Tata Yodha Pickup For Banking Purposes: Price & Key Features

Tata Yodha Pickup For Banking Purposes: Price & Key Features

Tata Yodha Pickup supports the financial sector’s infrastructure, facilitating efficient and safe transportation. It also ensures driver convenience and is suitable for intra-city last-mile delivery.

Most importantly, financial institutions require pickup, particularly from Tata Motors, for secure transportation. They are highly efficient, enabling quick movement of large amounts of cash and with high uptime.

The Tata Yodha pickup reduces risk of theft with strong body panels, and secure windows. Further, Tata Yodha Crew Cabin model features 62% gradeability on inclined surfaces for efficient transportation.

Keep reading to know more about the key features and benefits of pickup applications.

Tata Yodha For Cash Van Applications

The Tata Yodha pickup has impressive load-bearing abilities with safety, making it reliable for urgent drives. It offers decent mileage and fuel efficiency for prolonged driving. Also, it delivers commendable performance with its powerful and fuel efficient engine.

Moreover, it has strong suspension for stability on uneven roads. Additionally, GPS connectivity ensures safety for transporting cash, and optimizes routes for quick transit.

Moreover, it is designed to prioritize low maintenance costs for high earnings. Overall, the Tata Yodha pickup model is a strong contender in the Light Commercial Vehicle segment. It represents power, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Top 10 Key Features of Tata Yodha Pickup

Here are some of the most prominent features and specifications for Tata Yodha pickup. Go through these key features to know more about this Tata pickup in detail.

1. Powerful Engine Performance:

Powerful Engine Performance

The Tata Yodha ensures superb performance from its TATA 2.2L DI (Direct Injection) engine. This engine has a 2200cc capacity, offering optimum performance. It generates a peak power of 100 HP and 250 nm torque for quick transportation. Additionally, it is a BS6-aligned engine that lowers emissions and promotes sustainability.

2. Robust Build Quality:

Robust Build Quality

This cash pickup has a strong build body, featuring robustness for safe and convenient transportation. Moreover, its highly durable chassis frame is reliable for driving on rough terrains. Also, its heavy-duty suspension system enhances load-bearing capacity and stability.

The Tata Yodha cash van is manufactured using high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. For rural use, Yodha pickup represents unmatched performance, strength, and reliability.

3. Excellent Maneuverability:

Excellent Maneuverability

The Tata Yodha pickup offers excellent manoeuvrability with its semi-elliptical leaf springs at the front and rear. It has 6 leaf springs at the front suspension and 9 leaf springs at the rear suspension. Additionally, its tiltable and collapsible power steering adjusts the steering wheel for up-and-down motion, providing movement with less tilt.

Besides, its 16-inch tubeless tyres and ground clearance of 210 mm make this cash pickup highly manoeuvrable in city conditions. Also, its 40% gradeability allows easy navigation over flyovers with ease. Moreover, it ensures a great speed of 80 kmph and smooth driving across bumpy or uneven roads.

4. Customization Options:

Customization Options

The Tata Yodha cash van pickup has customization options available for efficient transportation. Its interior customization includes a cash compartment, advanced connectivity, and comfortable seating. Whereas, its exterior modification comprises strong body panels and secure windows. Additionally, integrating GPS connectivity is essential for cash pickup services and provides monitoring of the vehicle’s performance.

5. Spacious Cargo Area:

Spacious Cargo Area

The spacious cargo compartment of the Tata Yodha pickup provides easy customization to fulfil cash-van requirements. Also, it offers ample cargo hauling space, providing easy customization and safe cash transportation.

6. Comfortable Cabin:Comfortable Cabin

The Tata Yodha pickup has a high-deck body cabin that provides a driver’s and one passenger’s seating capacity. Also, it has a day cabin, which provides comfort to the drivers on long-haul trips and ensures productivity with less stress. Moreover, its adjustable seating promotes more comfort for drivers to drive for long hours with ease without leaving the paddle.

7. Enhanced Safety Features:

Enhanced Safety Features

The Tata Yodha cash van has built-in safety features for cash security. It includes a bonnet with a crumple zone and collapsible steering, ensuring high security in frontal collisions. Also, it has anti-roll bars fitted in the front, which add more stability to the off-road conditions. Moreover, its twin-pot disc brakes on the front ensure enhanced braking performance.

8. Low Maintenance:

Low Maintenance

The Tata Yodha mileage is impressive, providing lower maintenance costs. This ensures higher uptime and more savings, supporting financial institutions like banks in quickly transporting cash. Moreover, it ensures high speed and productivity.

9. More Revenue:

More Revenue

With an internal loading area of 47.9 sq ft. The Yodha pickup is useful in attaining higher profits. Tata Yodha mobile cash v comes in multiple configurations. Moreover, it is available in load-carrying capacities of 1200 kg, 1500 kg, and 1700 kg. Additionally, this vehicle is built strong enough to generate as much money as possible.

10. Fuel Efficiency & Power:

Fuel Efficiency & Power

This cash pickup offers the best-in-class power, fuel efficiency, and a robust engine. This allows for convenient driving with less gear shifting. Also, it provides a low NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) rating in trucks. Most customers consider this rating when choosing a high-performing cash van.

Tata Yodha Pickup Price:

The Tata Yodha price ranges between Rs. 9.66 and Rs. 10.16 Lakh. Moreover, it ensures lower operating costs for superb fuel efficiency with higher savings. This makes it a cost-effective option for financial institutions like the banks to invest in secure cash transportation.

Final Words: Tata Yodha Pickup For Banking Purposes

The blog provides everything you need to know about Tata Yodha cash van for banking sector. Also, it offers exceptional features ranging from a powerful engine to spacious cargo, low maintenance, and more revenue. Since you know the Tata Yodha price, consider loan options and use EMI calculator for financial assistance from Truck Junction. Furthermore, read the FAQs at the end of this blog post for more clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions For Tata Yodha Pickup

Que. What makes the Tata Yodha pickup perfect for cash pickup service?

Ans. The Tata Yodha’s robust build, powerful engine and customizable body options makes it perfect for banking purposes. Moreover, its reliable and durable features promote efficient and safe cash transportation.

Que. Can I customize the Tata Yodha for specific security needs?

Ans. Yes, Tata Yodha is easy to customize with several security features, including alarm systems, GPS tracking, and reinforced locks. These security features enhance the safety of the Tata Yodha cash van and passengers.

Que. What are the benefits of using Tata Yodha Crew Cabin 4×2 and 4×4 variants for cash transportation?

Ans. These pickup models from Tata Motors are the epitome of reliability and cost-effectiveness. With enhanced safety features they monitor vehicle’s performance easily. Read the blog to know more.

Que. What customization options are available for the Tata Yodha interior?

Ans. The Tata Yodha interior includes a convenient seating arrangement, secure windows, and strong body panels for comfortable driving.

Que. Are there any real-world Tata Yodha applications?

Ans. Yes, several financial institutions and security companies use Tata Yodha for Banking sector. Their positive feedback highlights the vehicle’s effectiveness and performance in real-world applications.

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