E-Trio Logistics Mini Truck For Enhancing Logistics Operations

E-Trio Logistics Mini Truck For Enhancing Logistics Operations

If any commercial vehicle is suitable for an intra-city ride, it’s a mini truck. Moreover, it has revolutionized the manner of transporting goods. Is this the reason why mini trucks have been a great buzz in recent times? Indeed, they are compact, efficient, and affordable vehicles that support logistic businesses struggling with cargo transport.

Besides these features, mini trucks have redefined the rural landscape with their versatility. In the not-so-distant past, heavy-duty trucks dominated the trucking industry. Soon enough, it left rural businesses needing help in freight and logistics transport. 

But time is unbeatable, and thus, the transportation industry evolves with time. Consequently, mini trucks emerged as a savior, becoming a turning point in rural transportation. Taking its foothold in the trucking industry, mini trucks can serve business needs in rural regions. Among several developed models, no one challenged the unbeatable E–Trio Logistics mini truck

Now, this game-changer is much more efficient than it seems. Then, you should know more. As concluded, the E-Trio model is your next-gen trucking companion. Let’s go aboard. 

E-Trio Logistics Mini Truck Specifications 

Suffix, the “logistics mini truck” relates to roleplay for the E-Trio model. It is reliable for the cargo requirements of rural regions, extending its adaptability beyond limits. 

The E-Trio logistics mini truck features high performance, lower cost, more payload, and reduced downtime. Also, it fills the gap between remote areas to obtain essential supplies. Further, it curbs the operational costs, serving feasibility to small rural businesses. 

Besides the features mentioned above, specifications are given here. Attain an in-depth understanding of the model, starting with its unbeatable motor and battery capacity performance. 

1. Unbeatable Performance 

Unbeatable Performance

The E-Trio model is a cargo transport, well – suited for logistics and courier services. Moreover, it is a mini truck, which provides the users accessibility to maneuver on narrow roads. Thus, it promotes timely deliveries, accelerating profits for the businesses. Besides, this model is the future of electric commercial vehicles (mini trucks). 

This model’s unbeatable performance is supported by efficient motor and battery capacity. The motor type is a 30 Kw high-efficiency motor giving maximum torque at 120 NM. Moreover, this model has a performing motor in adherence with the Zero Tailpipe emission norm. 

Besides, the model becomes more sustainable with a Lithium Ion 48V battery of 20 KwH capacity. The model gets charged quickly within 6 hours with this battery capacity range. Thus, the mini truck completes deliveries in a single trip. 

2. Operational Cost Savings

Operational Cost Savings

From the beginning, it’s understood that the E-Trio Logistics mini truck is here to redefine the logistics business. Not just a game-changer, as mentioned above, but this model is a 4-wheeler marvel to speed – delivery on wheels!

Specifically designed for intra-city rides, this model facilitates more trips to cover long distances. But, surprisingly, the model guarantees 60% operational cost savings. It is a win-win situation for businesses and the environment, too. 

Moreover, the beneficial impact on nature cannot be exaggerated. Increasing a cleaner environment for a greener footprint results in lower emissions. Thus, it promotes a sustainable and eco-friendly planet. 

Consequently, the E-Trio Logistics mini truck is not just any commercial vehicle but a driving force. Hence, being India’s first electric mini truck, this vehicle is amazingly a financially savvy option suiting every logistics requirement. 

3. High Payload Ability

High Payload Ability

Hauling goods with an E-Trio electric mini truck eases the workload. Besides, this mini truck has an excellent payload capacity of 750 kg. This commercial vehicle is highly capable of handling heavy goods and being reliable for business requirements. 

Moreover, with an impressive GVW, the model ensures seamless transportation in a single trip. As a result, it enhances operational efficiency and lowers transportation costs.

E – trio offers a standout feature of 7% gradeability to climb and handle steep inclines easily. Besides having a compact size body, the model is designed to prioritize the rider’s comfort. This mini truck allows seating capacity for drivers +1 passengers. Thus, it assures users that it is the best companion for long journeys. 

