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FADA's August 2023 Sales Report: 3 Wheeler Records A 66.15% Growth

News Date 05 Sep 2023

FADA's August 2023 Sales Report: 3 Wheeler Records A 66.15% Growth

FADA Reports an Impressive 66.15% Rise in 3 Wheeler Sales’ Aug 2023 

FADA 3-wheeler retail sales report shows astonishing growth of 66.15% for August 2023. In this report, Bajaj Auto took the lead in vehicle sales, as of August 23.

As per the reports, Mahindra achieved the most significant sales growth of 142.93%. Whereas Bajaj Auto took the lead in sales of vehicles on August 23. 

The FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealership Association) released the sales data for 3-wheeler OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in Aug 2023. All other brands achieved favourable sales growth except Saarthi, which experienced a sales dip. The Total segment of 3-wheelers achieved 99,907 units sold in Aug 2023, marking a 66.15% increase compared to the 60,132 units sold in August 2022.

Let's break down the total sales according to the 3-wheeler brands. 

3 Wheeler Sales Statistics, August 2023

3 Wheeler Sales Statistics, August 2023

Brand Wise 3-wheeler Sales Report Data of August 2023


Bajaj is one of the most prominent three-wheeler OEMs on the market. In the FADA three-wheeler report of August 2023, Bajaj recorded a growth rate of 81.22% whereas it sold 33,581 units, compared to 18,531 in August 2022. 


As per the Three-wheeler sales in India report of the FADA, Piaggio stayed in 2nd place after selling 7,541 units of vehicles in Aug 2023. The brand sold 5,238 units in August 2022, observing an increase rate of 43.97%.


 Mahindra sold 2,523 units in August 2022, which increased to 6,129 in Aug 2023. However, the brand experienced a sales growth of 142.93% in retail sales in August 2023. 

Y.C. Electric:

Y.C. Electric sold 3,985 units in Aug 2023, within the Three-wheeler sales figure. The brand registered a hike of 101.57% as the units sold in August 2022 were 1,977.


Mayuri sold 2,855 three-wheelers in the month of Aug 2023, compared to 1,966 units in the same month last year. The brand henceforth increased its sales by 45.22%.


Dilli Electric Auto Pvt. Ltd., also known as City Life, has closed the month with a decent growth graph. The brand sold 2,719 commercial vehicles in Aug 2023, compared to 1,430 units in August 2022, for a growth rate of 90.14% in sales.

Atul Auto:

This 3-wheeler company experienced a slight increase of 6.70% in its retail sales report. Atul Auto sold 1,719  units in August 2023, compared to 1,610 in August 2022. 

Mini Metro:

Mini Metro  followed a positive sales trend of 73.32% in the retail sales statistics of August 2023. They sold 1,702 units in August 2023, compared to 982 in Aug 2022.

TVS Motors:

TVS, a renowned manufacturer, also concluded the month with favourable sales figures. The brand sold 1,518 units of three-wheelers in 2023, compared to 805 units in August 2022, and generated growth of 88.57%.


Saarthi, or Champion Poly Plast, observed a dip of 6.93% in their Aug 2023 sales. The brand noted Aug 2023 with 1,357 units, whereas the units sold in August 2022 were 1,458.

J.S. Auto:

The  J.S. Auto Company, too, observed positive sales growth of 22.47% in the Three Wheeler Sales Report in Aug 2023. It sold 1,101 units in Aug 2023, compared to 899 in August 2022.

All other brands, including (Energy Electric Vehicle, Hostage Corporation India, Unique International, and Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.), highlight a sales surge of 57.18%. They sold 35,700 units in August 2023, compared to 22,713 in August 2022.

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