Tata LPT 4930C Bs6 Heavy Loading Capacity With 6XL Cowl Truck 2023 – Review & Price

Tata LPT 4930C Bs6 Heavy Loading Capacity With 6XL Cowl Truck 2023 – Review & Price

Tata Motors has always been the most reliable and trusted brand because of its customer-centric products. Tata’s commercial vehicle lineup comprises trucks, tippers, mini trucks, pickups, and numerous other models. These high-quality vehicles are designed with the customer’s preferences and purposes in mind. The Tata LPT series includes all of the products that an end user might be interested in, and that offer quality to their portfolio. Some truck models, such as Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck, are already on their way to prominence. The Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck is profitable and dependable, with outstanding performance. They are built using cutting-edge technology along with superior mobility solutions.

We are here to provide you with all the Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck specifications and price range, which are well-known for their exceptional performance.

Best Features of Tata LPT 4930 Cowl With Heavy Loading Capacity Truck

The Tata LPT 4930 Cowl is a well-known truck in the commercial vehicle market. This high-quality truck is well renowned for its excellent efficiency and convenient mileage. This LPT truck is packed with several unique features that guarantee perfect comfort, owing to its bulk cargo. Also, the 4930 truck’s engine is created with significantly modern mobility solutions that give outstanding operating efficiency as well as better fuel mileage. 

It additionally comes with a slew of innovative features that promise improved fuel efficiency, profitability, security, and greater driving comfort.

Now, you must be interested in knowing about the other technical details of this feature-rich commercial LPT truck. Let us discuss the features one by one.

1. Main Highlights of Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck

The Tata LPT 4930 Cowl is a 6-engine cylinder variation for long-distance cargo transportation. This model is Tata Motors’ most prevalent 6-tyre truck amongst fleet owners, and it is well known in the commercial vehicle market for its reliability and efficiency. They are built using modern technologies along with superior mobility solutions.

It is time to look at the other valuable features of this efficient LPT Cowl truck.


The LPT 4930 Cowl truck variant is designed to produce higher levels of torque and power. The Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck has excellent highway performance due to its 6700 CC Cummins ISBe 6.7L BS6 engine. This cowl truck has an aggregate horsepower of 300 Hp, making it appropriate for a variety of applications. 

The overall torque produced by the Tata LPT 4930 Cowl is 1100 Nm, making it the ideal choice for heavy-duty haulage. This truck also generates fantastic mileage, providing outstanding working efficiency for prolonged hours and operations.

ENGINE Cummins 6.7L
FUEL TANK 365 Ltr.


The business known as Tata Motors’ strongest-performing product, the LPT 4930 Cowl truck, is developed with good payload capacity to deliver optimum payback to the users. The demand for this 16-tyre cowl truck is skyrocketing due to numerous advantages in transportation and handling commodities. 

This performance-oriented truck has a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 49000 KG. The Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck payload capacity makes it ideal for accomplishing a wide range of haulage-related tasks and different projects.

The Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck Payload Capacity can also comfortably transport heavy items such as steel, cement, fertilizer, timber, cargo, etc. They are meant to provide the highest level of dependability and quality of service demanded by haulage companies.


The cowl truck model’s meticulously planned cabin space and better ergonomics provide a great in-cab experience. The Cowl Cabin Type allows drivers to function fatigue-free over extended distances, resulting in increased productivity and trip efficiency.


It features a 6800 MM wheelbase which ensures stable driving. This cowl truck also gives additional stability and prevents the truck from rolling over. It is appropriate for a variety of applications such as market load, tankers, cement, bulker, industrial items, and so on. 

This commercial truck is equipped with worthy Drum brakes to safeguard the vehicle while preventing sliding. Along with this, the front suspension of the Tata LPT 4930 Cowl is a Leaf Spring, and the rear suspension is a Bell Crank that aims to deliver a better ride by cushioning disturbances and vibrations while driving. Overall, the top-quality brakes of this productive cowl truck offer good ride quality to the respective truck owners.

This refined truck is fitted with a total number of 16 solid tyres. The front high-performing tyre is 295/90R20, and 295/90R20 at the rear. Both Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck tyre sizes are constructively designed to offer improved stopping force and grip even in wet conditions. It is thus the greatest and safest solution for hauling as well.


Tata LPT 1918 Cowl is a versatile automobile that provides excellent value for money by allowing you to create a customised body and cabin. Additionally, the new-age safety features can enhance the truck’s fuel efficiency, profitability, and productivity and offer the utmost driving comfort to the driver.

Updated Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck Price Range

As you get familiar with all the features of the Tata LPT 4930 Cowl, here providing you with the updated Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck BS6 price range in India.

The Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck price range in India starts at Rs. 49.93 Lakhs – Rs. 50.08 Lakhs*. It is the vehicle’s ex-showroom pricing, as the Tata LPT 4930 Cowl on-road price can increase with the extra cost of taxes and charges in your respective cities.


It is crystal clear that Tata LPT 4930 Cowl Truck has unrivalled market demand due to its tremendous engine power delivery and exceptional payload capability. The LPT 4930 Cowl Truck offers all the qualities that make driving long distances simple, secure, and pleasant. 

Therefore, get a complete balance of power, performance and reliability by opting for this feature-rick cowl truck.