The Future of Trucking Industry with Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Trucking Industry with Artificial Intelligence

We often talk about the technologies discovered into the world in different fields and changing perspectives. But, as we all know, new changes are happening everywhere, and the trucking industry is also taking a giant step into this. To keep you updated about these things, we are here with this blog which contains all newly emerged technologies. But first, let’s look at the features that are getting installed and how technology is changing this industry. 

These updates are added in heavy commercial vehicles to increase the safety parameters. A little while ago, there were no points at which customers could talk about the safety measures in these vehicles. But currently, the manufacturers are adding new edge features because of some mishaps. The trucking industry needs a change and these technologies will create a big impact.  

The 4 New Features of Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Here are the top 4 features which are taking place in the vehicles. 

1. Telematics


What is a telematics system? How does telematics work? 

After hearing the name, many questions regarding this system pop out; we are here to answer them all. 

A Telematics system keeps tracking the information of all the commercial vehicles in a fleet. The system comes with an installed GPS device which helps the owner to track the current locations of the truck. In addition it consists of an on-board diagnostics system which helps in monitoring the truck including performance, mileage, maintenance and all others. 

The benefits of telematics are listed below as essential in the trucking industry. 

benefits of telematics
benefits of telematics


 Although the mileage of heavy commercial vehicles is not very much, the owners still want maximum output. You can increase the mileage by dodging the traffic and going through the less busy road. Also, you can take a record of how the vehicle is performing and what kind of maintenance it requires. 

Safety Measures

Commercial vehicle drivers drive on the busiest roads, which includes the chances of vehicle damage. Telematics plays a significant role in ensuring the high safety measures of vehicles by addressing all unwanted behaviours. Fleet managers can also train their drivers to perform better and safer. 

Better Productivity

As we all know, telematics keeps track of the overall vehicle performance, which includes the engine and all other working units. This information helps the driver and fleet owner in many ways. Telematics contributes to finding the best way possible and maintaining all the systems. As a result, total productivity increases. 

Working Hours Management 

By keeping a record of all the systems, you can also write down when the vehicle started working and when it was not. This system will help you manage the drivers’ working hours and will ultimately bring clarity to work. The work hours management is very difficult in the Trucking industry and Telematics will make it easy. 

2. Gear Shift Advisor (GSA)

Gear Shift Advisor
Gear Shift Advisor

 The Gear Shift Advisor or indicator helps notify the driver to change gears according to the speed. This indicator will show the indication on the screen whether you have to shift to upper gear or lower gear. The main reason to install this feature into commercial vehicles is to lower fuel consumption and make the vehicle fuel efficient. This system collects data, including the engine speed, vehicle speed, current gear and throttle position. Gear Shift Advisor also keeps track of your driving style and tells you the appropriate gear changes. This car-like feature is added in the trucking industry to increase the efficiency and productivity of vehicles. 

Working Of Gear Shift Advisor

Gear Shift Advisor works with the collected data and runs all the algorithms to perform the tasks. It judges the speed of the engine and the speed of the vehicle on road and indicates the appropriate gear change of vehicle. This also helps in less engine and clutch wearing. 

The perfect gear shift gives the vehicle optimum fuel efficiency and a smooth working engine. The gear shift indicator displays the gear shift on the driver screen, which makes it easily visible. This system is very important for the vehicle to increase its fuel economy and decrease the engine load by shifting the gears at the right time. The increasing demand to lower the fuel consumption led the system to upgrade in the trucking industry. Driving in inappropriate gears and putting load on the engine increases the fuel consumption and as well as increases the carbon emission. 

3. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS is one of the most upgraded Artificial Intelligence software, which is added in the trucks of heavy vehicles. This software was built to save many lives and damage vehicles, As most road mishaps happen because of human error. This system helps the vehicle to ensure safety in all aspects; on the other hand, it informs and saves the driver. The ADAS consists of many sensors and actuators connected to an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). 

How Does it Work?

Advanced Driving Assistance System is an artificial intelligence system that has many chips which are connected to an ECU(Electronic Control Unit). The ECU works as a brain; it collects data from all the sensors and responds accordingly to the situations. The need of this system is very high in the trucking industry as it helps the drivers to drive in the toughest road conditions. 

ADAS takes care of all the activities going inside and around the vehicle, which includes driving patterns of other vehicles, pedestrians, and blind spots on turns. The Radar of ADAS will measure the vehicle’s speed in front of you, and if that driver slows down suddenly, the system will automatically apply brakes. The ADAS also helps monitor the drivers; the system has a camera inside the cabin which focuses on the driver’s reflexes. It judges the drivers and their consciousness; if they look sleepy, the ADAS will alarm them. 

 The ADAS in trucks is responsible for many things, such as 

  • Automatic Braking System
  • Steering Centering 
  • Blind Spot Warning 
  • Pedestrian Detection 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control 
Advantages of Advanced Driver Assistance System
Advantages of Advanced Driver Assistance System

Currently, in India, the system still needs to be upgraded and is undergoing some tests, updates and modifications. However, Tata has launched the new M&HCV CNG Based Trucks in the existing Signa range with new technologies, including ADAS, CMS, LDWS and others. In addition, these trucks are powered by a CNG engine and come under the 19- and 28 tonnes range; check out here.

4. Collision Mitigation System (CMS)

Collision Mitigation System (CMS)
Collision Mitigation System (CMS)

A collision Mitigation System or CMS is used to reduce the forward collision of vehicles. Most accidents happen when the forward vehicle suddenly applies brakes, leaving you no reaction time. CMS helps you identify situations like this, and the system keeps all the situations updated. The CMS is created, so the vehicle keeps out of danger; sometimes, because of less visibility, even the experienced driver must indicate the threat. Here the Radar of this system works and sends signals to the servers; these servers receive all the data and apply brakes when danger is detected. Vehicle damage is a very common thing in the trucking industry and we now have systems which can make them zero. 

The Working Explained

The system consists of 2 parts; the first one is the F-Cam or the forward camera, and the second is the LIDAR Radar. Both of these parts stay in coordination and perform the task. The collision mitigation technology tracks the vehicle running in the front, and when it registers any non-uniform pattern, it applies sudden brakes. The Radar and camera work all the time and notice the speed and distance of the vehicle; if the system indicates that the distance is less or unsafe, it applies emergency braking. The system performs all these tasks in significantly less time and saves much money, damages and lives.

CMS is a very effective solution for vehicles in traffic, or driving in express highways where all vehicles are moving with high speed. The CMS also works when the vehicle is moving in cruise control mode, it judges the speed of the vehicle in front and adjusts its own speed. 

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