Best 5 Payload Capacity Trucks In India For Your Business

When you are in the market as a customer and wish to buy a truck, you consider many specifications of the commercial vehicle before choosing it. Payload capacity is one of the parameters upon which customers choose their commercial trucks. We have brought a list of the best 5 trucks in terms of their payload capacity with their price in 2022.

There are several options in the commercial vehicle market for different varieties of trucks. Every customer has a different purpose for purchasing commercial trucks. They find selective specifications as per their requirements. Payload capacity is an essential specification through which you can learn what amount of weight a particular truck will lift. Many a time, we use the term Payload capacity to indicate load-carrying capacity. Generally, we wrongly consider payload capacity as the cargo weight amount that your truck’s bed can lift and carry from one point to another. In detail, it refers to the total amount of weight that your truck, combined with its cabin and bed, can carry. That’s why it is said that a truck is overloaded when the bed of your commercial truck carries weight equivalent to its payload capacity. Hence, payload capacity plays a major role in deciding which type of truck you should choose for your business. 

Government-mandated Payload Capacity For Trucks 

A vehicle’s payload capacity is related to multiple factors, such as the cubic volume of the cargo load body, axles, etc. The rod or shaft that turns the wheels and bears the weight of your truck is called an axle. Every commercial vehicle incorporates an axle which can be placed either on the front or rear side. One axle is equivalent to one set of tyres on both sides. These axles fitted with tyres bear the whole weight of the vehicle. Every commercial vehicle manufacturer determines the specific weight permissible placed on an axle. This particular amount of weight is GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating). The higher the gross vehicle weight, including axles and chassis, the higher the payload capacity would be generated. The Indian government has permitted 3 to 11.5 tonnes of cargo loads lifted by single-axle vehicles. The Ministry of Highway and Road Transportation has recommended the maximum axle weight range is 19 tonnes for two sets of axles. In the case of tri-axle vehicles, including dump trucks, tow trucks, and transit mixers, the permissible range is 28.5 tonnes.   

Top 5 Most Popular Trucks By Payload Capacity

The list below consists of the best payload trucks designed by different CV manufacturers in India.

1. Tata LPT 4825 Truck

Tata LPT 4825 Truck
Tata LPT 4825 Truck

The Tata LPT 4825 truck is India’s best-in-class truck for transporting heavy loads over long distances and is considered the highest payload truck. This particular model of Tata LPT truck has a Cummins ISBe 6.7L BS6 Engine that generates 250 HP and 950 NM of torque. Its engine makes it capable of transporting loads up to 38000 KG efficiently and easily. Tata Trucks are well known in market fort their quality. This Tata LPT model has the highest payload capacity in this given list. It is designed based on 6 powers which justifies its tagline EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF 6 EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF CHANGE.

This truck includes a TATA Single Reduction RA110HD Rear axle and a TATA Heavy Duty 7T Reverse Elliott Type Front Axle. Further, its two-axle design helps to maintain stability, allowing to carry the maximum load. Tata LPT 4825 truck price varies between Rs. 42.53 lakh and Rs. 44.53 lakh*.

2. Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE Truck

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE Truck
Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE Truck

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE is one of the best payload trucks with an impressive payload capacity of 10800 KG. Additionally, this truck specifically meets the needs of the transportation and trading industry segments while maintaining its toughness and reliability. Better weight displacement and truck stability are made possible by the Forged I section – reverse Elliot type front axle and Fully floating single speed rear axle, Hypoid, RAR 6.17:1 rear axle. Ashok Leyland Trucks as a reputed brand carry its remarkable history. This Ashok Leyland Ecomet model has the H class BS6- 4 cylinder CRS engine with i-Gen6 Technology that produces 150 HP power and 450 NM of torque. This Ashok Leyland truck model has priced between Rs. 20.31 Lakh and Rs. 28.55 Lakh*. 

3. Eicher Pro 2095XP Truck

Eicher Pro 2095XP Truck
Eicher Pro 2095XP Truck

Eicher Pro 2095 XP is known best for payload capacity, which is optimum, with a truck loading capacity of 7217 KG. In addition, this truck payload capacity makes it ideal for your fleet or the moving and packing business. Eicher Trucks are now emerged as the best option for customers for their business. With a deck length of 4327 MM, this Eicher truck model can carry the most freight and complete the job in just one trip. It ensures more business profits to meet its tagline, MORE BUSINESS. MORE PROFIT.    

Additionally, it includes a grease-free semi-elliptical suspension with a shock absorber at the front, rear axle, and a forged ‘I’ beam reverse Elliot-type front axle. They all help in the safe transportation of the cargo. Additionally, this truck has an E474 Turbocharged Intercooled CRS engine, making it easier to deliver the items quickly to a different area. The Eicher Pro 2095 XP truck price starts from Rs. 17.59 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 19.96 Lakh*.

4. Mahindra Furio 16 Truck

Mahindra Furio 16 Truck
Mahindra Furio 16 Truck

From the payload comparison chart, another popular Mahindra model is the Mahindra Furio 16 truck. Its payload capacity is 11500 KG. The finest MDI Tech, with an ECR+SCR Technology engine, equips in this Mahindra Furio truck. Moreover, this enables it to bear the load and travel at best. This truck’s engine generates 525 NM of torque and 138 HP power. Depending on the transportation needs, you can opt for different kinds of deck length sizes of this truck. Mahindra Trucks are available in market with different ranges. The Mahindra Furio 16 price ranges from Rs. 24.42 Lakh and Rs. 25.82 Lakh*.

5. BharatBenz 4228R Truck

BharatBenz 4228R Truck
BharatBenz 4228R Truck

Bharat Benz 4228R is one of the best 30 ton payload trucks in India. With a truck payload capacity of 29890 KG, this model of Bharat Benz makes it easy to transport heavy loads long distances. This feature in the truck applies for various commercial applications to ensure last-mile goods delivery at the destination point. BharatBenz Trucks are the foremost commercial trucks for having more durability. Furthermore, this truck model has a robust OM926 engine that can support smooth operation when towing these huge loads. Its tagline, LEAD THE CHANGE WITH 4228R (10×2) matches its revolutionary design. Additionally, this truck’s IF 7.0 front axle and RA 2 IT-10 rear axle with 14 tyres are other factors that contribute to its increased payload capacity and stability during the cargo delivery.

Summing Up Thoughts

The above list of payload trucks in India explicitly mentions with their different payload capacity and price ranges. We hope this will help you a lot in choosing your commercial truck for your cargo delivery business. Through this list, you can easily get an idea of truck payload comparison in some of the given models. By this, you will be able to buy your truck in the market without any confusion so that you can get more profits.

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