In addition, the fitting wheelbase and durable tires ensure stability and enhanced maneuverability on rough terrains. Further, the E-Trio Logistics Mini Truck loading capacity affirms its strength and durability.  

All in all, this electric commercial vehicle is a suitable choice for businesses seeking to upgrade their hauling capacity.

4. Better Runaround Time

Better Runaround Time

Taking E-Trio Logistics Mini Truck as a travel partner, users optimize runaround time. It keeps their business efficient in the fast-paced world of logistics. Now, the travel range for the model covers 115 to 120 km per charge, making itself productive for intra-city transportation. Moreover, it seamlessly travels to different destinations but delivers within a single trip without refueling interruptions.

In logistics, time is essential; thus, the E-trio model is intended for the same. Equipped with a powerful motor, it offers splendid speed at 80 Kmph, with better runaround time. With a robust 30 Kw High-Efficiency motor and a Lithium-Ion 48V battery, this powerhouse ensures superior runaround time for your operations.

Moreover, owing to its excellent battery capacity (20Kwh), users rely on runaround time before charging it. About this, the model promotes quick charging within a total of 6 hours, reducing downtime.

5. Compact Size 

Compact Size

Today, compactness often equates with efficiency, and the Trio Logistics mini truck fulfills this belief. This model has a smart 96 V framework, promoting maximum performance while preserving sustainability. Therefore, it implies that E-Trio easily glides through narrow streets, representing versatility.

Besides being a versatile choice for multiple uses, it is enclosed at 180 Cu. Feet body. Additionally, this 180 Cu. Ft, load body provides large space for cargo, regardless of small size. Also, E-Trio is reliable for E-Commerce business, logistics, courier, parcel delivery, or the FMCG sector. 

Besides being compatible with several applications, this model ensures to be adaptable for specific hauling requirements. Thus, your search for compact yet highly versatile cargo ends here. Hence, E-Trio Logistics Mini Truck is smart enough to streamline your routine transport operations and needs.

6. Valid Lifespan 

Valid Lifespan

The E-Trio Logistics mini truck guarantees a valid lifespan for its potential users. Moreover, this powerful model with a robust motor and battery ensures higher efficiency and more savings. 

Besides, it offers cleaner transportation and better runaround time with its comfortable tires and compact size body, allowing more payload and seating capacity for intra-city transportation. 

7. E- Trio Mini Truck Price 

E- Trio Mini Truck Price

Undoubtedly, the model offers an affordable price and excellence in hauling. Moreover, the price range starts from Rs. 7.75 Lakh and Rs. 8.25 Lakh. Implying the E-Trio Logistics mini truck is a viable and cost-effective model for business needs.

Besides, users must remember that the ex-showroom price range set for the mini truck varies by state. Also, the E-Trio logistics mini truck price on-road differs due to RTO taxation and local charges.

Nevertheless, the model stands out due to its features, specifications, affordability, and efficiency. As concluded, this model is a great investment for businesses looking for expansion and drives more profit.

8. Upgraded Warranty

Upgraded Warranty

Before buying a mini truck, some aspects come into the limelight, and that’s why users face confusion. Primarily, price is one such factor, creating havoc for users. That’s why the E-Trio logistics mini truck price is affordable, & packed with an upgraded warranty.

Besides, the battery and powertrain warranty extends impressively for 3 Years or 1,00,000 kilometers. It indicates that this reliable model goes the extra mile for more trips. Besides, the warranty covers auxiliary components for 1 Year or 60,000 kilometers – the next best thing.

Moreover, the model pledges a great warranty with an assurance of the model’s durability for long-term usability. Further, from E-Trio, users not only purchase a mini truck but also get guaranteed performance! Great specifications promise the outstanding performance of the model. It’s time to hit the road with a reliable mini truck. 

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