Mahindra E Alfa Super Expert Review – Price and Overview

Mahindra E Alfa Super Expert Review – Price and Overview

Auto-rickshaws play a significant role in intercity passenger transportation. Moreover, an e- rickshaw is an eco-friendly and low-maintenance option, offering higher savings on fuel costs. So, if you’re looking for a high-performing electric auto-rickshaw, the ones by Mahindra can be an amazing choice for you. The brand is popularly known for its high reliability and quality-driven products.

Mahindra and Mahindra have expanded their product line with Mahindra E Alfa Super Auto Rickshaw. They always intend to stay ahead of competitors by maintaining their foothold in the transport sector. It has a tradition of introducing better-performing models than its predecessor every time.

Sticking to its tradition of surprising customers, it recently launched India’s No.1 Mahindra E3W. But this time, it comes with a 20% more enhanced range providing a 95+ km range. Consequently, it promotes higher earnings and greater savings. In addition, the model provides employment opportunities for drivers seeking to earn sources.

We are here to fulfil your expectations by providing features you can use. Yet, there is much to explore; read the blog to know more.

Let’s get to know the new Alfa E Super Auto Rickshaw.

Get in-depth or detailed information about the model here. Being a customer, you must probe into its exclusive features, making your purchase worth every penny. Besides, the blog is much more intriguing. It presents features and complimentary insurance to ease your effort for savings even on more trips.

Main Highlights Of Mahindra E Alfa Super Auto Rickshaw

Main Highlights Of Mahindra E Alfa Super

The Mahindra E-Rickshaw is an exceptional option for passenger-carrying vehicles. Classified as an electric rickshaw, it boasts best-in-class features that elevate it above its counterparts. Besides, it is not only a cost-effective mode of transportation but also addresses the growing concern for cleaner mobility solutions.

The Mahindra E – Rickshaw stands out from the rest due to its extended range providing driver job opportunities. Moreover, it is highly efficient and can cover longer distances at a single charge. Hence, it diminishes the requirement for frequent maintenance, promoting income generation.

Read further to gain in-depth knowledge of the Mahindra E Alfa Super auto rickshaw.

1. High-Priority Safety & Comfort

High-Priority Safety & Comfort

Mahindra E Alfa Super has a body designed with durable tyres to sustain for a long. Moreover, this e-auto rickshaw is modelled to prioritize the utmost comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. Soft-cushioned seats provide seating comfort and convenience. Besides, the e-auto rickshaw has gripping handles for the passengers to grab handles due to road bumps.

2. Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance

Modeled with a 1.64kW high power and 22 Nm torque, Mahindra E Alfa Super facilitates utmost comfort and convenient ride. In addition, its engine requires minimal maintenance, saving drivers time and money in the long run. Moreover, the model’s Brushless DC motor prevents energy loss, resulting in higher efficiency.

Here are some key features of the Mahindra E Alfa Super features that you must notice.

  • Provides best-in-class safety features – Good braking system & Roof-Mounted grab handles.
  • Big headlamps for better visibility to vehicles passing through this electric rickshaw.
  • Built with strong metal for higher durability and longer life.

3. Motor & Battery Capacity

Motor & Battery Capacity 

We present the high-performing and advanced Brushless DC Motor producing 2 HP power output at 22 NM torque for better performance. The advanced brushless DC motor in the Mahindra E Alfa Super provides a speed of 80 km/h for control and precision. Also, it extends the vehicle’s lifespan due to reduced wear and tear.

This auto rickshaw has a 140 Ah lead-acid battery, providing distance travel on a single charge.
The high-powered charger ensures quick and convenient recharges, ensuring hassle-free charging. Electric fuel system aligns with eco-friendly trends, promoting a cleaner environment and long-term sustainability.

