Eicher Pro 2049 Truck Review With Performance Features & Price

Eicher Pro 2049 Truck Review With Performance Features & Price

The Eicher has set a new benchmark in the commercial vehicle industry of India. This company has released Eicher Pro 2049 Truck to facilitate a winning edge in your cargo-loading business. The model has ruled the Indian truck industry with best-in-class mileage. Its revolutionary driver comfort puts it in a far better position in competition. 

This vehicle is equipped with Eutech 6 Solution to make it BS6 compliant with the best balance of profitability and productivity. It is a light commercial vehicle which incorporates reliable EATS (Exhaust After Treatment System) for fuel economy. The modern features of this Eicher Pro truck enable it to be the superb choice for last miles cargo delivery for city transportation. This truck transforms you to be the Badshah of your logistics business

Eicher Pro 2049 Expert Reviews For Last Miles Delivery Truck  

Eicher Pro 2049 Truck features next-generation controls like a steering system and an 18CM touchscreen infotainment system. This model has rugged BSK46 chassis with CED-coated rust resistance. It facilitates cargo delivery in different market-loading and unloading. The vehicle caters to many applications like parcels, couriers, LPG cylinders, water bottles, poultry, egg distribution, etc. 

This comes to be known as BUSINESS KA BADSHAH. TRUCK BHI. AAP BHI. It is 4.9 tonnes GVW truck which incorporates the expertise of Euro 6 cost-effective technology. With this blog, we are going to explore the Eicher Pro 2049 specifications. 

Key Points Of Eicher Pro 2049 Truck

Let’s examine the features and cost of Eicher Pro 2049 Truck in detail.   

1. Mileage Ka Badshah 

Eicher Pro 2049 Truck features a 3-cylinder E 366 BS6 engine with 2000cc displacement capacity. Its engine technology has been tested for over 56,00,000 KM. This engine delivers a power of 75kW (100 HP) @3200 RPM with a maximum torque of 285 NM @ 1250-2500 RPM. 

Its duty cycle-based SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) ensures high reliability and low maintenance. The Eicher Pro 2049 mileage is 11 KMPL bringing the best-in-class mileage. It can move the cargo material with a maximum speed of 80 KMPH. As a result, it provides enhanced profits with a faster turnaround time.

ENGINE E 366, 3 Cylinder

2. Reliability Ka Badshah

The Eicher Pro 2049 dimension carries 3177 MM length and 1873 MM width. Its dimensions enhance the vehicle’s balance and driveability. Also, its wheelbase is 2580 MM, helping in evenly distribution of the load body. This truck has a ground clearance of 160 MM for jerk-free riding. 

The minimum turning radius of 10 metres maintains the easiest manoeuvrability. It has a 1.8 Metre next-generation tiltable cabin. Moreover, it has high strength, an advanced steel cargo body with more corrugation depth and a stronger tailgate. This model has grease free semi-elliptical leaf suspension system. 

BODY DIMENSION (L X W) 3177 MM x 1873 MM

3. Safety Ka Badshah

The Eicher Pro 2049 GVW is 4995 KG to transport light cargo loads perfectly. Moreover, the higher GVW augments the Eicher Pro 2049 loading capacity which is 3500 KG. Apart from this, its diesel tank capacity is 60 litres for comfortable rides without frequent stoppage of fuels.

The Eicher Pro 2049 safety features include a dual-panel and sturdier cabin. It has boundary-protected DRL headlamps. The vehicle incorporates all-wheel disc brakes for reducing stopping distance. Moreover, this truck equips with anti-roll bars in front and rear for higher vehicle stability. 

GVW 4995 KG
TYRES 225/75 R16 or 7.00×16 – 14PR
BRAKES All Wheel Disc Brakes (Hydraulic)

4. Comfort Ka Badshah

Eicher Pro 2049 Truck has a 10-degree cooler cabin with the lowest NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness). It has a 4-tonne hydraulic jack. This model has 105-degree seat tilting with the best seat travel of 180 MM. It has adjustable seats with better utilities like overhead storage space, bottle holder, and mobile holder. 

The model is mated with a Manual transmission system with 5 forward and 1 reverse gear. Its powertrain includes a 280 MM Clutch. This clutch ensures smooth gear shifting in different driving conditions. It follows a power steering mechanism with a tilt and telescopic steering control. 

CLUTCH  280 Organic Type
GEARBOX  5 Speed
STEERING  Tilt and Telescopic Power Steering

5. Profitability Ka Badshah

Eicher Pro 2049 BS6 model is manufactured to carry a best-in-class payload with high cargo body space. You will experience the lowest turnaround time with this truck. Its best performance engine E366 with CRS technology, gives more profitability in the business. The fuel coaching infused in this vehicle improves fuel economy.

Its flat torque over a wide RPM prevents the gear from shifting frequently. Hence, it keeps lower maintenance costs. The cruise control system equipped with it offers a fatigue-free driving experience. With improved mileage and performance, this truck is best to gain more profits.  

6. Eicher Pro 2049 Price in India

Eicher Pro 2049 truck price in India is priced at Rs. 12.16 – Rs. 12.91 Lakh. This is the vehicle’s ex-showroom cost, although the on-road cost may differ in every other state. Additionally, the price rises as a result of additional taxes. You may easily get the Eicher Pro 2049 model with the help information provided by Truck Junction.  

Final Thoughts

This detailed Eicher Pro 2049 Truck review will help you buy the vehicle. The model performs well for short-haul applications in city transportation. Fruits, veggies, water bottles, beverages, and other items are supplied perfectly by this model. Additionally, this strikes the ideal balance between productivity and profit. The Pro 2049 model guarantees savings in addition to earnings. It boosts the success of your transportation business and boosts revenue. 

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