Top 5 Baxy Auto Rickshaw Models 2023 in India: Price & Features

Top 5 Baxy Auto Rickshaw Models 2023 in India: Price & Features

Are you looking to buy new Auto Rickshaw for your intracity transportation business, then you can opt for Baxy Auto Rickshaw range. With the emergence of industrialisation, urbanisation, and modernisation, the transportation and communication sector has become an important growth pillar of any economy. The strength of connectivity among people located at a distance depends on the robust network of passenger vehicles. Also, the passenger vehicle segment in India is also dominated by the number of auto-rickshaws. 

Due to the cheapest medium of passenger transportation in urban and suburban areas, the demand for auto-rickshaws is also increasing. To meet the growing customer demand, various auto brands have emerged. Moreover, Baxy Auto Rickshaw is one of the recent pioneers in the Indian auto segment.

In addition, Baxy Commercial Vehicle is a new three wheeler brand that manufactures diesel, electric and CNG-based vehicles. BAXY Auto company details the manufacturing capacity and popular auto models. Furthermore, we cover the Top 5 Baxy auto rickshaws in a comprehensive manner in this blog to guide which is best suited for your business. 

Popular Baxy Auto Rickshaws Models In India 2023: Price & Features

Here, we explain the best Baxy auto rickshaw models for comfortable passenger movement from one place to another. Let’s start the Baxy rickshaw reviews one by one here. 

1. Baxy Express Auto Rickshaw

Baxy Express Auto Rickshaw

This Baxy CNG Auto Rickshaw is designed for moving people on Indian road conditions. Baxy Express fits with the G400 WG VI Bi Fuel CNG engine that has a displacement capacity of 396cc. Further, this Baxy Three Wheeler delivers 7 KW (9.38 HP) power at the rate of 3600 RPM. It offers a maximum torque of 23.6 NM at the rate of 2000-2400 RPM.

With optimum Baxy auto rickshaw mileage of 34 KM/ KG, it helps to earn your business in passenger travel. Additionally, it is available in two seating capacities of Driver+3 and Driver+5 passengers. This passenger vehicle has a fully built body option with a day cabin. This Baxy auto price range is Rs.  2.06 Lakh – Rs. 2.26 Lakh*. 

Model Name Express
Fuel Type CNG
Engine G400 WG VI Bi Fuel CNG
Performance 7 KW (9.38 HP) @ 3600 RPM
Seating Capacity Driver+3 / 5 Passengers
Price Range Rs. 2.06 Lakh – Rs. 2.26 Lakh*

2. Baxy Express M-Tec Auto Rickshaw

Baxy Express M-Tec Auto Rickshaw

Baxy Express M-Tec is one of the popular Baxy auto-rickshaws in India for facilitating the smooth travel of 3-5 passengers in a single trip. Also, this Baxy 3 wheeler is known for excellent fuel efficiency with lower maintenance costs. The model is powered by a BAXY M-TEC BS6 engine which offers 6 KW (8.04 HP) power at the rate of 3000 RPM. Moreover, its engine displacement capacity is 430cc.

It is designed for Indian road conditions to enable people to connect with their relatives. Further, the auto-rickshaw gives 23 NM torque at the rate of 2000-2400 RPM. Its engine consumes lesser oil with more mileage to do a profitable business. Here some other Baxy auto rickshaw specifications are mentioned below. This Baxy auto price range starts from Rs. 2.88 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 2.90 Lakh*.

Model Name Express M-Tec
Fuel Type Diesel
Performance 6 KW (8.04 HP) @ 3000 RPM
Seating Capacity Driver+3 / 5 Passengers
Price Range Rs. 2.88 Lakh – Rs. 2.90 Lakh*

3. Baxy Pro EV Auto Rickshaw

Baxy Pro Ev Auto Rickshaw

This is a passenger electric auto rickshaw in India with a 48 Volt Lithium-ion battery. It has a battery of 8.5 KWH (151 Ah) capacity to generate a maximum speed of 50 KMPH. You can view the Baxy Auto rickshaw images at Truck Junction. Baxy Pro EV has a GVW of 715 KG and a payload capacity of 300 KG. The seating capacity of this vehicle is a driver with 3 passengers.

Its battery is charged by a 3000W off-board charger within 3 hours and 45 minutes. It is designed for Indian roads to connect people with their relatives at a cheaper price. Moreover, the driving range of this auto rickshaw is 120+ KM per charge. This Baxy auto rickshaw features 32 NM torque, ensuring faster uptime and turnaround time. 

Model Name Baxy Pro
Fuel Type Electric
Battery  Lithium Ion & 48V
Battery Capacity 8.5 kWh (151 Ah)
Seating Capacity Driver+3 Passengers
Driving Range 120+

4. Baxy Zippy Plus Auto Rickshaw

Baxy Zippy Plus Auto Rickshaw

Baxy Zippy Plus is a passenger electric rickshaw in India with a 12 Volt 130 Ah battery. It has a BLDC motor with a 48 Volt 1000 Watt and 45 MM megnato cylinder. This Baxy auto rickshaw has a metal roof with a carrier. Its overall dimension is 2800 MM in length, 920 MM in width, and 1820 MM in height. In addition, the ground clearance of this Baxy tempo is 170 MM to ensure bumpy-free rides even on rugged roads.

Its kerb weight is 250 KG, and its payload capacity is 450 KG. This rickshaw can operate at its maximum speed of 25 KMPH. Its battery charger is 220 V 50 Hz to charge the battery completely within 6-8 hours. Once charged, this Baxy auto rickshaw mileage is 110+ KM per charge.  Also this Baxy three-wheeler price in India is Rs. 1.32 Lakh – Rs. 1.38 Lakh*. 

Model Name Baxy Zippy+
Fuel Type Electric
Battery 12 V 130 AH
Motor BLDC (48 V 1000 WATT), 45MM Megnato Cylinder
Gradeability 15%
Wheelbase 740 MM 
Price Rs. 1.32 Lakh – Rs. 1.38 Lakh*

5. Baxy Rath E-Rickshaw

Baxy Rath e-rickshaw

This is also an e-rickshaw operated by BLDC 1.0 kW, 48 Volt DC System. Baxy Rath has a 65 V DC 15A battery with an Axion SMPS charger. Also, this Baxy three-wheeler passenger vehicle has a seating capacity of a driver with 4 passengers. Its ground clearance is 160 MM to ensure comfortable and bumpy-free rides for passengers.

The driving range of this rickshaw is 100 KM per charge. In addition, this Baxy auto rickshaw price in India is from Rs. 1.80 Lakh to Rs. 1.82 Lakh*. 

Model Name Baxy Rath
Fuel Type Electric
Battery 65 V DC 15A
Charger Axion SMPS
Seating Capacity Driver+ 4 Passengers
Ground Clearance 160 MM 
Price Rs. 1.80 Lakh – Rs. 1.82 Lakh*

If you want to buy a Baxy auto rickshaw on road price, we hope this blog will help you. Baxy auto rickshaw reviews are available on this page, along with their current price in 2023. You can view the Baxy Auto showroom, Baxy Auto dealership, and other information on the Truck Junction website. Also, before going to their dealers, you can look them all up on Truck Junction.