70 plus pickups are comfortably available at Truck Junction. Get the best pickups of all top brands like Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Isuzu, Force, Tata and many more. Along with this, you can also select pickups according to fuel types: diesel and CNG. You can also choose Pickups according to HP, which starts from 75 hp to 80 hp. Buy the perfect pickup for your work by filtering out GVW, emission norms, price range and no. of tyres. The most popular pickups are Ashok Leyland Dost+ Pickup, Tata Yodha Pickup Pickup, Mahindra Bolero Camper Pickup, Ashok Leyland Dost Strong Pickup and many more. Find out the updated Pickups price list below.

Pickups in India Pickups GVW Pickups Price
Ashok Leyland Dost+ 2805 KG Rs. 7.24 Lakh - 7.34 Lakh
Ashok Leyland BADA DOST 2990 KG Rs. 7.75 Lakh - 7.99 Lakh
Ashok Leyland Dost Strong 2590 KG Rs. 6.68 Lakh - 6.78 Lakh
Tata Yodha Pickup 2950 KG Rs. 8.17 Lakh - 8.87 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Camper 2735 KG Rs. 8.49 Lakh - 8.99 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus 2700 KG Rs. 6.9 Lakh - 7.02 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Pikup ExtraStrong 2995 KG Rs. 8.35 Lakh - 8.39 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Pikup 4x4 2735 KG Rs. 8.44 Lakh - 8.54 Lakh
Mahindra Supro Maxitruck 2135 KG Rs. 5.72 Lakh - 6.43 Lakh
Mahindra Supro Minitruck 1975 KG Rs. 5.24 Lakh - 5.31 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero City 2990 KG Rs. 7.2 Lakh - 7.4 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Pikup CNG 2990 KG Rs. 8.58 Lakh - 8.61 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Pickups ExtraLong 3490 KG Rs. 8.1 Lakh - 8.36 Lakh
Mahindra Imperio 2990 KG Rs. 7.32 Lakh - 8.24 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck CNG 2750 KG Rs. 7.09 Lakh - 7.19 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Jun 23, 2021




Max Power

Popular Pickups

Ashok Leyland Dost+

Ashok Leyland Dost+

₹ 7.24 Lakh - ₹ 7.34 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

LE 80 HP 2805 KG
LS 80 HP 2805 KG
LX 80 HP 2805 KG
Ashok Leyland BADA DOST

Ashok Leyland BADA DOST

₹ 7.75 Lakh - ₹ 7.99 Lakh

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6 Variants Found Plus Icon

2590/CBC/i3 80 HP 2990 KG
2590/FSD/i3 80 HP 2990 KG
2590/CBC/i4 80 HP 3490 KG
2590/FSD/i4 80 HP 3490 KG
2590/HSD/i3 80 HP 2990 KG
2590/HSD/i4 80 HP 3490 KG
Ashok Leyland Dost Strong

Ashok Leyland Dost Strong

₹ 6.68 Lakh - ₹ 6.78 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

LE 70 HP 2590 KG
LS 70 HP 2590 KG
LX 70 HP 2590 KG
Tata Yodha Pickup

Tata Yodha Pickup

₹ 8.17 Lakh - ₹ 8.87 Lakh

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6 Variants Found Plus Icon

2825/Crew Cabin 4x4 100 HP 2990 KG
3150(1700) 100 HP 3490 KG
2825/4x4(1200) 100 HP 2990 KG
3150(1500) 100 HP 3260 KG
3150/Crew Cabin 4x2 100 HP 2990 KG
3150(1200) 100 HP 2950 KG
Mahindra Bolero Camper

Mahindra Bolero Camper

₹ 8.49 Lakh - ₹ 8.99 Lakh

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

3014/BS-VI 75 HP 2735 KG
Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus

Mahindra Bolero Maxitruck Plus

₹ 6.9 Lakh - ₹ 7.02 Lakh

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

3150/BS-VI 65 HP 2700 KG
Mahindra Bolero Pikup ExtraStrong

2 Variants Found Plus Icon

3264/BS-VI 75 HP 2995 KG
3264/(3245) 75 HP 3245 KG
Mahindra Bolero Pikup 4x4

Mahindra Bolero Pikup 4x4

₹ 8.44 Lakh - ₹ 8.54 Lakh

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

3014/BS-VI 75 HP 2735 KG
Mahindra Supro Maxitruck

Mahindra Supro Maxitruck

₹ 5.72 Lakh - ₹ 6.43 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

T2 47 HP 2135 KG
T6 47 HP 2135 KG
T4 47 HP 2135 KG

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About Pickups

A pickup truck is simply a light motor vehicle with an open-top. Pickups are utilitarian trucks that bring a bed. A pickup is essentially a truck with a different edge/taxi and an open part at the back. Pickups depend on trucks, made of two pieces, and have more inside space. 

A pickup truck is a sort of vehicle that is designed to move things. The back of the truck is open, similar to some different kinds of trucks. It is exceptionally amazing for its little size. Pickup trucks have various shapes and sizes. 

The back of the truck where the part is setting is known as a cargo bed. The load bed is covered with a cover that is made of material, metal or plastic, to shield the payload from rain and dirt. They are used to carry different rural loads or machines. 

Pickup Trucks - Advantages 

A pickup truck, with its size and tallness, offers you the best than some other vehicles. Even while on a bad road, you can surely see over the vehicles ahead and behind you. This helps you to a simpler driving experience.

Pickups are available in top brands with a wide range like Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Isuzu, Force, Tata and many more. All pickups GVW is lying between 1 ton up to 5 ton. And you can even select pickups according to their fuel type or hp, which begins from 75 hp to 80 hp.

Pickups Price In India 2021

With Truck Junction, you can find pickups at a reasonable and pocket-friendly price of Rs. 5.72 lakh to 12.65 lakh*, with pickups specification.

Most Popular Pickups In India 2021

Pickup trucks at Truck Junction 

Truck Junction helps you to find the best pickups as your requirements. We provide you with the best pickup truck, best mini pickup truck in India, pickup trucks price list, upcoming pickup truck and many more. Here you can buy pickup trucks 2021 at a reasonable pickup truck price list.

Buy the perfect pickup to your work, just filtering out the brands, GVW, no. of tyres, emission norms, price range and many more specifications at Truck Junction. Then you will find a pickup truck price list, best pickup in india, best small trucks and many more.

We hope you are getting relevant information with the Truck Junction. We always hope to give our best to provide you with informative data.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pickups

Ans. Now, you can easily find the information about pickups at Truck Junction.

Ans. The highest pickups hp is 80 HP.

Ans. Yes, the prices of pickups are very reasonable, everyone can easily afford.

Ans. You can find around 70+ pickups at Truck Junction with complete details.

Ans. Pickups price range in India starts from under 10 lakh* and goes up to under 15 lakh*.


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