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Tata LPK

Tata LPK Series consists of 4 flagship models, Tata 912 LPK and Tata 1212 LPK. Check latest Tata LPK price 2023, loading capacity, specifications, features, GVW, mileage, images, expert and user reviews and more only on Truck Junction. Tata LPK price range starts from Rs 18.64 Lakhs* and goes up to Rs 24.48 Lakhs*.
Tata LPK Trucks in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Tata 912 LPK 9600 KG Rs. 18.64 Lakh* - 20.42 Lakh*
Tata 1212 LPK 11990 KG Rs. 22.37 Lakh* - 24.48 Lakh*
Tata 610 LPK 6250 KG Rs. 18.01 Lakh* - 18.76 Lakh*
Tata 1216 LPK 12990 KG Rs. 22.43 Lakh* - 22.53 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Dec 03, 2023

Body Type


Fuel Type

4 Tata LPK Trucks Found

Tata 912 LPK

Tata 912 LPK

₹ 18.64 Lakh - ₹ 20.42 Lakh

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

Fully Built 125 HP 9600 KG
CAB 125 HP 9600 KG
3100/HSD 125 HP 9600 KG
2775/5CuM Box 125 HP 9600 KG
Tata 1216 LPK

Tata 1216 LPK

₹ 22.43 Lakh - ₹ 22.53 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

3000/HSD 160 HP 12990 KG
3100/FET 160 HP 12990 KG
Tata 610 LPK

Tata 610 LPK

₹ 18.01 Lakh - ₹ 18.76 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

3405/CBC 100 HP 6250 KG
3405/FBV 100 HP 6250 KG
Tata 1212 LPK

Tata 1212 LPK

₹ 22.37 Lakh - ₹ 24.48 Lakh

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

3000 125 HP 11900 KG
3000/Tipper BS6 125 HP 11900 KG
3000/CBC 125 HP 11990 KG
3000/6.5CuM Box 125 HP 11990 KG

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About Tata LPK in India

Tata LPK is a popular Series belonging to the top-rated Tata company. The company was established in 1954. The Tata LPK vehicles are reliable and powerful which are best for heavy-duty work and the most utilized for mining applications because of their high force. These trucks are an incredible choice for those who are searching for a power-puffed truck, which is a mixture of performance, profitability, and simple driving. LPK Tata is the strongest truck Series which includes highly advanced tippers. 

Tata LPK Truck Price 

The Tata LPK price range is valuable and one of the great reasons for its popularity. Tata LPK price starts from Rs. 18.64 Lakh* to 24.48 Lakh* in India. The Tata LPK tippers are available at a cost-effective price range so drivers can easily buy them. 

Tata LPK Models 

Presently, the Tata LPK Series considers only 4 flagship models that perform the task productively. The Series is very well known for tippers as it consists of many robust tippers. All LPK tipper models have advanced features and potent engines which make them powerful for all. They offer exceptional performance, large cabins, parking brakes, airbags, seat belts, and many more. The Tipper LPK model is durable and versatile as it is manufactured as per Indian driver demand and needs. Tata LPK tipper is a good example of efficiency, offering profitable work. 

  • Tata 912 LPK - 9600 KG GVW, 125 HP and 90 - litre fuel tank with an affordable price is Rs. 19.24 Lakh* to 21.42 Lakh*.
  • Tata 1212 LPK - 11990 KG GVW, 125 HP, and 120 - litre fuel tank with an affordable price is Rs. 22.37 Lakh* to 24.48 Lakh*.

Get a complete Tata LPK model list with full details at Truck Junction. 

Tata Lpk Models At Truck Junction

Truck Junction is always here to find you better information about the Tata LPK series. Here, you can easily get Tata LPK models with prices, specifications, and reviews. 

Check out the updated Tata LPK price in India and a detailed overview at Truck Junction.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tata LPK Trucks

Ans. Yes, the prices of Tata LPK trucks are very reasonable and everyone can easily afford.
Ans. Tata LPK trucks price range in India starts from 18.64 lakh* and goes up to 24.48 lakh*.
Ans. BS6 Emission Norms are available in Tata LPK trucks.
Ans. Now, you can easily find the information about Tata LPK trucks at Truck Junction.
Ans. Tata LPK trucks come in Diesel fuel type.
Ans. The highest mileage of Tata LPK series is 7-9 kmpl which is in Tata 912 LPK Tipper.
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