BharatBenz 1015R Truck : Driving Tomorrow's Logistics Today

Dec 05, 2023


E - Commerce Delivery

The BharatBenz 1015R truck, with its powerful 4D34i engine, is a trusted choice for e-commerce. It empowers online and offline businesses by delivering across regions.


Market Load (Perishable)

This model is highly capable of delivering perishable goods easily by loading heavy cargo. Also, the BharatBenz 1015R truck can endure the loading capacity up to 5624 kg.


Poultry Goods

BharatBenz 1015R truck delivers poultry goods from farms. It handles the temperature-sensitive deliveries, keeping poultry chilled, and handling crates with care.


Auto Parts & Tankers

The BharatBenz 1015R truck is a versatile hauler having a tough built body for delivering auto parts and tankers. Moreover, its high loading capacity makes it reliable for heavy-duty tasks.


White Goods

The BharatBenz 1015R truck has a spacious cargo hold to accommodate electronic appliances. Also, this model ensures bump - free rides, while safely delivering to the destination.


Unbeatable Pricing

BharatBenz 1015R Truck comes within the price range of Rs. 17.05 - 18.18 Lakh. Moreover, its best-in-class features assist with monitoring the fleet management.

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