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VECV Registered a Growth of 11.81% in the Domestic Market

News Date 02 Mar 2023

VECV Registered a Growth of 11.81% in the Domestic Market

The domestic and export sales of the VECV sold 5,473 units of commercial vehicles in February 2023, with a 4.60% sales hike.

Eicher Motors functions with Volvo trucks in a partnership in India. The industry has revealed the VECV truck sales report February 2023, and the growth is in front of you. The truck sales in India of the brand were 5,093 units which were 4,555 units in February 2022. As a result, the domestic market's sales hiked by 11.81%. 

Let's look at segment-wise truck sales figures for Eicher Motors. The LMD vehicle (3.5-15T) sold 3,212 units in February 2023, which was 3,471 units in February 2022, resulting in a decline in sales by 7.50%. The heavy-duty vehicle segment received a good response from the customers in this YoY sales. In February 2023, the segment ended the month with 1,881, 73.52% greater than the 1,084 units of February 2022. 

Eicher Motors Export Truck Sales Data

The export truck sales statistics 2023 for February month experienced a decline. LMD segment sold 164 units of commercial vehicles which were 490 units in February 2022, receiving a fall of -66.50%. The Heavy Duty segment of the brand also stayed low. In February 2022, the sales were 76 units which came down to 27 units with a decline of -64.50%. As a result, the total export sales experienced a decline of -66.25% by selling 191 units against the 566 units of commercial vehicles in Feb '22. 

According to this, the overall sales of Eicher Motors came out, which showed a growth of 3.18%. In February 2023, the total number of units sold was 5,284, 5,121 units in the same month last year. 

Volvo Truck Sales Report February 2023

The brand has displayed the overall sales of Volvo Trucks. The brand sold 189 units of commercial vehicles against 111 units in February 2022, growing at 70.27%. In addition, the total sales of the VECV joint venture showed a growth of 4.60%. The VECV sold 5,473 units in February 2023 and 5,232 units in the same month last year.

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