Mahindra Commercial Vehicle Series In India :- Features and Price

Mahindra Commercial Vehicle Series In India :- Features and Price

Mahindra Trucks & Buses, the flagship firm of Mahindra & Mahindra, is one of the prominent companies in the commercial vehicle field. It is the most renowned vehicle brand that provides outstanding performance. Mahindra trucks are popular among worldwide fleet owners because of their powerful suspension, innovative fuel technology, robust engine and admiring look also. Moreover, Mahindra manufactures all kinds of commercial vehicles to meet every business requirement.  

Mahindra offers 4 truck series: Mahindra Blazo, Mahindra Supro, Mahindra Bolero and Mahindra Furio. This Series includes 33 commercial vehicles covering SCV, HCV, ICV and LCV segment also. In addition, this Series’s models are categorised into different body types, including Pickup, Mini Trucks, Trucks, Trailers, Tippers and Transit Mixers also. Every model under these Series ranges between 1802 KG – 55000 KG GVW and 4 wheelers to 22-wheelers. 

Moreover, all the 33 models are also categorised according to body type, including 14 in Trucks, 8 in Pickups, 4 in Mini Trucks, 3 in Tippers, 3 in Trailer and 1 in Transit Mixer. In addition, these Mahindra commercial vehicles come in 2 fuel variants, Diesel and CNG.  

Price Of Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Series:-

Mahindra CV series price starts from 5.24 Lakhs* and goes up to 52.89 Lakhs* that considers all 33 vehicles mentioned above. The lowest price Mahindra commercial vehicle is the Mahindra Supro Minitruck offered at Rs. 5.24 Lakh* – 5.51 Lakh*, and also the cost of Mahindra Blazo X35 is Rs. 48.84 Lakh – 52.89 Lakh* which is the most expensive vehicle.   

Popular Mahindra Trucks Series In India 2022 

Mahindra offers a wide range of commercial vehicles under its 4 series. The Series are:-

  • Supro Series
  • Bolero Series
  • Blazo Series
  • Furio Series

1. Mahindra Supro Series:-Mahindra Supro Series

This Series of Mahindra Commercial Vehicles consists of 5 vehicles. This Series has 2 body types, including Minitruck and Pickup, and all the vehicles come in the diesel variant and also follow the BS-VI emission norms. The GVW range is 1802 KG – 2185 KG and it also allows you to carry big loads easily. All the vehicles are designed as 4-wheelers so they can easily cover the intercity area. Along with, this series covers the Small Commercial Vehicle(SCV) segment. Vehicles of this Series are designed with fuel-efficient engines and advanced features. With their advanced features and better mileage, these vehicles have changed the picture of intercity transport and also helped the fleet owners to earn more.

Models of Supro Series:-

Mahindra Supro Series has 5 models, Mahindra Supro Minitruck, Mahindra Supro Cargo Van, Mahindra Supro Maxitruck, Mahindra Supro Profit Maxitruck and Mahindra Supro Profit Mini also.  

Popular Models of Mahindra Series Price List India 

Model Name  GVW  Price 
Mahindra Supro Minitruck 1975 KG Rs. 5.24 – 5.51 Lakh
Mahindra Supro Maxitruck 2135 KG Rs. 5.72 – 6.43 Lakh
Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Maxi 2185 KG Rs. 6.33 – 6.97 Lakh

Price Of Supro Series:- 

This Series comes at a very economical price. This Mahindra Truck series price is Rs. 5.24 Lakh*- 6.97 Lakh*, which is nominal according to the specifications. The lowest price model from the Mahindra Supro series is Mahindra Supro Minitruck, priced at Rs. 5.24 Lakh* – 5.51 Lakh*. Also the most expensive model is the Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Maxi, priced at Rs. 6.33 – 6.97 Lakh*. 

2. Mahindra Bolero Series:-Mahindra Bolero Series

The Mahindra Bolero series has one of India’s most popular Small Commercial Vehicles(SCV). The 6 vehicles of this Series come with diesel and 1 with a CNG-based BSVI engine. The Series consists of a 4-wheeler Pickup, famous for manoeuvrability and robust engines that can also work tirelessly for long hours. The GVW range of these vehicles is 2700 KG – 3490 KG. The Indian suburbs have all kinds of roads, and the vehicles of this Bolero series have performed incredibly well at every task. This Series is considered best for intra-city transport and also famous for its best-in-class mileage. Here are some of the best Bolero series pickups. 

Models Of Bolero Series:-

This Series has 7 models, of which 6 are diesel-based, and 1 is CNG-based. The vehicles of this series are Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus, Mahindra Bolero Pickup 4×4, Mahindra Bolero City, Mahindra Bolero Pickup ExtraLong, Mahindra Bolero Pickup Extra Strong, Mahindra Bolero Camper and Mahindra Bolero Pickup CNG also.

