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During Covid-19, Tata Motors Extends Commercial Vehicles' Free Service or Warranty Period

News Date 24 May 2021

During Covid-19, Tata Motors Extends Commercial Vehicles' Free Service or Warranty Period

Are you worried about getting lapsed your Tata commercial vehicles' warranty or free service period during the ongoing lockdown? Here Tata Motors brings some good news for you.

Amid the second wave of (Covid-19) Coronavirus pandemic, many manufacturers have offered free service or warranty period extensions to provide better convenience to the consumers. Tata Motors has taken afoot in this very recently and announced the warranty period extension for its commercial vehicles. 

To be accurate, Tata Motors has announced the warranty and free services extension for all its commercial vehicles, whose periods were scheduled to expire from 1st April 2021 to 30th June 2021.

Behalf of this Tata Motors says that the extension will be for one month, and this extension will be followed across all the states and union territories of India. The company says that it is given to provide its customers with a convenient and smooth after-sales experience between the challenging time of Covid-19.

Apart from this announcement, the company has also announced the extension of its value-added and multiple after-sales services. These include an extension of Tata Suraksha AMC for those with an expiry date in between restrictions announced across all states in India.  The company has announced a validity extension of one month of all active contracts under Tata Motors Suraksha. Along with this, to avail of the AMC services, a one-month extension is also being given to the customers. 

Along with all the above announcements, If you are among the customers worrying about the free service period or warranty period of your Tata commercial vehicle getting lapsed during the pandemic situation of coronavirus disease, there is no need to worry now.

Stay tuned with Truck Junction for more updates, like our Truck Junction Facebook page for the latest auto news, upcoming trucks, reviews, insightful interviews and many more. Also, we will soon come with videos on how to take care of your commercial vehicle at home during the ongoing lockdown. So, keep in touch with this space for the same.

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