Top 5 Tata Trucks Under 10 Ton In India 2024 – Price & Features

Top 5 Tata Trucks Under 10 Ton In India 2024 – Price & Features

Rural businesses require fuel-efficient trucks, under 10 tons, for various reasons, and fuel cost is the major one. These trucks help businesses reduce their fuel consumption, which lowers operating expenses. Particularly, a Tata trucks under 10 ton is highly fuel-efficient in promoting environmental sustainability by reducing emissions. This aligns businesses with eco-friendly practices, supporting them to fulfil their corporate social responsibility.

Moreover, Tata’s fuel-efficient trucks, under 10 tons, deliver high driving range for businesses for longer distances on a single fuel tank. It helps increase their productivity while ensuring smooth operations, reducing frequent refuelling, and minimizing downtime. Mostly, the remote areas have limited fuel availability, which results in frequent price fluctuation. For this, a Tata trucks under 10 ton is favorable for rural businesses in serving a competitive advantage for cost-effective operations.

That’s why the top 5 models under 10-ton from the Tata manufacturer are given in the blog. Read the description for each Tata trucks under 10 ton to learn its competitive pricing and features.

Tata Trucks Under 10 Ton: Top 5 Models in India

Here are the best-selling tata under 10-ton trucks, with their price range and features. Continue reading to know how these Tata trucks support businesses’ profit margins with enhanced mileage and capacity.

1. Tata ULTRA T.7

Tata ULTRA T.7

Tata ULTRA T7 Electric Truck is a game-changer for businesses in remote regions. But how? Here’s your answer – cutting fuel costs. This electric 10 ton truck ensures a significant reduction in fuel consumption for managing operational expenses. But since fuel prices continue to rise, even then, this electric truck promotes sustainability for cleaner transportation. Additionally, the maintenance costs of this Tata 10 ton truck are comparably less than those of traditional diesel trucks.

Charger Type & Charging Duration Quick charging within 2 Hours (Approx.), Off Board DC Fast Charging
Battery Capacity 62.5 Kwh
Drive Range 100 Km/charge
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 7490 – 8750 kg
Wheelbase 3550 – 3900 MM
Payload Capacity 3692 – 4935 KG
Number of Tyres Total Six Tyres

Besides, its ultra narrow cabin is highly versatile for various purposes. Also, it promotes the driver’s comfort and convenience for a better driving experience. This Tata truck under 10 ton has three variants – 3900/HSD, 3550/CBC and 3900/CLB. The Ultra T.7 Tata 10 ton truck price comes at a fair price range. Further, it supports rural businesses seeking fuel-efficient trucks for higher profit margins.

2. Tata T.10 Ultra

Tata T.10 Ultra

Tata T.10 Ultra is a highly powerful Tata truck under 10 ton, owing to its robustness and durability. Also, it is a well-suited truck, under 10 tons designed for specific tasks in various industries. It is a highly capable truck, ideal for cargo transportation in urban and rural regions.

Engine Type & Capacity 3.3Litre New-Gen, 3300 CC
Power Output 123 HP
Fuel Tank 160 Litre
Gross Vehicle Weight 9600 kg
Wheelbase 3310 MM
Maximum Speed 80 Kmph

Moreover, it can easily navigate tough terrains for transporting agricultural supplies and equipment. This Tata 10 ton truck is perfect for hauling construction materials (sand, bricks, gravel) to and from the site. It enables their huge contribution to rural infrastructure. Moreover, this e-truck promotes waste management, and transport livestock between farms and markets in rural regions.

Besides, it integrates a 12 V – 100Ah battery to reduce operational costs while promoting sustainability. It features tiltable steering and a customizable body for the driver and two passengers’ convenience. Among the Top 5 Tata trucks under 10 ton price, its range is within Rs. 10.70-12.78 Lakh.

3. Tata 712 LPT

Tata 712 LPT

Tata 712 LPT is a strong-built truck with a wide windshield and spacious open cargo for transportation. It delivers exceptional performance from its high-powering engine capacity. It makes this Tata truck under 10 ton, suitable for various applications in rural regions. They’re poultry, ambulances, mobile ATMs, FMCG, Groceries, E-Commerce, and agricultural produce.

