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Find out the latest and most popular LNG trucks in India. We have enlisted an extensive range of LNG trucks along with detailed specifications of each. Discover India’s favourite LNG trucks, including Ashok Leyland AVTR UF3522, Blue Energy 5528 4x2 and more exclusively here. With us, you can get LNG trucks from the most reliable brands like Ashok Leyland, Blue Energy and more. In addition to this, we also offer the best and fair LNG truck price range in India. Get the latest LNG trucks price list in India.



Popular LNG Trucks

Ashok Leyland AVTR UF3522

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Blue Energy 5528 4x2

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Tata Ultra T.14 LNG

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About LNG Trucks

Reduce your carbon footprint with LNG trucks

LNG trucks continue to be promoted by the truck and gas industry as a bridge technology for decarbonizing the road freight industry. Due to its higher energy density, LNG is excellent for longer-distance trucks like Class 7 and 8 trucks. More medium- to heavy-duty applications are possible with LNG. If your fleet frequently makes long trips, LNG-powered trucks will allow you to go farther between fill-ups.

LNG is natural gas that has been liquefied by being cooled to low temperatures. The amount of the gas lowers as it liquefies, allowing for enough fuel to be carried on board to power long-distance transportation. The potential for LNG as a diesel replacement in trucks is enormous. Our enlisted LNG-powered trucks cut CO2 emissions significantly.

Advantages of Switching to LNG Trucks

Alternative fuels are becoming more popular. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) presents itself as one of the most compelling alternatives to diesel when it comes to long-distance transportation. In a wide range of the spectrum, LNG remains to be advantageous.

The Best-In-Class LNG Trucks

There are 2 LNG trucks available in the market right now, delivering a performance like no other while ensuring the lowest fuel consumption and carbon footprint. 

LNG Trucks Price in India

Find the updated LNG Trucks price list in India exclusively at Truck Junction. Along with the price, you can also get accurate and detailed information regarding each product. So please stay connected with us to get the latest LNG Trucks price range.

How Can I Find The Best LNG Trucks In India?

Get detailed information about the best-performing LNG Trucks, including their specifications and price details. At Truck Junction, you can easily find all the necessary information about LNG Trucks in India. Below are a few simple steps you can follow to find the best LNG Trucks in India. 

Just log in to Truck Junction and get each detail regarding LNG Trucks features, mileage, etc. We are India’s most reliable platform and provide a fair LNG Trucks price in India.

LNG Trucks at Truck Junction

Truck Junction is India’s leading and most reliable online platform for buying and selling various commercial vehicles in the Indian market. We do extensive and thorough research to deliver you the most accurate and authentic information about the best-selling LNG Trucks in India. With us, you also get an updated and fair LNG Truck price range along with its other best-selling aggregates that make them such a popular choice in the Indian commercial vehicle market. So, stay connected with us and be up-to-date on all LNG Trucks available in India. 

Tata Signa 1918K

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