Tata Signa 1918.K Tipper Review : Price, Features and Mileage

Tata Signa 1918.K Tipper Review : Price, Features and Mileage

Tata Motors is one of the biggest commercial vehicle manufacturers in India and across the globe. The brand is famous for its excellence in heavy commercial vehicles, and Tata Signa 1918 K BS6 is one of its best examples. This Tata commercial vehicle comes under the tipper category of the 19-tonne GVW range. A tipper is generally used in heavy construction areas like mining, carrying materials in bulk, high-altitude construction sites and many more. Here in this review blog, we will explain all the relevant information, including the features and price range of Tata Signa 1918.K Tipper. So let’s check it out. 

Tata Signa 1918.K Specifications and Price

Tata Signa 1918.K BS6 comes with value-added features such as a two-mode fuel economy switch, tilt and telescopic steering, vertical exhaust, iCGT brakes, front blind spot mirror, new generation telematics, etc. In this blog, you will get the complete analysis of Tata Signa 1918.K features and prices in detail. 

Bike blog
Bike blog

TATA MOTORS presents SIGNA 1918.K Tipper model that suits its tag line “EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF 6 EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF CHANGE”.The Tata Signa 1918.K tipper follows the power of six, namely enhanced performance, lower ownership cost, comfort and convenience, power of choice, connectivity, and total peace of mind.

1. Exterior Design

Exterior Design
Exterior Design

Tata Signa 1918.K incorporates an ergonomic design depicting both eco-friendly and user-friendly values. It is designed with the single target of increasing your earnings. This tipper encapsulates the philosophy of the power of 6. It has several specifications that significantly improve its exterior design and drivers’ safety. Some of the essential features that turn this tipper stylish and attractive are discussed below.

  • The improved and large windshield of this tipper facilitates the wide-angle view.
  • It has a front grill that allows air to come into the combustion engine to cool it down. It helps to maintain the internal combustion engine cooled during long hours of operation. 
  • This tipper has left and right-hand aero corners for reduced aerodynamic drag and better fuel economy. This design acts as a natural radiator. 
  • It has a 3 piece strong bumper that suits the modular design.
  • The tipper has a single locking system for the complete vehicle. It equipped with a clear lens wraparound the headlamp.

2. Body Cabin

Tata Signa 1918.K equipped with the same ergonomic design for its body cabin. Its cabin is manufactured with spacious and comfortable Signa cabin. Moreover, some other features of the Signa cabin are explained below.

  • There are side grab handles and wide door angles for easy entry and exit to and from the cabin.
  • There is a small space called a magazine pocket and bottle holder on either door side of this tipper. 
  • The tipper has a lockable glove box beneath the co-driver seat. 
  • There is a panic button and a vehicle tracking system as per AIS 140.
  • This tipper has an elegant control panel consisting of ergonomically positioned switches.

3. Engine Performance

Engine Performance
Engine Performance

The overall performance of a vehicle relies on its engine performance. Every customer is so excited to know about the engine’s performance before fixing a deal. Here engine performance of Tata Signa 1918.K mentioned below with different parameters.

  • Tata Signa 1918.K engine is Tata 5.0L Turbotronn BS6 with centrifuge oil filter.
  • Its engine generates power of 180 HP and a maximum torque of 700 NM.
  • It has a higher gradient capability for hilly terrains. 
  • Tata Signa 1918.K mileage is optimum with a value of 3.5-4.5 kmpl.
  • This tipper model has a two-stage fuel filter for optimising fuel utilisation. 
  • Its fuel tank made of HDPE (High-Density Poly Ethylene) with a capacity of 300 Ltr. It comes with 33% more fuel tank capacity. 

4. Clutch & Transmission System

Clutch & Transmission System
Clutch & Transmission System

For smoother and more comfortable riding, the transmission system plays an important role. Tata Signa 1918.K transmission system makes this tipper fatigue-free. Some of the essential specifications of the transmission system given below. 

  • Tata Signa 1918.K tipper equipped with the gearbox type of G750 6S and a heavy-duty 380 MM dia push type clutch having organic linings.
  • A twin cone synchro with carbon lining is available for enhanced gear shift performance.
  • Additionally, its clutch is with single plate dry friction for facilitating transmission of G750 DD with PTO, including 6 forward and 1 reverse gear.

 5. Brakes & Suspension System

Brakes & Suspension System
Brakes & Suspension System

The Tata Signa 1918.K tipper comes with improved cabin suspension with front dampers and rear shock absorbers with coil springs. It has transverse cabin shockers at the rear axle for enhanced driving comfort. It is riveted with a ladder-type heavy-duty frame. Its front axle is a forged I beam Reverse Elliot-type – Drop beam, while its rear axle is a fully floating axle shaft with a differential lock. Additionally, it has increased width of the front spring from 70 MM to 90 MM makes sure a better suspension system and front axle lifespan. 

6. Tyres


The Tata Signa 1918.K model incorporates 295/95 D20 front tyres and 295/95 D20 rear tyres. It has 6 tyres, following 100% interchangeability with 10-20 tyres due to the similar rim size. They are designes with a 90% aspect ratio for IAL payload. Furthermore, Tata Signa 1918.K is equipped with a heavy-duty wheel rim for a tough-duty cycle.

7. Dimensions


Tata Signa 1918.K model follows the design policy of the Tata Signa series. This tipper has two variants having different dimensions, as given below. 

  • Tata Signa 1918.K variants have different wheelbase dimensions to strengthen the load-carrying capacity of the tipper variants. One is with 3580 MM, and the other with 3225 MM. 
  • So, there are two body options in both variants having the volume of 10.5 m3 box and 4.5 m3 box.  

8. Variant

Tata Signa 1918.K tipper has two variants that are mention below. Tata Signa 1918.K GVW is the same in both variants of this tipper. 

Variants GVW Price
Tata Signa 1918.K 3580/10.5m3 Box 18500 Kg ₹ 26.35 – 29.94 Lakh*
Tata Signa 1918.K 3225/4.5m3 Box 18500 Kg ₹ 26.35 – 29.94 Lakh*

9. Tata Signa 1918.K Price In India

The Tata Signa 1918 tipper price in India starts from Rs. 26.35 Lakh* and goes up to Rs 29.94 Lakh*.  You can compare Tata Signa 1918.K Price to other Tata Signa models, such as Tata Signa 4225.TK and get the best tipper according to your budget and business need. Moreover, It is noted here that the Tata Signa 1918.K on-road price might vary in different states because of different rules and policies relates to transportation and taxation. Tata Signa 1918.K on road price is available on our website, Truck Junction. You can complete the form by filling in the details for requesting the price.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need on the features and price range of the Tata Signa 1918.K. So, visit our website to learn more about the Tata Signa 1918.K tipper.

Hence, Truck Junction is a better platform where you can entirely analyse commercial vehicle products with easier understanding. For better dealing with your tipper, Truck Junction offers comprehensive information on a variety of commercial vehicles to enable users like you to make much better decisions before purchasing or selling the vehicle.

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