Expert Review on Tata Ace Gold CNG+ : Price and Features

Expert Review on Tata Ace Gold CNG+ : Price and Features

Are you looking to upgrade from your old mini truck to a more powerful one? Then look no further because the new addition to the iconic Tata Ace Series has finally come to the market. The Tata Ace Gold CNG+ fills all the missing gaps in the market. Read further to learn how.

Tata Motors is India’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles known for strategically identifying the missing gaps and filling them as per their customer needs. The company has set several revolutions in the commercial vehicle market. One such revolution was set back in 2005, with the first launch of the Tata Ace model. The vehicle was first in the segment – a mini truck, which hadn’t been done before. Tata Ace catered perfectly to the drivers who needed to transport lightweight to medium-weight cargo around the city. Tata Motors had the first mover benefit with the Tata Ace and created history in 2012 by crossing a 1M sales mark in 2680 days since the market launch. Today, Tata Motors has had over 23 Lakhs of satisfied customers for over 16 years. 

Tata Motors expands its revolutionary Ace Series with the all-new Tata Ace Gold CNG+. The Tata Ace Gold CNG+ is undoubtedly the best entry-level mini truck for first-time users. Moreover, the advanced technology this mini truck is equipped with is beyond impressive. But before we proceed to read any further, let’s see why this mini truck is called CNG+.

Why is This Model Called Tata Ace Gold CNG+?

There are tons of top-selling features that Tata Motors has manufactured this Tata Ace Gold CNG+ mini truck with. However, one feature that makes it stand out the most from others is the CNG tanks fitted in the truck. There are not one but three gas cylinders, each having a 6 kg capacity, making this mini truck one of the highest CNG fuel tank capacities at 18 kgs. No truck in the segment has this much capacity. With a CNG of 18 kgs, you can expect to receive a minimum of 375 km of the road run without needing to refuel.

Tata Ace Gold CNG+ justifies its tagline “AB LAMBA SAFAR AUR BHI AASAN” because it is fitted with a fuel tank of 105 litres, which ensures a longer journey without any stress for fuel stations on the way.

1. The Front Look

Tata ace Gold Cng plus Front look

Tata Ace mini trucks are known for their compact body design that facilitates the easy manoeuvring of the vehicle, especially when driving through narrow, congested roads. Tata Ace Gold CNG+ follows the same exterior designs with the following features:

  • Chrome finished of the Tata Motors’ logo and a CNG+ logo on the right.
  • The mini truck features an extra large windshield enabling you to have a wide and clear view of the road.
  • It features huge and high-quality windshield wipers that ensure visibility is maintained even on rainy days. 
  • The headlamps fitted in the mini truck are halogen-based, which guarantees increased visibility, especially during dark hours. The extra bright headlamps provide great visibility reducing the risk of accidents at night. 
  • The front grills of the mini truck give Tata Ace Gold CNG+ an eccentric look. 
  • The front body also features front reflectors ensuring maximum safety for the driver. 
  • Last but not least, on the windshield, the company adds a sticker with a 24-hour working toll-free number on which the driver may call looking for assistance.

2. Dimensions

Tata Ace Gold CNG+ mini truck follows the classic Tata Ace series design policy, making this truck turn heads wherever it’s driven to. Let’s look at the configurations of the body size of this compact mini truck:

Length 4075 MM
Width 1500 MM
Height 1850 MM
Wheelbase 2250 MM
Ground Clearance 160 MM
Minimum Turning Radius 4625 MM

3. Load Cargo Area 

Tata ace gold cng plus load cargo area

Tata Ace Gold CNG+ has several features that uphold the iconic legacy of the Tata Ace series. However, one of the best and biggest selling points of this mini truck is the load cargo area. Tata Ace Gold CNG+ has one of the largest load cargo areas within the entire mini truck segment. Let’s have a look at the dimensions of the Tata Ace Gold CNG+’s load cargo area:

  • Length – 8.2 FT
  • Width – 5 FT
  • Height – 1 FT

The cargo box equips with heavy-duty handles on each side for easy loading and unloading of cargo. With a high-strength chassis and a huge load cargo area, the Tata Ace Gold CNG+ can easily carry the maximum amount of cargo. 

4. Back Side

The rear side of the mini truck has several features, including

  • Rear Reflectors – making the driver safer for the driver during dark hours
  • You can also find a Stepney (12-inch tyre) on the rear side of the mini truck 
  • The company has also fitted reverse parking sensors.
  • The company has added handles on each side of the vehicle’s load cargo box for easy loading.

5. Cabin (Inside Look)

tata ace Gold Cng Plus Cabin

Entering inside the iconic Tata Ace Gold CNG+, you discover that the company has not brushed “driver comfort” under a rug but rather has taken it quite seriously. The cabin features extra legroom and headspace. This extra space prevents drivers from feeling claustrophobic, especially when driving for long hours. The seats in the cabin are also quite comfortable and can be adjusted as per your comfort. In addition, the company has provided lots of space to keep your stuff safe and secured. The cabin also features a charging port to keep your phone charged. 