Latest Models of Mahindra Bolero Series Price in India

Model Name  GVW Price
Mahindra Bolero Pik-up 4×4 2735 KG Rs.8.44 – 8.94 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Pikup CNG 2990 KG Rs. 8.58 – 8.91 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Pikup Extra Strong 2995 KG Rs. 8.35 – 8.99 Lakh

Price Of Bolero Series:- 

The price of this Mahindra series starts from 6.24 Lakhs* and goes up to 8.99 Lakhs*. Also, the most expensive model of the this Series is Mahindra Bolero Pikup Extra Strong, priced at Rs. 8.35 – 8.99 Lakh* with a GVW of 2995 KG and Mahindra Bolero Camper Pickup priced at Rs. 8.49 – 8.99 Lakh* with a GVW range of 2735 KG. 

3. Mahindra Blazo SeriesMahindra Blazo Series

The Blazo Series comes with the most advanced features of Brand Mahindra. This Series consists of many body types like Trailers, Trucks, Tippers and Ready Concrete Mixers( RMC) or Transit Mixers. Blazo series also comes under the HCV segment, and these heavy-duty vehicles are manufactured from 10-wheelers to 22-wheelers. The diesel engines of these vehicles are based on the BS-VI norms. The GVW range of these vehicles is 28 To 55 T, which also allows you to carry a considerable payload capacity. Whether you want to send materials to the outpost of the Army in Ladakh or conduct the rescue operations in flooded areas, they will never disappoint you. Check out the best models of the Mahindra Blazo series with attractive prices. 

Models Of Blazo Series:-

Mahindra Blazo Series has the most various types of commercial vehicles, the models in this Series are Mahindra Blazo X 35, Mahindra Blazo X 49, Mahindra Blazo X 28, Mahindra Blazo X 42, Mahindra Blazo X 42 Pusher Axle, Mahindra Blazo X 35 Lift XL, Mahindra Blazo X 28, Mahindra Blazo 35 8&4, Mahindra Blazo X 55, Mahindra Blazo X 46, Mahindra Blazo X 40 and Mahindra Blazo X 28 transit mixer also.

Best Models of Mahindra Blazo Series Price List

Model Name  GVW  Price
Mahindra Blazo X 35 Tipper 35000 KG Rs. 48.84 – 52.89 Lakh
Mahindra Blazo X 28  28000 KG Rs. 28.75 – 32.81 Lakh
Mahindra Blazo X 49 49000 KG Rs.  43.25 – 49.25 Lakh

Price Of this Series:-

This Series is one of the most high-range Series that came from the house of Mahindra. The price of these vehicles starts from 28.75 Lakhs* and goes up to 52.89 Lakhs*. This Series also contains the most expensive truck of the Mahindra brand, which is the Mahindra Blazo X35 Tipper which costs Rs. 48.84 Lakh – Rs. 52.89 Lakh*, which has a GVW range of 35000 KG. The biggest GVW truck is the Mahindra Blazo X55, with a GVW of 55000 KG. 

4. Mahindra Furio Series:-Mahindra Furio Series

The Mahindra Furio series is one of India’s most popular truck series and comes under the ICV segment. The 8 vehicles are designed as truck-type bodies, and 1 comes in a tipper-type body. The GVW range of these vehicles is 6950 KG to 17000 KG. Moreover, the engine provides higher torque even at low RPMs, making them suitable for intercity and intracity transport too. The vehicles of this Series have 1 truck in 4-wheels and 8 in 6-wheels type. These trucks have the best safety features and ample cabin space and are loaded with powerful BS-VI Diesel-based engines. Furthermore, this Series offers the highest payload in the ICV segment, with which fleet owners can earn more profit. As a result, the vehicles of this Series deliver higher earnings and assure lower maintenance. 

Models Of Mahindra Furio Series:-

The Mahindra Furio series has the most famous Mahindra commercial vehicles on Indian roads. This Series contains 8 trucks and 1 tipper, which are Mahindra Furio 14, Mahindra Furio 12, Mahindra Furio 16, Mahindra Furio 14 HD, Mahindra Furio 11, Mahindra Furio 17, Mahindra Furio 7 Cargo, Mahindra Furio 7 HD and Mahindra Furio 7 Tipper also. 

Most Popular models of Mahindra Furio Series List 

Model Name GVW Price
Mahindra Furio 7 Cargo 6950 KG Rs. 14.79 – 15.32 Lakh
Mahindra Furio 7 Tipper 6950 KG Rs. 16.82 – 17.83 Lakh
Mahindra Furio 14 14050 KG Rs. 22.57 – 23.67 Lakh
Mahindra Furio 7 HD Cargo 6950 KG Rs. 15.18 – 16.18 Lakh

Price of Mahindra Furio Series:-

Mahindra Furio Series Price starts from 14.79 Lakhs* and goes up to 26.99 Lakhs*. The most expensive model of this Series is the Mahindra Furio 17, which is priced at Rs. 24.96 – ₹ 26.99 Lakh* with a GVW of 17000 KG. 

This blog includes all the information on the Mahindra commercial vehicle series in India, and we hope the information is relevant. So be with us for more details on the Mahindra trucks or other brands. 

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