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Tata Intra

Tata Intra consists of 4 high-performing flagship models - Tata Intra V10, Tata Intra V20 Bi Fuel, Tata Intra V30 and Tata Intra V50 BS6. Get informed on the latest Tata Intra price 2023, specifications, loading capacity, GVW, payload and mileage, along with images, expert and user reviews only on Truck Junction.
Tata Intra pickups are reliable compact vehicles manufactured with advanced technologies, proven to increase your efficiency on road. However, the most popular Tata Intra V30 pickup price starts at Rs 7.94 Lakh in India. Get Tata Intra price list is available at Truck Junction.

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Tata Intra Trucks in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Tata Intra V30 2565 KG Rs. 7.94 Lakh* - 8.44 Lakh*
Tata Intra V10 2120 KG Rs. 6.21 Lakh* - 6.71 Lakh*
Tata Intra V50 2940 KG Rs. 8.67 Lakh* - 9.17 Lakh*
Tata Intra V20 Bi Fuel 2295 KG Rs. 7.15 Lakh* - 8.50 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Jan 28, 2023

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Fule Type

4 Tata Intra Trucks Found

Tata Intra V30

Tata Intra V30

₹ 7.94 Lakh - ₹ 8.44 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

CLB non AC 70 HP 2565 KG
CLB AC 70 HP 2565 KG
2450/High Deck Body 69 HP 2565 KG
Tata Intra  V50

Tata Intra V50

₹ 8.67 Lakh - ₹ 9.17 Lakh

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No Variants Found Plus Icon

No Data Found
Tata Intra V10

Tata Intra V10

₹ 6.21 Lakh - ₹ 6.71 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

CLB non AC 44 HP 2120 KG
CLB AC 44 HP 2120 KG
Tata Intra V20 Bi Fuel

Tata Intra V20 Bi Fuel

₹ 7.15 Lakh - ₹ 8.50 Lakh

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No Variants Found Plus Icon

No Data Found

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About Tata Intra in India

Tata Intra BS6 models are a premium range of smart & compact pickups manufactured by Tata Motors. Tata Intra Pickup series follows Tata Motor’s classic “premium tough” design philosophy, giving the models enhanced driving experience, performance, reliability and drivability. 

Tata Intra Mileage and engine capacity remain to be one of its top-selling features. In addition to this, the series comes with a compact footprint that makes them easily manoeuvrable, even on the most congested and narrow roads. The 4-models within the series are highly capable, easy to drive, and fuel-efficient at the same time. The high-tech Tata Intra Specification makes these pickups ideal for transporting various market loads, fruits and vegetables, industrial goods, water distribution, cement bags and other light-medium loads around the city. 

Tata Intra BS6 Pickup Models

The Tata Intra Pickup series consists of 4 profit-yielding models that perform tasks most effectively. 

Tata Intra Price In India 

Tata Intra Price starts at Rs 7.13 Lakh and goes up to Rs  8.92 Lakh in India. With the promise of “power of 6” manufacturing value, the models deliver a smooth driving experience even with a full load. Tata Intra Pickup Price is quite competitive in the entire SCV category, giving the model an edge over its competitors in the market. 

So, if you’re out in the market looking for a smart and compact pickup model within the Tata Intra series, just be with us. At Truck Junction, you will be informed about the entire list of Tata Intra Price On Road, along with the top-selling features that make it highly reliable. With us, you can also get an accurate Tata Intra on-road price; all you have to do is fill out the form on our website.

Tata Intra Series at Truck Junction

Tata Intra BS6 is undoubtedly one of the most high-performing and profit-generating ranges of commercial vehicles ideal for anyone in the last-mile delivery business. At Truck Junction, you will be provided with authentic and complete information regarding the Tata Intra Price List 2023 to help you choose the model that suits your needs the best. From Tata Intra Load Capacity to its ergonomic cabin design, Truck Junction brings you all the information under a single roof. So please be with us and get more info about the Tata Intra mileage, applications, loading capacity, wheelbase and more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tata Intra Trucks

Ans. Tata Intra price range in India is between Rs 7.13 Lakh* - 8.92 Lakh*.

Ans. There are 4-flagship models in the Tata Intra Series - Tata Intra V10, Tata Intra V20 Bi-Fuel, Tata Intra V30 and Tata Intra V50 BS6.

Ans. Tata Intra V30 is the most popular model within the Tata Intra Series.

Ans. Tata Intra series models follow BS-VI emission norms.

Ans. Tata Intra series come in diesel and petrol fuel, Cng Types.

Ans. You can find all the necessary information about the Tata Intra series at Truck Junction.

Ans. The highest mileage of Tata Intra series is 17 - 22 kmpl which is in Tata Intra V50 BS6 Pickup.

Tata Signa 1918K

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