Top 5 Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw Models in India

Top 5 Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw Models in India

Are you a small-scale business owner willing to start a profitable, eco-friendly transport business? Battery operated auto rickshaw is your answer. Categorized into the electric three wheeler segment, this e rickshaw is designed to transform urban transport. Also, it promotes high profit margins, enhancing entrepreneurs’ living standards and businesses’ profitability.

With the rising concerns of emission control, the demand for sustainable transportation is increasingly growing. So, using a battery operated auto rickshaw offers a perfect job opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Consequently, it not only reduces emissions but also lowers maintenance and operational costs.

That’s why here are 5 best auto rickshaw models for sustainable driving and profitability.

Top 5 Battery Operated Auto Rickshaws for Your Business

Top 5 Battery Operated Auto Rickshaws for Your Business

Here are the best five battery auto models from Mahindra, Bajaj, Piaggio, and Montra to boost your business profitability. Keep reading to learn how they fulfill sustainability goals for cleaner transportation.

1. Bajaj RE E TEC 9.0 I Technology Nayi, Bharosa Wahi

Bajaj RE E TEC 9.0

The Bajaj RE E TEC 9.0 remains India’s favourite battery-operated auto rickshaw due to its powerful performance. It has a Li-ion LFP battery with an 8.9 Kwh capacity that can be fully charged within 4 hr and 30 min. Moreover, despite its low charging capacity, it manages to cover 178 km/ charge.

The clutch transmission offers automatic 2 speed modes for enhanced driving performance. Being the best lithium battery auto rickshaw, it delivers reliable performance. Furthermore, the price range of this power-packed e-rickshaw falls within Rs. 3.33 – 3.35 Lakh.


  • On-board charger
  • Advanced PMS Motor
  • 2 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Big battery – 8.9 Kwh.


  • Convenient Charging
  • Low maintenance
  • Responsive braking system

2. Piaggio Ape E City FX Max I Apé Chalta Hain toh Desh Chalta Hain

Piaggio Ape E City FX Max

The Piaggio Ape E City FX Max is an electric battery auto rickshaw designed for high comfort. Featuring comforting legroom, cushioned seating, accessible charging point, and rotary knob, it is a reliable battery operated auto rickshaw. Moreover, its wide windshield, halogen headlights, and doors with lock system enhance safety for the driver. Additionally, its 12-inch tyre is small yet powerful enough to hold balance on flyovers with boost mode. For a better driving experience, the driver info display provides information about speed, driving mode and battery status. Also, its rotary knob allows the driver to navigate easily through narrow spaces with ease. Furthermore, the price of battery auto rickshaw by Piaggio Ape ranges between Rs. 3.25 – 3.30 Lakh.


  • Power-packed performance
  • Emergency Mode for Safety
  • Noiseless Driving
  • Covers 145-150 Km/charge


  • Faster Commute
  • Easy manoeuvring
  • Long-lasting battery

3. Mahindra Treo I Soch Badlo Kismat Badlegi

Mahindra Treo

Mahindra is a highly reputable OEM brand in India that promotes sustainability with its Treo e-rickshaw. The Mahindra Treo combines sustainability and efficiency for more profits and higher savings. This battery-operated auto rickshaw is packed with high-quality features, including New-gen styling, a dent-free body, rust-free panels, and remote monitoring.

Besides, it delivers optimum performance with easy navigation while promoting green mobility solutions. It is value for money, with a low operating cost of Rs.10/km, saving more for profitability. Further, the set cost of a battery auto rickshaw by Mahindra ranges between Rs. 3.16 – 3.37 Lakh.


  • Higher Savings
  • Superior ride quality
  • First-class interior space


  • More earnings
  • Low operational cost
  • Quick charging battery

4. Montra Electric Super Auto I Bharat Ka Super Auto

Montra Electric Super Auto

The Montra Electric Super Auto battery operated auto rickshaw features a reliable lithium IOn 48V battery with 7.66KwH capacity. Moreover, it takes less than 4 hours to charge fully, offering top-class 152 km at every single charge. This new battery auto rickshaw has a metal body and sturdy boron steel chassis, ensuring durability and safety. Moreover, its ergonomic and dual tone seating adds an impressive look, attracting more buyers. Additionally, its high backseat and adjustable driver seat ensure comfortable driving. Montra Electric Super Auto price ranges between Rs. 3.15 – 3.50 Lakh.


  • 7 Point battery sensor
  • Boron Steel Chassis
  • Best-in-class LED Headlights


  • Extra Head, Leg, and Boot space
  • Covers 152 Km/charge
  • High Driver backseat

5. Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Auto Rickshaw I Jisme Hai Mahindra Ka Bharosa

Mahindra E-Alfa Mini

The Mahindra E-Alfa mini battery operated auto rickshaw features a powerful 1000 W brushless DC motor. It delivers 22 Nm torque and a top speed of 25 kmph. Moreover, it has a lithium Ion 120Ah battery with 48KwH capacity for a first-class 152Km/charge range. Besides, its robust body structure and spacious seating for driver 4 passengers promote high convenience. Further, it’s a value-for-money battery auto priced between Rs. 1.45 and 1.47 lakh.


  • Superior Comfort
  • High Performance
  • Best-in-class seating capacity


  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Good battery range
  • Attractive Design

How to Get Started Auto Rickshaw Business

Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw Models in India

Here’s how you can get started with your auto rickshaw business. Follow the given pointers to launch your business easily.

  • Market Research: Assess the demand for battery operated auto rickshaw models in the target area, then identify your competitors.
  • Business Plan For Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw: Plan out a detailed business plan with outlined goals and strategies. Also, evaluate financial projections comprising the cost of purchasing, legal permits, and maintenance.
  • Licensing & Permits: Apply for the necessary licenses and permits for the smooth operation of auto rickshaws without restrictions in your area. Moreover, assures compliance with local transportation guidelines.
  • Secure Funding: You must explore financing options such as bank loans or grants. In addition, you must set a budget for initial investments and ongoing operational costs.
  • Purchase & Maintenance: Choose a reliable battery operated auto rickshaw from the list above. After purchase, set your maintenance plan to keep your e-rickshaw in best-in-class working condition.

Why Invest in Battery Operated Auto Rickshaws?

The battery operated auto rickshaw models offer significant benefits to businesses. In terms of financial aspects, they have low operating costs, making them a cost-effective choice. Regarding environmental concerns, these rickshaws produce zero emissions, contributing to cleaner and green transportation. Moreover, they have modern designs with advanced motors, making them dependable for eco-conscious businesses.

For instance, the Piaggio Ape E City Max offers excellent battery auto rickshaw mileage for the long term. Fortunately, battery auto rickshaw prices are highly competitive due to higher demand in the urban transportation market. Besides, battery auto rickshaw road prices differ according to state RTOs, taxes, and regulations. This makes battery auto models an affordable option for entry-level, small-scale businesses, and entrepreneurs looking to invest in sustainable transport solutions.

Final Words For Best Battery Auto Rickshaw

The blog provides the top 5 battery-operated auto rickshaws from Mahindra, Piaggio, Bajaj, and Montra. These vehicles promote sustainability and are cost-effective.
Choose from the listed e-rickshaw models that operate from power-packed batteries. Look for their features and unique selling points (USPs) to determine which one suits your budget. After listing, read the points we have covered to assist you with starting your transport business. Lastly, you will know why you should invest in a battery-operated e-rickshaw.

You must have decided now which battery-operated e-rickshaw you seek to purchase. If yes, then search for “battery operated auto rickshaw showroom near me. Further, for any questions regarding traditional or electric auto rickshaw, visit our website, Truck Junction.