Tata Intra V30: Top 10 FAQs Asked For Profitable Pickup In Your Business

Tata Intra Series of Tata Motors cover a range of compact trucks based on the Premium Tough design philosophy. Under this range, Tata Intra V30 is the best model for those who ply vehicles with heavy loads and long lead purposes. This pickup comes with extra features for extra comfort. It combines advanced visual richness, reliability and robustness. Tata Intra V30 BS6 model is the Smart Pickup for easier handling the cargo materials even in city traffic. With 37% gradeability, the model is perfect for moving materials on steeper inclines and ghat terrains comfortably. It generates a higher revenue with the best-in-class fuel efficiency for long lead applications. 

Best 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Tata Intra V30 Pickup 

Tata Intra V30 Badi Gaadi , Badi kamal

Many small business owners search for the best pickup for business, but they have some confusion. To resolve your queries, this questionnaire-based blog on Tata Intra V30 is curated for you. Let’s start the journey with the Tata Intra V30 BS6 Pickup. 

Ques.1 What Do You Mean By INTRA KA VAADA Offered By Tata Intra V30? 

INTRA KA VAADA Offered By Tata Intra V30

Ans. Tata Intra V30 Pickup features Badi Gaadi & Badi Kamai. It adheres to the Intra Ka Vaada, comprising 6 promises offered by this model. These promises include Badi Gaadi, Badi Taakat, Badi Performance, Bada Aaram, Badi Bachat, and Badi Kamai. Badi Gaadi indicates its big loading area of 8.8 feet x 5.3 feet. Its Badi Taakat shows its powerful engine offering 52 kW (70 HP) power. Badi Performance carries a leaf spring suspension system. Bada Aaram depicts EPAS (Electric Power-Assisted Steering) system. Badi Bachat signifies fuel efficiency with Eco switch and Gear shift advisor. Badi Kamai relates to the higher-rated payload capacity of up to 1300 KG. 

Ques 2. What Is The Price Of Tata Intra V30 Pickup In India?

Ans. Tata Intra V30 price in India is from Rs. 8.11 Lakh to Rs. 8.61 Lakh. This is an ex-showroom price, but Tata Intra V30 on road price may differ in different Indian locations due to changing RTOs.

Ques 3. Is Tata Intra V30 Model Available In Petrol, CNG, Or Diesel?

Ans. Tata Intra V30 BS6 model is available in Diesel with 4 cylinder 1496cc Direct Injection (DI) engine. However, Tata Intra V20 Bi-Fuel fits with CNG and Petrol fuel types.

Ques 4. What Are The Commercial Applications Of Tata Intra V30 Pickup?

Commercial Applications Of Tata Intra V30 Pickup

Ans. Tata Intra V30 Pickup in India has a variety of applications, including

  • Market Loading & Unloading
  • Milk Container Transportation
  • Cement Bags Supply
  • Logistics Services
  • Distribution of Water Bottles, etc.

Ques 5. What Are The Different Variants Of Tata Intra V30 Model?

Ans. Tata Intra V30 variants are Tata Intra V30 CLB Non AC, Intra V30High Deck Body, and Tata Intra V30 CLB AC. They are available with the presence of Air Conditioners (AC) or not. 

Ques 6. What Is The Mileage Of Tata Intra V30 Pickup Model?

Ans. Tata Intra V30 mileage is excellent, with 14 KMPL to bring the best-in-class fuel efficiency. This model has two driving modes, Eco and Normal, to ensure lower fuel consumption. Its gear shift advisor also helps lower fuel consumption. 

Ques 7. What Is The Full Load Carrying Capacity Of Tata Intra V30?

Full Load Carrying Capacity Of Tata Intra V30

Ans. Tata Intra V30 loading capacity is 1300 kilograms. Its 2565-kilogram gross vehicle weight helps to lift light loads of up to 1.3 tonnes. This makes it an ideal vehicle for small and medium-sized businesses.  

Ques 8. What Are the Tata Intra V30 Dimensions?

Ans. The Tata Intra V30 model is designed with dimensions to keep in mind the vehicle’s balance.

Length 4460 MM
Width 1692 MM
Height 1930 MM
Wheelbase 2450 MM
Ground Clearance 175 MM
Minimum Turning Radius 5250 MM

Ques 9. What Are The Best Tata Intra V30 Alternatives In India?

Ans. There is a wide range of alternative vehicles which are available in the market for the Tata Intra V30. Here are some of the key competitors of this vehicle are listed below. 

Alternative Pickup Options Price
Mahindra Bolero Pik-up 4×4  Rs. 8.85 – 8.94 Lakh
Tata Intra V50 Pickup Rs. 8.90 – 9.40 Lakh
Ashok Leyland Dost+  Rs. 7.75 – 8.50 Lakh

Ques 10. What Is The Key Difference Between Tata Intra V30 And Tata Intra V10?

Ans. Tata Intra V30 and Tata Intra V10 are similar pickups in India. They are differentiated with the help of the following table. 

Parameters Tata Intra V30 Tata Intra V10
Engine 4 Cylinder, 1496 CC DI 2 Cylinder, 798 CC DI
Maximum Power 70 HP 44 HP
Maximum Torque 140 NM 110 NM
GVW 2565 KG 2120 KG
Payload Capacity 1300 KG 1000 KG
Wheelbase 2450 MM 2250 MM
Gradeability 37% 43%

Final Thought

Tata Intra V30 is a popular Indian pickup to choose in the transportation of light goods. It has been known as the smart pickup with extra features for extra comfort. I hope the aforesaid question and answers will help you to resolve your doubts. It is a perfect commercial vehicle for meeting your needs with high profitability. For getting more essential information, you can visit the Truck Junction.

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