Types of Commercial Mobile Trucks in India – Business Ideas

Types of Commercial Mobile Trucks in India – Business Ideas

A commercial mobile truck is a large motorized vehicle or trailer used to help people earn and support their livelihood. These trucks are primarily equipped for preparing, serving and selling food or other things. Some, including Mobile Boutique Truck, Mobile Book Truck, Mobile Ice Cream Truck, Mobile Grocery Truck, and others. In addition to these, some commercial mobile trucks have ships in the kitchen and prepare food. From hamburgers, sandwiches, french fries and other regional fast food to a full plate of food.

However, by the beginning of 2020, food trucks offering various specialties and ethnic menus and delicious dishes became particularly popular. In addition, mobile food trucks may also sell cold beverages such as water and soda pop.

Nowadays, mobile food trucks and food carts are valuable components of the street food industry that serves approximately 2.5 billion people.

There are several types of commercial mobile vehicles; If you are planning to start a business with a commercial mobile vehicle, you should know the following.

Choose A Suitable Commercial Mobile Truck

Firstly, you have to choose a suitable commercial mobile truck according to your needs and demands. For example, if you plan to start something with a mobile truck, you need a commercial mobile truck around 18 feet long. To save costs, you can start this business with an old or second-hand truck. For that, you can check the old truck price, which would cost half the price of a new one.

If you decide to buy an old or second-hand vehicle or commercial vehicle, you must check all formalities like registration, insurance, RTC, etc. An old vehicle can be modify and designed as per your requirements.

Licence Requirement: Although there are no definite laws regarding mobile trucks. But the essential procedure of licensing or permits for your mobile truck is compulsory.

  • NOC and Insurance from RTO
  • must have a License
  • Fire safety certificate

How Mobile Trucks Help Us in Covid-19?

Commercial Mobile trucks were beneficial during the Covid-19 pandemic. We can take the example of the time of covid-19, how this time has come as a curse for all of us. But, if we remember, many mobile trucks continuously helped us in the lockdown, mostly when we could not go anywhere. They provided us with emergency products like medical, groceries, dairy products, and many essential things. Our doctors and cleaners also never gave up and supported us at every step by reaching us with mobile medical trucks.

Let’s know about these mobile trucks. Maybe you also remember hearing their names that you would see them daily outside on the streets.

1. Mobile Medical Truck

Mobile Medical Truck

Mobile service truck models provided medical treatment to the people during a pandemic. Providing testing, medicines, child health care etc., also considers many tools like a Stethoscope, BP machine, Nebuliser, Weighing Scale, etc. There are several mobile semi truck models, which can be use for medical service. Here are some examples of these Mobile Commercial Truck models: Maruti Suzuki Eeco Cargo, Force Traveller Delivery Van, and many more.

Mobile medical trucks include many testings, medicines, child health care etc. Most troubles came in villages, and means of commuting stopped. That was the only time the mobile medical unit came in handy, and they would reach there and treat the people. So mobile medical vans are the best solution.

2. Mobile Food Supply Truck

Mobile Food Supply Truck

These trucks work in urban areas and rural areas as well in many countries. The mobile food performed using trucks, trailers, carts, and food stalls that prepare many foods.

These mobile food trucks also used to provide food and essential things during emergency times.

Sometimes a mobile food truck business can be run on a single bicycle, bike, etc., for sidewalks or parks. And this small cart considers icecreams, Hot Dogs, Panipuri, etc., because they cannot manage heating equipment or large refrigerators, so that’s why they work with small equipment on small haulages.

They serve food to needy people, such as tenants, ashrams and many such places, which they supply a door to door daily. Mainly Mobile food trucks considered street foods. In addition, they Made their contribution during a pandemic. Several trucks like Tata Ace and Ashok Leyland Dost, etc., used for food supply.

3. Mobile Grocery Truck

Mobile Grocery Truck

A mobile grocery truck store is mainly run to sell fresh fruits and vegetables on the road, in societies, and in other open spaces. In addition, mobile grocery trucks are often run by local groups or community members, circulating funds within the local economy. Mobile fruit and vegetable truck is also commonly known by locals.

Providing healthy and fresh groceries in a low-income can be related to lower spending on health-related expenses. We can even see them daily in our colonies, societies, etc. Mini Trucks like Tata Ace and others are best in use for groceries items.

4. Mobile Dairy Truck

Mobile Dailry Truck

Who does not like to drink milk, eat cheese & butter? Everyone wants it, and it is a daily food item and beneficial. But the trouble is, this is a perishable product and cannot be store for a long time. So the government has run many such mobile dairy trucks to solve this problem, from house to house, society, colony, etc., daily to provide dairy products. Ordinarily, people also buy this dairy product daily according to their needs. Mobile dairy trucks include milk dispensers, cheese, butter, buttermilk and many more such things. And make the everyday life of the people easier. Tanker trucks mainly used for supplying dairy products.

5. Mobile ATM Truck

Mobile ATM Truck

Mobile ATMs are very similar to food trucks or other mobile trucks. However, the mobile ATMs truck parked at a spot to get maximum customers. Along with this, Mobile ATMs allow customers to drive at the ATM and access their accounts without moving out of their vehicles.

A mobile ATM is a particular type of ATM, and it is a portable machine that is meant to be relocated from location to location.

This type of ATM is often found at special events for temporary ATM service. For example, at carnivals, fairs, and parades. But nowadays, mobile ATMs are widespread amongst us. They can be found anywhere and are much more convenient than a specific ATM.

We hope you are getting too much knowledge about Mobile trucks and their uses as well. They are very beneficial in the upcoming modern time and more convenient for everyone. To get more updated information about mobility of vehicles, technologies according to time, and many more, stay connected with Truck Junction.

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