
3 Axles Loading and Suspension
4 Leaf Spring and shocker Suspension System
5 Brakes and Air Tanks Braking System

Tip:- With our assurance, you can buy second hand trucks at Truck Junction. 

Warranty and Insurance of Truck

There are chances that the vehicle will be out of Warranty and not in the insurance as of its age. Still, you need to know the things, like when the Warranty expired and what kind of external Warranty we can apply for through the company.

Reasons due to warranty gets cancelled or expires:- 

  • The kilometres are getting completed.
  • Time period of warranty from purchase date completed. 
  • Getting your vehicle serviced out of the authorised place.

While a Warranty covers the significant internal parts, insurance will cover all the external damage to the vehicle. As you know, repairing these vehicles will take a big pile of money out of your pocket; vehicle insurance becomes necessary. 

Why is a Warranty important while buying used truck? 

The truck is a costly part of any business portfolio, and more of it is seen as an asset for the person. The components of these machines are also expensive, and it will be beneficial if it gets changed in the Warranty provided by the company. You need to know each and everything while buying a used truck. 

Body Condition And All Fluids Of The Engine

The load body section, fluids and oils of trucks are vital for the more prolonged running of the vehicle. And while Buying a second-hand truck it becomes essential because the upcoming expenses will pretty much depend on these. So you need a clear view of how much you need to spend on fixing and changing these oils. 

Body and Load body:- 

The body of the used trucks is a very high-maintenance part. After getting used for thousands of kilometres and carrying freights continuously, it might get a lot of damage. However, if the maintenance of these things is done correctly, then there is a chance that you can find them in good condition. As we all know, the load body section is the most important part of any loading vehicle, and you need to give a lot of focus while buying second hand truck. And get to know all the upcoming expenses regarding it. 

Oil and Lubes of Engine and Other Parts:

The condition of the parts is dependent on lifelong procurement. As you see, some vehicles get their heavy parts changed every year, and some only get their periodic spare parts changed all through the lifespan of running.

  • The viscosity, the thermal and oxidation stability of the lubes ends with time, and the liquid which remains there has nothing oily in it.
  • You need to check all the lubes while buying used truck. 
  • Even the diesel, because old diesel tends to get gummy with time and can choke the engine. 
  • In addition, the old oil and lubes will make your engine and parts rusty as the corrosion resistance is no longer in them. 


Buying used truck is better in some ways as compared to new trucks, you might hesitate to load the new truck fully and go on a tough road with it. But with an old truck you will not have this problem. There are some basic and essential points which we discussed in this blog which can decide whether the truck is good for you or not. The earlie

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