Tata Magic Vs Maruti Eeco: Comparing Specs & Features

Tata Magic Vs Maruti Eeco: Comparing Specs & Features

When it comes to choosing a versatile vehicle for your passenger and cargo transport, the Tempo Traveler is a perfect choice. Tata and Maruti are renowned manufacturers of tempo travelers, which fall under the LCV segment. This blog compares the Tata Magic vs. Maruti Eeco, which delivers top-notch performance and caters to diverse needs. Moreover, you will obtain detailed information for Maruti Suzuki Eeco Cargo vs. Tata Magic Express.

From performance capabilities to pricing factors, find out which one is better and which is a valuable investment. Without further ado, let’s compare the Tata Magic Express vs Maruti Eeco and see which comes out on top.

Tata Magic vs Maruti Eeco: Overview

Get a detailed outlook for Tata Magic vs Maruti Eeco. Let’s start with their overview.

Tata Magic Express

Tata Magic Express

The Tata Magic Express is a versatile LCV recognized for its economical operation and higher transportation reliability. It is also known for its versatility and cost-effectiveness, ensuring smooth business operations. It is ideal for businesses looking to improve their operations with combined mileage and comfort. This makes this model a smart investment for medium-scale businesses. Moreover, in comparison to Tata Magic vs. Maruti Eeco, this model is designed to offer reliability.

The Tata Magic Express is the best choice vehicle for public transport. It is an affordable and accessible option for passengers. Besides, in Maruti Eeco Vs Tata Magic Express, both can carry children while ensuring their safety.

Maruti Eeco: The Economical Choice


If you are looking for an economical travel solution, then consider the Maruti Suzuki Eeco Cargo tempo traveller. In a comparison of Tata Magic vs Maruti Eeco, the latter offers efficiency and affordability. Moreover, it is a perfect choice for families and businesses. Also, its spacious interior and reliable performance make journeys over long distances comforting. Prefer buying a Maruti Eeco, an effective and reliable choice for an impressive travel experience.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Cargo vs Tata Magic Express

Curious about Tata Magic vs Maruti Eeco, which is better? Here is a brief comparison based on performance, seating capacity, tyre, and more. Go through their distinctions for informed decision-making for your commercial or personal purposes.

Tata Magic Vs Maruti Eeco Performance

The Tata Magic operates from a DICOR BS6 Engine that delivers 44 HP power and 110 Nm torque for optimal performance. Also, its fuel economy promotes 80 kmph speed for prolonged trips. Moreover, it has a 40-litre fuel tank and a GVW of 1950 kg, making it more reliable for businesses transporting cargo from urban to rural areas.

Meanwhile, Maruti Eeco operates from a G12B BS6 engine. It delivers 72HP output and 85 Nm torque for quick deliveries. With impressive fuel economy, this model can run at 80 kmph speed. Moreover, it has a 65-litre fuel tank, ensuring continuous driving for efficient deliveries. Besides, it has a decent 1010 kg kerb weight, helping to determine the GVW and the payload capacity.

Tata Magic Vs Maruti Eeco Dimensions

The Tata Magic Express has perfect length(3790MM), Width (1500MM), and Height (1890MM) dimensions. The body size of this model is fit to accommodate not just passengers but also small packages. Moreover, its wheelbase of 2100mm helps this traveller to retain traction on inclined surfaces.

Besides, the Maruti Eeco Cargo has accurate length(3675MM), Width (1475MM), and height(1825MM). It allows medium-scale businesses to transport cargo in small packages with ease. Moreover, its 2350MM wheelbase improves stability even at higher speeds, reducing the risk of accidents.

Tata Magic Vs Maruti Eeco Brakes Suspension

Let’s discuss brake suspension for Maruti Eeco and Tata Magic models. The Tata Magic has front disc and rear drum brakes, whereas the Maruti Eeco has Disc/drum brakes. Both models have responsive parking brakes for safety. Tata Magic has a Parabolic leaf spring, whereas Eeco cargo has a MacPherson Strut front suspension. The semi-elliptical leaf rear suspension is only available for Tata Magic.

Tata Magic Vs Maruti Eeco Clutch Suspension

The Tata Magic Express has a 190mm clutch with single plate dry friction, but Eeco cargo does not. Both models have a 5-forward + 1-reverse gearbox. Moreover, Magic Express has Synchromesh, whereas Eeco cargo has a manual transmission.

Tata Magic Vs Maruti Eeco Body Cabin

The Tata Magic Express does not offer a body option or chassis, but Eeco cargo does. The Maruti Eeco cargo traveller has a box body option, chassis cabin, and day cabin.

Tata Magic Vs Maruti Eeco Tyre

Both models, in Maruti Eeco vs Tata Magic Express, have sturdy tyres. The Magic Express has 155 R13 Radial tyres, whereas the Eeco cargo does not have a radial type for the front and rear. Besides, the Maruti Eeco cargo has tubeless tyres for smooth driving.

Which is Better: Tata Magic vs Maruti Eeco?

Comparing the Maruti Suzuki Eeco vs Tata Magic Express 10 seater reveals key differences. The Eeco offers better seating comfort and robust build quality, which is ideal for larger groups. On the other hand, the Tata Magic Express shines with superior fuel efficiency and lower running costs. This feature makes it perfect for budget-conscious buyers.

The Maruti Eeco Tempo Traveler is a practical choice among businesses and families seeking all-rounder models. It is widely used for transporting passengers with ease. Its spacious cabin and seating capacity make businesses rely on this model. Also, it offers great space for businesses to transport goods and small packages, making it a dual-purpose commercial vehicle.

Besides its reliability, the Maruti Eeco is a fuel-efficient model that benefits medium businesses significantly. It is an economical option with lower pricing that ensures favorability for this scale of business seeking to maximize their investment. This model adheres to BSVI emission norms to become an environment-friendly model. Also, it contributes significantly to a cleaner and greener environment.

For fuel economy, the Maruti Eeco vs Tata Magic Express mileage influences transportation expenses. The Tata Magic outperforms the Maruti Eeco, ensuring suitability for businesses requiring balanced durability and efficiency. Besides, the Maruti Eeco Tempo traveller is favourable due to its cost-effectiveness, fuel efficiency and functionality. This makes it a reliable choice for businesses employing this model for personal and commercial purposes.

Final Words: Tata Magic Express Vs Maruti Suzuki Eeco Cargo Comparison

Primarily, the blog provides a comparison between Tata Magic and Maruti Eeco based on different aspects.

In comparison of Tata Magic Express vs Maruti Suzuki Eeco cargo, both show versatility. They serve various purposes for urban and rural regions. Also, they’re used for shuttle services carrying individuals to and from the office. Moreover, they can glide through varied terrains, ensuring suitability for narrow lanes and congested cities. With their sturdy engine, comfortable cabins and impressive payload capacity, both ensure efficient last-mile mobility.