Nov 04, 2022

Mahindra Bolero City Pickup - Explore Features, Price & Mileage


Mahindra Bolero City Pickup is a popular pickup with excellent performance, used by logistics, packers, and movers as well as for distributing water cans, food, and beverages.



Mahindra Bolero City Pickup has a pricing range of Rs. 7.20 Lakh and Rs. 7.46 Lakh. This will meet the need for transportation and be both cost-effective and a great value.



The 2523 CC m2Di engine of the Mahindra Bolero City Pickup is robust. The pickup has a 63 HP engine and 195 NM of torque, which might help in the speedy delivery of products.



The 4-tyre Mahindra Bolero City Pickup's fuel-efficient 45-litre diesel fuel tank uses less fuel and may support longer working hours with a mileage of 13 kilometres per litre.



The SCV Mahindra Bolero City Pickup can efficiently transport and deliver heavy freight over long distances efficiently because of its 2990 KG GVW and 1400 KG high payload capacity.



Mahindra Bolero City Pickup has a Single Plate Dry clutch and a Manual transmission tuned to a 5 Forward + 1 Reverse, which helps provide smooth operation while transporting goods.

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