Top 10 Diesel Truck Models in India – Price And Features

Top 10 Diesel Truck Models in India – Price And Features

Diesel trucks are one of the well-known truck ranges provided by various brands. As we know, for years, gasoline engines were seen as superior to diesel, but that attitude is changing now. Today, most drivers choose diesel trucks for their transportation applications. Diesel trucks have a great presence in the current truck industry due to their many advantages. Diesel trucks in India come in all categories, such as mini trucks, pickup trucks, heavy-duty trucks, tippers, etc. In addition, a diesel truck engine burns cleaner and more efficiently.

On the other hand, diesel trucks require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts. Fewer moving diesel truck parts means fewer parts wear out and break. As a result, diesel fuel trucks are inherently stronger, more durable, and will last longer. All the benefits of diesel trucks make them trendy and top-rated. 

Diesel truck models are highly fuel-efficient and perform high compression to heat the air within the cylinders to create combustion. In the truck industry, various types of trucks are available such as small diesel trucks, big diesel trucks, heavy-duty diesel trucks and many more.  Along with this, new diesel trucks are efficient and durable as they are made with the latest highly advanced technology. As a result, diesel truck mileage is economical, which saves a lot of extra money.  The diesel truck price range starts from under Rs. 0.91 Lakh – Rs. 90.11 Lakh. 

Are You Looking for The Best Diesel Trucks? 

If yes, then you are at the right place as we are here to show the top 10 diesel truck models with features and price. So, check out the above list and get you desired one. So, without wasting more time, let’s start! 

1.Bharat Benz 1923C Tipper

Bharat Benz 1923C Tipper

Bharat Benz 1923C tipper is the most efficient vehicle in India, which offers high performance. The diesel tipper synonyms of durability and reliability, delivering increased productivity. This tipper has a special place among Indian drivers. The main reason for this fame is its price range as this tipper tractor is available at an affordable price range. The working efficiency of this diesel tipper is high and excellent. 

  • Hp – 241 hp 
  • Engine – OM926 engine
  • GVW – 18500 KG
  • Price – Rs. 30.87 Lakh – 30.89 Lakh. 

2.Ashok Leyland 1920 Tipper

Ashok Leyland 1920 Tipper

Ashok Leyland 1920 is the best tipper in India as it performs all the transportation applications. It provides high fuel efficiency, excellent performance and economic mileage.  This potent tipper handles all the heavy loads, resulting in increased output. Moreover, Ashok Leyland 1920 tipper price is low, which makes it budget-friendly for all. 

  • Hp – 200 hp 
  • Engine –  H series CRS with iGen6 Technology engine
  • GVW – 18500 KG
  • Price – Rs. 30.13 Lakh – 30.18 Lakh. 

3.Mahindra Jeeto Mini Truck

Mahindra Jeeto Mini Truck

Mahindra Jeeto is the profitable diesel mini truck in India handling all the heavy loads. This mini truck is efficient, offering economic mileage, work excellence and big earning. Mahindra Jeeto also provides a good riding experience and saves more. Along with this, the mini truck is affordable and pocket-friendly for Indian drivers. 

  • Hp – 16 hp 
  • Engine –  Single-cylinder DI Water Cooled engine
  • GVW – 1345 KG
  • Price – Rs. 3.85 Lakh – 4.4 Lakh. 

4.Tata 1412 LPT Truck

Tata 1412 LPT Truck

Tata 1412 LPT is the best diesel truck with a potent engine handling all the rugged roads. Diesel truck capacity is high, which means it can lift heavy loads with ease. Comfort is the second name of this truck as it provides a comfortable seat and a large cabin. The price range of this efficient truck is low. 

  • Hp – 123 hp 
  • Engine – Inline water-cooled direct injection diesel engine
  • GVW – 13850 KG
  • Price – Rs. 20.5 Lakh – 21.92 Lakh.