4. Excellent Range

Excellent Range

The Mahindra E Alfa Super Range is 95+ km per charge. In addition, the Mahindra auto rickshaw has fast charging, reducing overtime.  Besides, the motor’s peak power enables swift acceleration for remarkable on-road capabilities to be a standout choice. Equipped with a 140 Ah lead-acid battery, the model is 20% more enhanced in quality and performance. Robust Earnings

The improved 18-months battery warranty minimises maintenance requirements, resulting in higher earnings for the driver.

5. Great GVW Capacity

Great GVW Capacity

Mahindra E-Alfa mini offers a high GVW capacity of 758 KG. In addition, the Mahindra electric auto rickshaw retains a high payload volume with balanced riding. Furthermore, the new electric model has a seating capacity and spacious legroom for the drivers and four passengers.

Three robust tyres support the vehicle one tyre on the front and two at the rear. Moreover, this model’s Front wheel moves a small distance above the ground to avoid any imbalance in the vehicle.

In addition, the space between the ground and the front wheelbase avoids friction with the ground resulting in improved vehicle longevity. Furthermore, it preserves the life shell of the wheel.

Mahindra E Alfa Super loading capacity is enhanced and improved for this model. With high GVW, the model can handle more payload, focusing on the safety, comfort, and convenience of the passengers + driver.

6. Superb Earnings

Superb Earnings

Being one of the most highly reliable models, it provides quick charging for more productivity and earning opportunities for drivers. Furthermore, users operating Mahindra Auto Rickshaw charge the vehicle with a widespread network of 10,000 stations worldwide. Also, the battery supports an 18 months warranty. Mahindra Electric rickshaw servicing is accessible with 1,150 touchpoints across India.

7. Price


Before purchasing a Mahindra model, the potential buyers depend on the pricing factor, affecting every aspect of earning and saving. Since we have come up with the pricing concern, you must also be wondering about its price range.

The Mahindra E Alfa Super price is Rs. 1.61 Lakh – Rs. 1.65 Lakh. Besides, the ex-showroom price for Mahindra E Alfa Super Auto Rickshaw varies per state. Furthermore, the model’s on-road price changes according to the state or area.

8. Complimentary Insurance

Complimentary Insurance 

Mahindra E Alfa Super image is widespread in the market. Moreover, it has satisfied users since its emergence in the transportation sector. It is a new model with a metal body, ergonomic steering, and heavy suspension.

Besides offering peculiar features, Mahindra E Alfa Super stands on the top with free accidental insurance valued at Rs. 10 Lakh. It is a complimentary insurance that users can leverage to purchase the vehicle. In addition, this insurance encourages the security and safety of the users operating this E-Auto Rickshaw.

Summarizing, Mahindra E Alfa Super

Mahindra & Mahindra, a leader, continues to provide eco-friendly and economical options in intercity passenger transportation. Moreover, the Mahindra E Alfa Super Expert Review gives an insightful overview of this advanced model.

With remarkable benefits, the Mahindra E Alfa Super rickshaw separates itself from a wide range, offering lucrative job opportunities for users. The model distinguishes itself through its extended range, presenting lucrative driver employment opportunities.

Flaunting its sturdy and efficient Brushless DC Motor, the Mahindra model offers exceptional performance with reduced maintenance needs. The Mahindra E Alfa Super’s peak power ensures 95 km+ per charge, backed by fast charging technology.

Built with innovative design, metal body, and exquisite features, assure longer scalability. In addition, the model features high GVW capacity, wide seating space, and excellent rides, prioritizing comfort and convenience. Safety is supremely important for the passengers + driver with durable tyres, good-condition brakes, and soft padded seats.

Considering the Mahindra E Alfa Super price in India, this model evokes a compelling investment with its extended range, more loading ability, and advanced features. Furthermore, its complimentary accidental insurance highlights Mahindra’s commitment to user security.

The Mahindra E Alfa Super Expert Review highlights the model’s superiority as a sustainable, high-performance, economically viable alternative in the competitive marketplace for battery-operated auto-rickshaws. Its long battery life, potent motor, and intelligent features make it an appealing preference for riders and drivers.

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