BharatBenz 2823C Tipper Truck – Product Price and Review

BharatBenz 2823C Tipper Truck – Product Price and Review

To fulfil the needs of the construction sector, hydropower projects, canal works and others, BharatBenz company offers the best in the class BharatBenz 2823C tipper with 10 tyres, 2800Kg of GVW and 4275MM of Wheelbase.

We can use BharatBenz 2823C tipper in many places, such as in the construction fields where it can be used for moving heavy materials such as dust, soil, concrete, asphalt and many more. In the same way, the use in canal and mining works is to move the heavily crushed rocks from mining sites to required places. And the service in the hydropower projects is to carry heavy machinery and other types of equipment. 


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The Variant of BharatBenz 2823C Tipper

Bharat Benz 2823C 4275/CBC Tipper is one and the only variant of BharatBenz 2823C tipper truck with the same specifications. This tipper has an alluring design and a comfortable cabin. Moreover, the working capacity of the 2823C tipper is excellent with good fuel mileage. Moreover, the BS-VI engine norm makes it an environment-friendly tipper. Apart from this, the price of this tipper is Rs. 37.8 lakhs* to Rs. 37.85 lakhs*. 

Bharat Benz 2823C 4275/CBC

Specifications of BharatBenz 2823C Tipper

BharatBenz 2823 C Tipper comes from the manufacturer’s home with highly advanced mobility solutions to provide excellent working efficiency and fantastic performance. So let’s move to the specifications of this tipper without wasting our precious time.

1. Price

Bharat Benz 2823c price is best in that category with all features attached, and it can give total value for money by providing excellent working in the field of construction. Therefore, the cost of this tipper is Rs. 37.8 lakhs* to Rs. 37.88 lakhs*.

2. Performance

As we discussed earlier, the performance of the BharatBenz 2823C tipper is excellent. Even if you are going in this category, no other tippers can compete with this tipper. Moreover, it has a 241 HP powered heavy-duty engine so that it can work efficiently in its relevant field. 

Engine OM926
Engine Norm BS-VI
Power 241 HP
Engine Cylinders 6
Max Torque 850 NM
Max Speed 60 KMPH
No. of Tyre 10
Fuel Tank 215 Ltr.
GVW 28000 KG

3. Dimensions

BharatBenz 2823 C tipper has alluring ground clearance to save itself from many dangerous stones or other things during off-road tasks. It has a 4275 MM wheelbase, which is very helpful for many operations. However, only 8100 MM of turning radius makes it a quick mover tipper and takes common space to turn. 

Length 7185 MM
Width 2490 MM
Height 2955 MM
Wheelbase 4275 MM

Ground Clearance

290 MM
Minimum Turning Radius 8100 MM

4. Brakes & Suspensions 

If we talk about the brakes and suspensions of the BharatBenz 2823 C tipper, we will get the best suspension and brakes in this model. The Pneumatic foot-operated dual line brakes make it the safest vehicle in its range of commercial vehicles. Moreover, with the parking brakes, it can be easily parked at any tilt place. 

Brakes Pneumatic foot-operated dual line brakes
Parking Brakes Yes
Front Axle IF 7.0
Rear Axle RA 1 IR390-11
Front Suspension Parabolic type leaf spring with two hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear Suspension Bogie Suspension
Abs Yes

5. Transmission 

Bharat Benz 2823C tipper is a manual transmitted tipper model with a 6-speed gearbox and a single dry plate hydraulic control clutch. Power steering can give you a complete comfortable driving experience.

Clutch Single dry plate hydraulic control
Gearbox 6-Speed
Steering Power Steering
Transmission Manual

6. Body & Cabin

Bharat Benz 2823 BS 6 tipper has a customisable body option to give a wide choice for the tipper owners. Moreover, with the day cabin, it can provide you with an entire comfortable interior so that you can continuously use it for an extended period. 

Body Option Customisable
Chassis Type Chassis with Cabin
Cabin Type Day Cabin
Arm Rest No
Tiltable Steering No

7. Tyres

BharatBenz 2823C Tipper has 11×20 front and rear tyres, and these tyres are manufactured with highly advanced technology and modern solutions to stay with the trucks for a long time. These tyres are also a good performer and provide perfect grip on the roads. 

Front Tyre 11×20
Rear Tyre 11×20
Tubeless Tyre No

Other Applications of Bharat Benz 2823C Tipper

We can easily use this truck for the tanker application, and it can present you with more profit when you go with its tanker application. It can easily transport all types of oils such as petroleum, lubricants, chemicals, bitumen, milk, edible oil and water along with LPG and other gases. 

Applications of Bharat Benz 2823C Tipper

On the other hand, you can go with this truck’s bulker or transit mixers applications. These two applications are widely used in the construction field where heavy construction is going on. The BharatBenz 2823C tipper is a multi-tasking truck; that’s why it can be used in any application with ease.

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