Top 5 Eicher Tipper Models In India – Price and Performance

Top 5 Eicher Tipper Models In India – Price and Performance

One of the key makers, Eicher offers an efficient portfolio of tipper models in the 6 ton – 35 ton GVW category. The range includes many best-in-class Eicher tipper models that promise superior mileage and higher payloads to perform challenging transport deliveries. They are manufactured with cutting-edge technologies for heavy construction, mining, dumping and infrastructure transport. Eicher tipper is value for money to the Indian customers. 

So, if you are searching for an Eicher tipper for sale, we bring the top 5 Eicher Tippers with key details that you could add to your fleet. So, let’s check them out. 

List of 5 Eicher Tipper Price List In India 2023: Price & Specification 

Let’s check out the top 5 Eicher tipper models with key aggregates in the below section:-

1.  Eicher Pro 8035XM 

Eicher Pro 8035XM Tipper

Eicher Pro 8035XM is one of the powerful tipper models with a durable powertrain, including a VEDX8 Common Rail engine that gets 350 HP. It is a perfect blend of power, torque and fuel efficiency that ensures great performance and money-saving. The transmission duties can be easily fulfilled by a 9-speed gearbox with a 430 pull-type single dry plate clutch and manual transmission. It comes with s-cam dual line brakes with parking brakes that assure safety during the ride. Additionally, it has a hub reduction tandem axle with a two-stage differential lock and a heavy-duty forged i-beam, reverse Elliot type axle with stabilizer bar. 

VariantsEicher Pro 8035XM 5285/18 Cum (Rock), 20 Cum, 16 Cum and 23 Cum (Box) 

  • Power – 350 HP
  • Torque – 1350 NM
  • No. of Tyre – 12
  • Steering – Power Steering
  • Wheelbase – 5285 MM
  • GVW – 35000 KG
  • Price – Rs 60.00 – 65.00 Lakh

2. Eicher Pro 8028XM

Eicher Pro 8028XM

Eicher Pro 8028XM is the highest-power tipper model suitable for many key applications. This premium tipper model comes from the 28 ton GVW category with the proven VEDX8 common rail engine that produces 350 HP. The powerful engine is tuned with a 9-speed gearbox with a 430 pull-type single dry plate clutch. It comes with power steering that provides smooth operation. This efficient tipper model has a well-synchronised driveline that ensures the right torque through a wide range of RPM (1200 – 1600 rpm), which provides high performance and great fuel efficiency. It is designed to perform in the most challenging environment and provide high profits. 

Variants Eicher Pro 8028XM 4585/16 Cum (Rock) and 20 Cum (Box) 

  • Power – 350 HP 
  • Torque – 1350 NM
  • Fuel Tank – 315 Ltr
  • No. Of Tyre – 10
  • GVW – 28000 KG
  • Wheelbase – 4585 MM
  • Price – Rs 50.00 – 53.00 Lakh

3. Eicher Pro 2055T 

Eicher Pro 2055T

Eicher Pro 2055T is a new generation tipper model which is now ready to set a new benchmark in the industry. This tipper gets a best-in-class engine that provides world-class driving comfort with the highest power and gradeability. This tipper model is made with next-gen technology that provides a competitive edge. The modern features of this tipper Eicher make it an ideal choice for construction & mining to take the business to a new level. Other key aggregates include a 5-speed gearbox, power steering, hybrid gear shift lever, hydraulic brakes (drum) etc. The robust chassis of the Eicher model provides high load carrying capacity, superior drivability, best tyre mileage and best torque. 

Variants:- Eicher Pro 2055T 2670/FBT/2.8 Cum, DSD/2.8 Cum and CBC/2.8 Cum 

  • Power – 120 HP
  • Torque – 350 NM
  • GVW – 6950 KG
  • Wheelbase – 2670 MM
  • No. of Tyre – 6
  • Price – Rs 13.38 – 15.49 Lakh 

4. Eicher Pro 6028T

Eicher Pro 6028T

Eicher Pro 6028T is a strong contender in India’s tipper segment. It is a next-generation 28 ton GVW that produces power of 260 HP and a higher torque output of 1000 NM. It is designed with the philosophy of doing more and delivering outstanding performance. The Eicher dumper provides reliability, higher revenues and excellent productivity. Eicher Pro 6028T is loaded with modern aggregates like cruise control, fuel coaching, MBooster+ and Eicher Live for higher fleet utilisation. It is built to supply high fuel efficiency, resulting in low operational costs. This Eicher tipper model has 9-speed along with a 430 push type single dry plate clutch and power steering. 

Variants:- Eicher Pro 6028T 4585/20 Cum (Box), 4000/16 Cum (Box) and 4000/14 Cum (Rock) 

  • Power – 260 HP
  • Torque – 1000 NM
  • No. of Tyre – 10
  • GVW – 28000 KG
  • Fuel Tank – 220 Ltr
  • Wheelbase – 4000 MM
  • Price – Rs 35.00 – 43.00 Lakh

5. Eicher Pro 2110XPT

Eicher Pro 2110XPT

Eicher Pro 2110XPT is a promising tipper model that gets E494 4 Valve 3.8 litre CRS engine tuned with a 5-speed gearbox. The proven engine generates power of 160 HP and maximum torque of 500 NM. This 6-tyre tipper is built to perform in the most challenging construction, mining and dumping environment. Other key performance features of the tipper are a higher power, best driver comfort and convenience, along with high payload capacities. It comes with a day cabin that includes adjustable seats with seat belts and safety features. The cabin ensures the safety as well as the comfort of the driver and co-driver. 

Variants:- Eicher Pro 2110XPT 3350/FBT/6.5 Cum and CBC/6.5 Cum 

  • Power – 160 HP
  • Engine Cylinders – 4
  • No. of Tyre – 6
  • Fuel Tank – 160 Ltr
  • GVW – 13000 KG
  • Wheelbase – 3350 MM
  • Price – Rs 20.16 – 23.46 Lakh 

Highlighted Point Of Infographic:- 

  • The given infographic includes the top 5 Eicher tipper models. 
  • This infographic adds the top 5 Eicher tipper models with power, GVW, wheelbase, and price. 
  • Top 5 Eicher tipper models are Eicher Pro 8035XM, Eicher Pro 8028X, Eicher Pro 2055T, Eicher Pro 6028T and Eicher Pro 2110XPT. 

Top 5 Eicher Tipper Models In India Infographic

These are the top 5 Eicher tipper models that make your business valuable and useful. For more information related to Eicher commercial vehicles, you can visit Truck Junction. Here, you can also select your truck as per working needs. 

We hope the given list of top Tata tipper models helps you get the best vehicle for your business. We listed all Tata tipper models with details at Truck Junction. Here, you can also check the New Eicher tipper for sale. Also, you can select your truck as per your business application with us.

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