Engine Type & Capacity 3.3 L New Generation, 3300 CC
Power Output 125 HP
Fuel Tank 120 Litre
Gross Vehicle Weight 7490 kg
Wheelbase 3400 MM
Payload Capacity 3800 KG

Moreover, its superb cargo capacity enables rural businesses to transport large volumes of cargo within a single trip. This lowers fuel consumption and costs for refuelling your truck. Additionally, the fuel-efficient engine of this Tata 10 ton truck hugely contributes to fuel savings. It is a Tata truck under 10 ton, available within Rs.15.70-16.45 Lakh.

4. Tata T.7 Ultra

Tata T.7 Ultra

The Tata T.7 Ultra Truck is a premium, lightweight model tailored for Indian road conditions. This Tata 10 ton capacity truck has 7.5 tonnes for heavy loads in large volumes. It helps rural businesses to meet their cargo needs by transporting them to urban regions. Besides, this popular tata truck 10 ton is perfect for agile goods movement for all-scale businesses.

Engine Type & Capacity 4SPCR BS6, 2956 CC
Power Output 134 HP
Fuel Tank 60 Litre
Gross Vehicle Weight 7490 kg
Wheelbase 3310 MM
Payload Capacity 3692 KG

Moreover, it features a high speed of 80 kmph and load body (CBC, FSD, HDLB) options for comforting fleet owners. This makes the T.7 Ultra truck suitable for commercial applications, including FMCG, Bottle Carriers, LPG cylinders, Groceries, and E-Commerce. Besides, this Tata truck under 10 ton capacity, prioritizes driver’s safety in its compliance with the International Standard Crash Test. Also, it transforms the Indian transportation industry with a blend of innovative technology and cost-effective operations. Out of the Top 5 Tata truck under 10 ton on road price for this model falls within Rs.16.49-17.49 Lakh.

5. Tata 710 LPT

Tata 710 LPT

The Tata 710 LPT Truck promotes fuel economy from a BS6-compliant engine for operational expenses. It is powered by high engine capacity for great speeds, even in large volumes and prolonged trips.

Engine Type & Capacity 4SPCR BS6, 2956 CC
Power Output 100 HP
Fuel Tank 60 Litre
Gross Vehicle Weight 7490 kg
Wheelbase 3800 MM
Payload Capacity 4670 KG

This Tata truck under 10 ton volume features a low hysteresis clutch for effortless pedal movement, which reduces by 40%. Also, its tilt and telescopic power steering system ensures optimal performance in rugged terrains. Moreover, its strong chassis with a ladder-type frame prevents collision and ensures safety.

It is a Tata truck under 10 ton price, with exclusive features for outstanding performance. Moreover, its price range suits all-scale businesses within Rs.17.28 – 18.28 Lakh. Further, this model is useful for cargo applications, including parcels, couriers, fruits and vegetables, and bottle refills.

Tata Commercial Vehicles Under 10 Ton In India

The Tata commercial vehicle under 10 ton price in India is listed above. The Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric Truck has the lowest price. Although its price range is not given, it is an electric truck that ensures lower fuel costs and sustainability.

The Tata T.10 Ultra Truck falls under the Tata trucks under 10 ton on road price of 15 lakh. Yet this smart and fuel-efficient model manages to deliver high output for good speed. It not only ensures optimal performance but also manages the operational expenses for lower fuel costs.

Last, we have three Tata truck unders 10 ton mileage – Tata 712 LPT, T.7 Ultra, and 710 LPT. The price range for these trucks falls within the price range of Rs. 15 to 17 Lakh. These 10-tonnage models ensure high durability for a prolonged duration and high resale value. Further, the Tata commercial vehicle under 10 ton, for the given models makes them cost-effective for businesses across all regions.

Final Words: Tata Truck 10 Ton Models

The blog mainly covers Tata Trucks Under 10 Ton, including its updated price and features. They’re electric-operated and high-powered models, having fuel-efficient engines for powerful performance. All the listed Tata trucks are tailored for specific business needs and save fuel costs for operational expenses. Owing to their features and competitive pricing, these top 5 trucks serve rural and urban businesses for higher profits and productivity. Visit Truck Junction to learn more about Tata manufacturers and their exceptional quality trucks.

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