5.Volvo FH 520 Puller Tractor

Volvo FH 520 Puller Tractor

Volvo FH 520 Puller Tractor is the perfect example of work excellence. It comes with modern mobility solutions and delivers outstanding performance during work. The best diesel truck engine is manufactured with advanced technology and loaded with highly advanced features. For everyone, safety is a must, and Volvo understands this. That is why the company offers this tractor truck with highly efficient safety systems. 

  • Hp – 520 hp 
  • Engine – Volvo D13A, DI Turbocharged Intercooled, with Engine Management System (EMS) engine
  • GVW – 200000 KG
  • Price – Rs. 90 Lakh – 90.11 Lakh. 

6.BharatBenz 2823C Tipper

Bharat Benz 2823C Tipper

BharatBenz 2823C is a popular tipper belonging to the leading BharatBenz brand. This tipper is durable, versatile and reliable, and that’s why it performs well. Moreover, it is the most affordable and convenient tipper, so everyone can easily buy it.

  • Hp – 241 hp 
  • Engine – OM926 engine
  • GVW – 28000 KG
  • Price – Rs. 37.8 Lakh – 37.88 Lakh. 

7.Tata 407 Gold SFC Truck

Tata 407 Gold SFC Truck

Tata 407 Gold SFC Truck is the perfect and outstanding truck manufactured with a robust engine. The vehicle offers powers of safety and security along with benefits, performance, driving comfort, convenience and connectivity, value. This powerful vehicle helps to grow a business to its full potential.

  • Hp – 98 hp 
  • Engine –  4SPCR engine
  • GVW – 4450 KG
  • Price – Rs. 9.46 Lakh – 10.07 Lakh. 

8.Ashok Leyland Dost+ Pickup 

Ashok Leyland Dost+ Pickup

Ashok Leyland Dost+ Pickup is a high performer as it completes all the transportation business applications. This pickup comes with high power and a robust engine. Moreover, Ashok Leyland Dost+ is pocket-friendly as per Indian drivers demand and needs. 

  • Hp – 80 hp 
  • Engine –  1.5 L, i-GEN 6 Technology Diesel Engine
  • GVW – 2805 KG
  • Price – Rs. 7.24 Lakh – 7.34 Lakh. 

9.Eicher Pro 2049 Truck 

Eicher Pro 2049 Truck

Eicher Pro 2049 is one of the truck industry leaders and has a special position among Indian drivers. Truck diesel tank capacity is high, which means it can work for a long time without extra expenses. Moreover, Eicher is one of the oldest companies, which means it can easily understand all the demands of its customers. That is why it manufactured a Eicher Pro 2049 truck accordingly. 

  • Hp – 100 hp 
  • Engine – E 366, 4 Valve 2 Liter CRS engine
  • GVW – 4995 KG
  • Price – Rs. 10.49 Lakh – 10.59 Lakh. 

10.Mahindra Jayo Truck 

Mahindra Jayo Truck

Mahindra Jayo Truck is a best-in-class truck manufactured with next-gen technology. This diesel truck maintenance is economical and provides extreme driver comfort. It is the best combination of mileage and power. The Mahindra Jayo Truck price range perfectly fits the rural and urban driver budget. 

  • Hp – 80 hp 
  • Engine –  mDi Tech,with ECR+SCR Technology engine
  • GVW – 4990 KG
  • Price – Rs. 9.98 Lakh – 10 Lakh. 

These are the top 10 diesel trucks, so if you are thinking of buying one of them, then it’s definitely the best deal for you. For more information regarding trucks, visit Truck Junction. Here, you can also check diesel trucks for sale. 

Highlighted Points For Infographic

  • This infographic is about the trendy diesel trucks.
  • We show power, engine, GVW and price in it.
  • The leading diesel trucks are BharatBenz 1923C Tipper, Ashok Leyland 1920 Tipper, Mahindra Jeeto Mini Truck, Tata 1412 LPT Truck, etc.

Infographic Here –

Top 10 Diesel Truck infographic
These are all about the Top 10 Diesel Truck Models in India. I hope you get all the detailed information about the same. For more stay connected with Truck Junction.

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