Nov 08, 2023

Mahindra Jayo : The Powerhouse of Versatility


Exceptional Engine Output

The Mahindra Jayo truck produces 80 HP output from mDi Tech and ECR+SCR Technology engine. Moreover, at 220 nm torque, it delivers powerful performance.


Impressive Fuel Economy

Fitted with a 60-litre fuel tank, this model offers superb mileage. Further, the Mahindra Jayo saves fuel costs for optimum performance on rugged terrains.


Highest Loading Span

The Mahindra Jayo truck has a GVW of 4990 kg. Moreover, the model offers a remarkable payload capacity, helping transport substantial loads efficiently to the destination.


Optimal Dimensions

The model features a 2654 mm wheelbase to ease the weight distribution. Its internal body has 3220 x 1920 x 1350mm dimensions providing ample space for cargo.


Comfort and Safety

The model is designed with a 4-way adjustable driver seat, prioritizing the driver's comfort. Besides this, headlamps and metallic bumper promotes visibility and driver's safety.


Exciting Price Range

The Mahindra Jayo truck comes within a price range of Rs. 9.98 Lakh - 10.40 Lakh. You can buy this high-performing model with great features from Truck Junction.

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