Top 5 Electric Truck Models in India – Features and Price

If you are in pursuit of an electric truck, then you are in the right place.

This blog will discuss the top 10 electric trucks, which can help you increase your business outcomes. The Indian customers always believe in these trucks due to no use of non-renewable sources. Electric trucks can be a better alternative to protect the environment from pollution.

We all know the pollution level in our atmosphere, which causes many diseases such as lung cancer, blood cancer and many more. To protect from pollution, the Government of many states suggest various upgraded norms, but it can not make our environment free from pollution. That’s why it is necessary to use the electric truck in place of the Diesel truck.

Best electric truck models can work very excellent and save your daily extra fuel expenses. That’s why they make more profit for you. The performance of the best electric truck modes is very vast, along with the excellent working efficiency. Nowadays, every single category available in electric commercial vehicles, such as electric pickup trucks, electric 4×4 trucks, electric semi trucks and many more. Many manufacturer companies manufacture electric commercial vehicles such as Mahindra, Tata Motors, Atul, Kinetic, Piaggio, etc.

The price range of electric pickup trucks starts from under Rs. 5 lakhs*, and electric 4×4 truck models give total value for money to the customers. Electric semi truck models are also available at reasonable prices in the Indian electric truck market. Now we will provide some information about electric trucks in India.

5 Most Electric Truck Models

We are giving information about the topmost powerful and popular electric trucks, which are:

1. Kinetic Safar Smart 3 Wheeler

Kinetic Safar Smart 3 Wheeler

Kinetic Safar Smart 3 wheeler is the leading commercial vehicle for in-city operations. The performance of this vehicle is more outstanding along with the excellent working efficiency. This electric truck price is also very reasonable in the Indian electric truck market. This electric mini truck comes from the manufacturer’s home with highly advanced mobility solutions.

  • Power- 2 (850 W) HP
  • GVW – 725 KG
  • Wheelbase- 2000 MM
  • Price – Rs. 1.53 lakhs* to Rs. 1.55 lakhs*

2. Mahindra E-Supro Cargo Van Mini Truck

Mahindra E-Supro Cargo Van Mini Truck

Mahindra E-Supro Cargo Van Mini truck has excellent working efficiency at any rigid place and a challenging atmosphere. This van has its specific value among the electric cargo trucks due to its closed cargo area. The essential goods such as gold, money, silver, and others are transported in this vehicle, which is why it is a popular electric truck.

  • Power- 33 HP
  • GVW – 1920 KG
  • Wheelbase- 1950 MM
  • Price – Rs. 11.45 lakhs* to Rs. 11.55 lakhs*

3. Atul Elite Cargo 3 Wheeler

Atul Elite Cargo 3 Wheeler

Atul Elite Cargo 3 wheeler is one of the most usable electric trucks India. This company has its different value among all the electric truck brands in India. The working efficiency of this vehicle is very high, along with the most outstanding performance. This electric truck has the belief of customers by continually providing comfort and efficient performance.

  • Power- 1000 W
  • GVW – 699 KG
  • Wheelbase- N/A
  • Price – Rs. 1.04 lakhs* to Rs. 1.54 lakhs*

4. Piaggio Ape E City 3 Wheeler

Piaggio Ape E City 3 Wheeler

Piaggio Ape E City 3 wheeler comes from the Piaggio company, the most popular three-wheeler manufacturer in India. This electric truck can fulfil the requirement of an electric heavy duty truck in the city. Many electric trucks have their value in the market, but this is the leader of them. You can see around 5 Piaggio 3-wheelers out of 10 3-wheelers on the road.

  • Power- 7 HP
  • GVW – 689 KG
  • Wheelbase- 1920 MM
  • Price – Rs. 1.97 lakhs* to Rs. 2 lakhs*

5. Mahindra Treo Zor 3 Wheeler

Mahindra Treo Zor 3 Wheeler

Mahindra Treo Zor 3 wheeler comes from the Mahindra company, and the Mahindra company is one of India’s most popular commercial vehicles producers. This model comes with highly advanced mobility solutions, so it performs well among all electric truck models. This electric lorry has its specific fan base due to its performance. Mahindra manufactured its electric commercial trucks full of dedication and fulfilled the customers’ needs and demands.

  • Power- 10 HP
  • GVW – 995 KG
  • Wheelbase- 2216 MM
  • Price – Rs. 3.77 lakhs* to Rs. 4.12 lakhs*
  • Highlighted Points for Infographic

Highlighted Points for Infographic

  • This infographic is all about the most popular electric trucks.
  • We include Power, GVW, Wheelbase and Price in this infographic.
  • The topmost electric truck models have Kinetic Safar Smart 3 Wheeler, Mahindra E-Supro Cargo Van Mini Truck, Atul Elite Cargo 3 Wheeler, Piaggio Ape E City 3 Wheeler and others.

Infographic Here

Top 5 Electric Truck Models Infographic

We have seen the value of the topmost electric trucks in India. However, we also know the pollution percentage in our environment, and you can’t deny that the pollution level increased by the exhaust of vehicles. That’s why electric trucks are necessary to minimise pollution. If you need more, please visit Truck Junction. Here you can get more about the electric truck for sale, electric trucks in India, electric truck price and many more.

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