Looking a little further, this cabin also features a Digital Metre that shows:

  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Time 
  • Fuel Tank Indicator
  • The temperature within the vehicle
  • Odometer, which will keep you aware of the total distance travelled
  • GSA will assist you in changing gears, giving you better mileage

In addition to these, the cabin also features 2 horn buttons on either side of the steering wheel, making it much easier for the driver to access the horns comfortably. Below the steering wheel, you can find control switch levers on either side of the steering wheel. The left lever switch controls the windshield wipers, and the right lever switch controls the indicator light and the headlamps. Both lever switches are perfectly placed for easy accessibility. 

In addition to these features, the cabin also comes with a fire extinguisher, following the government norms to keep one, especially in CNG vehicles, for safety reasons.

6. Chassis

The chassis is basically a structural skeleton for the truck. It provides a platform for the rest of the truck to be laid upon. Keeping this in mind, Tata Motors have manufactured the Tata Ace Gold CNG+ with an extremely heavy-duty chassis that gives this mini truck maximum strength. 

7. Tyres 

Tata ace Gold Cng Plus Tyres

Tata Ace Gold CNG+ is equipped with one of the most rigid and long-lasting tubeless tyres on the market. The popular mini truck has four 12-inch tyres that possess the following features:

  • The tubeless tyres in the vehicle provide maximum stability even on the most challenging roads. 
  • With these tyres, worrying about tyres bursting is eliminated. 
  • Tube tyres are lighter, which increases the mileage of the vehicle.

8. Specifications

Let’s look at some of the technical specifications of Tata Ace Gold CNG+ and learn about them.


The Tata Ace Gold CNG+ mini truck is manufactured following the BS-VI emission norms, making this truck, not just high-performing but also fuel efficient. This mini truck is equipped with a 2-cylinder, 694 cc multipoint gas injection engine. This multi-gas injection engine promotes:

  • High fuel efficiency of the engine
  • Less emissions with the MPFI system
  • Better fuel atomization
  • Better utilisation and distribution of fuel within the engine
  • Smooth engine operation
  • Reduces the difference in power produced by each cylinder
  • Better acceleration and deceleration of engine
  • Improves durability and functionality of the engine

This incredibly powerful multi-gas injection engine generates a horsepower of 26 HP/14.7kW @ 36 r/min and torque power of 50 NM @ 1800 – 2000 r/min.

Transmission & Suspension System

As for the transmission system, the Tata Ace Gold CNG+ mini truck is fitted with a manual transmission system which is perfectly tuned to the GBS 65-5/5.6 gearbox. As for the steering system, Tata Ace Gold CNG+ has a mechanical steering system which drastically increases operational accuracy and efficiency. 

Tata Ace Gold CNG+ is a mini truck fitted with a world-class suspension system. As for the front suspension, Tata Ace Gold CNG+ has a parabolic leaf spring, which provides the following features:

  • It provides enhanced ride height and bump-stop clearance.
  • It also provides the uprated capability for improvement in the handling of the vehicle. 

And as for the rear suspension, Tata Ace Gold CNG+ has a semi-elliptical leaf spring, which has the following advantages:

  • It dampens vibration caused by uneven road conditions and delivers a smooth ride.
  • It maintains tyre contact with the road on the uneven road surface.

Brakes & Clutch

Tata Ace Gold CNG+ mini truck has a powerful braking system, providing the driver with maximum control of the vehicle. 

  • For the front brakes, the mini truck is equipped with – Disc brakes which ensure increased stopping power.
  • For the rear brakes – the mini truck is equipped with – Drum brakes which are known to be extremely long-lasting and protect the braking system from water, ice, mud, etc.

Other Features

Getting marketed with a tagline of “lamba safar ab aur bhi aasan”, this all-new Tata Ace Gold CNG+ is a mini truck that is superior in performance and looks. After going through the highlighting specifications, let’s have a quick view at some of the other features Tata Motors have equipped it with that make it such an ideal choice for almost everyone:

  • Ace Gold CNG+ delivers a max speed of 70 KMPH
  • It has a Fuel Tank capacity of – 105(18 kg) Ltr.
  • Gold CNG+ has a GVW of 1630 KG
  • With this mini truck, you get a gradeability of 28%
  • Tata Ace CNG plus comes with a best-in-class cargo space

Final Words

Tata Motors recognizes for taking the necessary steps to address the difficulties faced by drivers and pave a virtuous path to success. Despite multiple competitors,  Tata Ace Gold CNG+ continues to be the product of choice in this highly popular and expanding minitruck market. Considering how transportation has changed over time and how customers have changed their preferences, this groundbreaking product has substantially improved.

Superb manufacturing quality, intrinsic ruggedness, higher warranty and the widest service network across the nation ensure that the customer is always served better. This is complemented by great fuel efficiency, excellent gradeability, and greater performance and productivity against its rivals. Tata Ace  Gold CNG+ platform proves it is still the king of the mini-truck market segment, which is way better than the other competition. It is indeed an ideal, truly remarkable value for money and the most suitable last-mile delivery truck built for a number of applications!