Select Your Truck According To Your Business Usage

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We know, trucks come in different kinds of shapes and sizes according to the requirement that supports different kinds of loads. All these truck categories which we have mentioned below are specially designed to do a specific job. Many transporters or people need assistance in seeking the most appropriate truck for their type of cargo. Here, you can choose your truck according to your related business applications. In the blog, we are showing different types of truck categories and their suitable cargo type with related truck models. 

Choose Your Truck According To Category  

Trucks are categorized into different categories according to their work applications. The 13 truck categories which we are going to show here are follows: construction, mining, auto carrier transport, agricultural transport, cold storage transport, industrial goods transport, port transport, poultry, milk transport, fish transport, parcel, textile transport, and cement transport. Let’s check out different business applications with truck models. 

1. Construction Trucks

Construction Trucks

The industry involves transporting heavy and bulky materials such bricks, ready mix concrete, sand, canal projects, etc. For this, several truck models are available in the market. These truck models include tipper trucks with large size decks. 

Popular construction trucks are BharatBenz 2823C, Tata Signa 1923. K and BharatBenz 1217C. You can select one among them according to your budget and requirements. Construction trucks price varies from Rs 20.61 lakh to Rs 52.89 lakh. 

2. Mining Trucks 

Mining Trucks

Various truck models are used to transport different mining minerals or materials such as coal, iron ore, marbles, etc. A tipper type truck is the best choice for transporting these heavy materials. 

The tipper truck for mining includes BharatBenz 2823C, Tata Signa 3525.k/.tk, Tata Signa 2823.K HD 95 and others also. The mining truck price range starts from Rs 37.80 lakh. 

3. Auto Carrier Transportation Trucks

Auto Carrier Transportation Trucks

Auto Carrier transportation involves transporting various vehicles. It includes commercial vehicles, passenger cars, three wheelers, agriculture tractor carriers and two-wheelers also. Large truck models are available to move these heavy vehicles from one different. The truck range includes tractor trucks and heavy-duty trucks with large containers or decks. 

The top three auto carrier transportation trucks are Tata Signa 4018.S, BharatBenz 5028T and Ashok Leyland 4620. Auto carrier transportation truck price starts from Rs 25.06 lakh and goes up to Rs 36.78 lakh. 

4. Agriculture Transportation Trucks 

Agriculture Transportation Trucks

The agriculture industry involves the transportation of vegetables, fruits, and other crops from supplier to market and market to consumer. For this, various truck models are available in the market. You can get mini trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and others to deliver all crops properly in the market. 

Popular Agriculture Transportation Trucks involve BharatBenz 1617R, BharatBenz 1215R and Tata T.10 Ultra. Choose your truck on your budget and requirements. Agriculture Transportation Trucks are available from Rs 10.70 lakh to Rs 24.12 lakh. 

5. Cold Storage Transportation Trucks

Cold Storage Transportation Trucks

Cold storage transportation involves the transportation of perishable goods ie. meat, pharma, dairy etc., keeping them in fresh condition. For this, entrepreneurs used reliable Cold Storage transportation trucks. These trucks preserve vulnerable items in fresh condition by controlling various gasses to maintain adequate temperature and humidity. 

Cold Storage Transportation Trucks include BharatBenz 1617R, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE and BharatBenz 3523R. Cold Storage Transportation Truck price ranging from Rs 17.05 lakh to 40.39 lakh. 

6. Industrial Goods Transportation Trucks 

Industrial Goods Transportation Trucks

Many different trucks are used for the transportation of various industrial goods for long distances. The truck range includes tractor trucks and heavy-duty trucks that transport maximum goods at one time. 

The best industrial goods transportation trucks are Tata Signa 4625.S, Tata Signa 5530.S, BharatBenz 5528TT and others. Industrial Goods Transportation Truck price varies from Rs 31.53 lakh to Rs 51.05 lakh. 

7. Fish Transportation Trucks 

The shelf life of fish is very short, it becomes important for the entrepreneurs to deliver all the fish to their destination on time without any major loss. For this, they can use medium trucks with closed containers. 

The best suited trucks are Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE, BharatBenz 1617R and Tata T.16 Ultra SL. Fish Transportation Truck price is Rs 22.22 lakh – Rs 34.29 lakh. 

8. Parcel Trucks 

Parcel Trucks

For the transportation of important and costly parcels such couriers, letters, gifts etc., in large amounts, parcel trucks are used. You will see a wide portfolio of parcel trucks in different categories in the market. The portfolio includes medium trucks with large containers or side decks. 

The top parcel trucks are BharatBenz 4228R, BharatBenz 1617R and Ashok Leyland BOSS 1415 HB. Parcel Truck price starts from Rs 20.92 lakh and ends up to Rs 44.21 lakh. 

9. Textile Transportation Trucks 

Textile Transportation Trucks

To transport Fabrics, Bale Thread, Wet Fabrics, Woven Garments and other textile things, textile transportation trucks are the best choice. These trucks include medium commercial vehicles with large side decks or containers also. 

Several Textile Transportation Trucks are available in the market, such BharatBenz 1617R, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE, BharatBenz 1015R and others. Textile Transportation Truck price varies from Rs 17.05 lakh to 25.31 lakh. 

10. Port Transportation Trucks 

Port Transportation Trucks

Large vehicles are used for transporting heavy containers to port or from port. These vehicles include heavy-duty trucks, tractor trucks and trailers also. Several companies have manufactured 6 wheeler to 22 wheeler trucks for port transport. 

Port Transportation Trucks include BharatBenz 5528TT, Ashok Leyland 5525, Tata Signa 5525.S and others. The price range of these trucks ranges from Rs 32.68 lakh to Rs 51.05 lakh.

11. Poultry Transportation Trucks 

Polutry Trucks

For this, poultry transportation trucks are the best choice for owners. 

These truck prices vary from Rs 13.45 lakh to Rs 18.18 lakh. Best Poultry Transportation Trucks are Ashok Leyland Partner 6 Tyre, BharatBenz 1015R and Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre also. 

12. Milk Transportation Trucks 

Milk Transportation Trucks

Transportation of milk pallets, milk refers, milk rigid and also milk tankers from one city to other carried with the help of milk transportation trucks. The truck range includes tanker trucks, medium trucks with large side decks and heavy-duty trucks also. 

Milk Transportation Trucks are Ashok Leyland 4220, Tata Signa 4225.T, BharatBenz 3523R and others. Milk Transportation Truck price starts from Rs 36.26 lakh and goes up to Rs 41.67 lakh. 

13. Cement Transportation Trucks 

Cement Transportation Trucks

Cement transportation trucks are the best choice for the safe transportation of cement bags from wholesalers or distributors to retail outlets. The truck range includes medium type trucks with large side decks to deliver bulky cement bags. 

Best Cement Transportation Trucks include BharatBenz 1215R, Mahindra Blazo X 35 and Ashok Leyland 3520 8×2. The price range of these kinds of trucks ranges from Rs 19.92 lakh to Rs 41.00 lakh. 

You can also check more trucks according to different categories at Truck Junction. Here, you can get the Select Your Truck page to choose your truck. 

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