Product Review : Tata 1512 LPT Price and Features

Product Review : Tata 1512 LPT Price and Features

Tata Motors is one of India’s biggest automaker brands and has unmatched significance in the commercial vehicle sector. Tata 1512 LPT is one of the most trusted vehicles of Tata house, and the company is strictly upgrading this with advanced technologies. Here in this blog, we will discuss all the specifications, features and Tata LPT 1512 price in India. This model of the Tata LPT series comes with durability, comfort and promises a high volume output with all of its features by which you can cut your expenses and earn more.

Tata LPT 1512 Specifications and Price

The Tata LPT 1512 engine comes with many advanced and cutting-edge features which change the performance of this vehicle in the most challenging and harsh conditions. But, first, look at this truck’s specifications, which make it the best-in-class vehicle.

1. Front Look

Tata 1512 LPT Front-Look

The front profile of Tata LPT 1512 comes with many updates and excellent features, so let’s check them out.

  • The windshield of Tata LPT 1512 is more significant in size, which gives a better view of the road, and it has 2 wipers which lower the overall cleaning time. 
  • For securing the vehicle in the situation of any mishap, the Tata LPT 1512 is design with double bumpers. 
  • It comes with more extensive and brighter halogen headlamps with indicators attached to them, providing a good and focused beam on the road at night. 
  • Also, on the side, it has 2 mirrors on each side and one reflector mirror on the top of the cabin, which you can see under the vehicle. 
  • The lower bumper is robust and sturdy if we compare it to the upper one.

2. Cabin

The cabin of Tata LPT 1512 has features which provide you with a fatigue-less ride in the rugged and most demanding conditions. 

  • This vehicle’s cabin is tiltable; with new technology, the company claims that even a single person can tilt the cabin. 
  • The seating capacity of the cabin is D+1. Also Both seats are comfortable, whereas the driver’s seat is adjustable. In addition, it has a sleeper body cabin. 
  • The cabin is very spacious, and for entertainment purposes, it has a music system. 
  • The driver will also have easy access to the parking brakes. Also, the driver information system is fully update.
  • The ignition switch of this vehicle comes with an illuminating light feature.

3. Engine

Tata 1512 LPT Engine

The engine of Tata LPT 1512 is design under the BSVI norms and has many technical advantages. 

  • The Tata LPT 1512 engine has a 4 Cylinder in-line water-cooled direct injection diesel engine with intercooler. 
  • The3300CC 4- cylinder 3.3L NG BS6 Engine generates 123 HP and 390 NM, which is adequate for many applications. 
  • The high-end torque of Tata LPT 1512 is 390 @ 1000-2200 NM, As a result the ride smooth turns with minor gear shifting and easy starting. 
  • The BSVI emission combined with this engine provides good mileage to the owner. 

4. Clutch & Steering

Tata 1512 LPT Clutch-&-Steering--2

The second most important part of the Tata LPT1512 powertrain is the vehicle’s clutch assembly, which transmits the power to the following parts. 

  • The engaging and disengaging work with the engine is quickly done by the single plate dry friction type 330 mm dia clutch of Tata LPT 1512. 
  • In addition, the Clutch is fitted with a GBS- 40 Gearbox (5F, 1R), which has 5 forward gears with 1 reverse gear.
  • The 4-spoke steering wheel of this truck comes with many advanced features which you can adjust the height according to your driving style. 
  • The Tata LPT 1512 comes with power steering and has tiltable and telescopic features, As a result you get a fatigueless drive. 

5. Dimensions and GVW

Tata has always been a brand offering extra to its customer, which is what they have given in the Tata LPT 1512. So let’s take a look at it. 

  • Tata LPT 1512 comes with 20, 22 and 24 feet load body options. 
  • The dimensions of the 20 feet body option are 6095 mm, 2425 mm and 2165 mm for Length, width and height, respectively. 
  • The load body of this truck is available in CAB, CLB/FSD, HSD, Containers, and Reefers options. 
  • The Wheelbase of Tata LPT 1512 is 4200 mm.
  • Also, the ground clearance is 220 mm, and the minimum turning radius is 8300 mm. 
  • The GVW of this model of Tata Motors is 16020 KG.

6. Additional & Safety Features

With all the features and specifications mentioned above, Tata LPT 1512 has some other features that change the game for this vehicle in this segment. 


  • The battery and fuel tank are under the solid side grills, which saves them from any side tackle damage.
  • Tata LPT 1512 has 5 rear sensors, which help park the vehicle quickly and safely.  
  • In addition, the vehicle has high mount lamps on the top of the cabin which helps in the night time to make the actual truck height visible.
  • Tata LPT 1512 is fit with ABS and upgrade air tanks, now you do not need to keep the truck on for pressure building. 
  • Cabin of this Tata vehicle has an SOS button, also the button is mounted on the dashboard on an easy reach of the driver and the co-passenger. 


  • The Fuel tank of this truck has 160 Ltr. Capacity with an ad blue tank having a size of 20 Ltr. 
  • All the tyres of Tata LPT 1512 are 9 R 20 – 16 Radial. 
  • It has aTATA RA 108R Fully floating banjo axle on the rear side, which is the best in this segment.
  • Also, it has a Semi-Elliptical leaf spring with Hydraulic Double acting Telescopic Shock Absorbers on the Front side and Semi elliptical Leaf spring suspension on the Rear side. 
  • The chassis size of this vehicle is 223 MM in Length, 60 MM in width and 7 MM in height.
  • And lastly, the warranty period of Tata LPT 1512 is stretched to 3 Lakh kilometres of 3 years from the purchase date.

7. Tata LPT 1512 Price in India

The price of Tata LPT 1512 starts from 22.45 Lakh* and goes up to 23.50 Lakh*, including all of its variants. However, the on-road price can vary as all the states’ authorities apply different taxation amounts. 

This blog contains all the appropriate information about the Tata LPT 1512. In addition, you can visit Truck Junction to learn more about the Tata Motors commercial vehicle. 

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