The Tata SIGNA G.48T – Highest Loading CNG Truck in India

The Tata SIGNA G.48T – Highest Loading CNG Truck in India

Tata Motors is known for its innovation and technologies in the automobile sector. And with this, they have unlocked many opportunities in the commercial vehicle industry. Tata Motors is introducing new technologies and models in the alternate fuel. As a result, they have currently showcased their highest-loading CNG truck in India, Tata SIGNA G.48T. Moreover, it provides high savings in the total cost of ownership and is a step towards a greener and cleaner future. 

The Tata SIGNA G.48T is designed with a reliable Cummins ISBe 6.7B BS6 CNG Engine. It generates a high power and torque of 280 HP and 1100 HP. The vehicle will be available in Signa cabin and multiple body options offering multipurpose applications according to customers’ needs. This model is configured on modern platform architecture, which can be easily modified, based on the application requirement, which offers a range of more than 500 km. In addition, Tata SIGNA G.48T has many value-added features like the 3-mode FE switch, auto-misfire detection, automatic shut-off valves for enhanced safety and dual filling nozzles to reduce the time to fill the CNG cylinder and enabled with fleet edge telematics. Also, the application in which this truck can work is Cement transportation, bulker & fly-ash, market load operation, and movement of denser FMCG. 

The Technical Specifications of Tata SIGNA G.48T 

The vehicle comes with a Cummins ISBe 6.7B BS6 CNG type of Engine, and it churns out a power of 280 HP and 1100 NM of torque. The Engine of this vehicle is mated with a Heavy Duty 9 Speed type of gearbox.

Also, it has a Heavy Duty Single Reduction Axle type of drive axle on the rear side. Tata SIGNA G.48T has a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 47,500 KG with a payload capacity of 34,000 KG. In addition, it comes with two deck length options of 28 ft and 30 ft. 

The gradeability of this vehicle is 28% and has a SIGNA sleeper and a Tiltable cabin. The front suspension of this vehicle is Parabolic with ARB, whereas the Rear side has a Semi-Elliptical type of suspension. In addition, it has a 12.5T Pneumatic Operated type of lift axle fitted.

The vehicle has 295/90R20 (Tube type) tyres with the option of tubeless tyres.

The Features of Tata SIGNA G.48T

  • It has a multi-information display cluster with driver-friendly features and provides best-in-class economy. The Advanced infotainment 7″ touchscreen with Bluetooth and auxiliary support.
  • It has Easy navigation with the help of screen mirroring. The mobile pairing and compatibility enable attending calls and playing video and music without holding phones. 
  • The vehicle is an introduction to the Signa facelift cabin, which comes with a facelift cabin and tilt features to provide service ease. New & stylish steering wheel which has control for the infotainment system and phone functions. 
  • The vehicle has improved visibility as it comes with a pillar-mounted proximity mirror. In addition, it has improved egress/ingress with an improved door angle. 
  • Tata SIGNA G.48T comes with an enhanced utility space with the introduction of a front head box. Also, it has a 3-piece Berth with many innovative features like locker arrangement and multi-utility table. 
  • It has Projector Headlamps with DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) with integrated cornering lamps providing more visibility. In addition, it comes with enhanced day and night running illumination with best-in-class front headlamps. 
  • The introduction of LED fog lamps caters to the extreme rainy and winter seasons and the different terrain driving conditions. For excess safety, the vehicle has safety lamps with LED side repeater and puddle lamps for extra protection. 
  • The HSA (Hill Start Aid) provides an automatic roll brake function, allowing the driver to start the vehicle uphill and stop the vehicle from going backwards. It has a “Fleet Edge” advanced telematics system with connected solutions like the “Over the Air” calibration, connected diagnosis and DMS video content. 

The Quality Features of Tata SIGNA G.48T:-

Electronic Stability Control (ESC):- The system automatically intervenes when the stability of a vehicle enters a critical area. It improves the vehicle’s directional stability and mitigates rollover by reducing its speed. 

Collision Mitigation System (CMS):- The system mitigates a high-speed crash and enhances safety. It avoids collisions and reduces accidents. And also the Related fatal chances and costs. 

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS):- LDWS is a camera-based warning system helping the vehicle to stay in lane. The system also warns the driver with audible, visual and haptic signals, which helps avoid collisions and run-off accidents. 

Driver Monitoring System (DMS):- The Driver Monitoring System monitors the driver’s behaviours. Also, it alerts the driver if the driver is feeling tired or distracted. 

Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS):- The system collects the tire pressure data of all the tires, which helps in increasing fuel efficiency.

The Truck Unitized Bearing enhances the service life & lower rolling friction leading to improvement in fuel efficiency. 

Some of the Highlights of Tata SIGNA G.48T

  • The new Cummins 6.7-litre Gas Engine generates a power of 281 HP and a torque of 1100 NM. 
  • It offers options of range from 500 km to 1000 km, which depends on the CNG cascade options of type 1 and type 4 cylinder. 
  • The type 4 cylinder also offers a payload capacity of 34T.
  • It delivers best-in-class performance with higher engine power and torque. 

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