Jul 07, 2022

Top 5 Eicher CNG Trucks In India


The demand for Eicher CNG trucks is rapidly growing in India. These trucks are superior in performance and deliver excellent mileage at a low operational cost.


Eicher Pro 2049 CNG

Eicher Pro 2049 CNG truck is famous for its exceptional quality and comes with an E 483, 2 Valve 3.3 Litre CNG engine. It's priced from Rs.10.68 to 11.25 Lakh.


Eicher Pro 2095XP CNG

It comes with a robust body frame, Chassis with Cabin and Day Cabin, ensuring drivers safety and comfortability. Its price is Rs. 15.96 to 18.90 Lakh.


Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG

The payload of the Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG truck is 10491/10631 Kg that can easily carry huge loads and is available for Rs. 23.06 to 26.56 Lakh.


Eicher Pro 2059 CNG

It is well known for its performance and 95 HP engine power. The price range of the Eicher Pro 2059 CNG truck is Rs.10.68 to 11.25 Lakh.


Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG

Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG truck has Hydraulic Brakes (drum) and Clutch dia 310 that ensure quick response. Its price range is Rs. 14.34 to 17.18 Lakh.

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