Top 5 Highlights of Mahindra Supro CNG Duo in India

Top 5 Highlights of Mahindra Supro CNG Duo in India

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. is the industry leader in India for Small Commercial Vehicles (SCVs). Over the decades, the company has introduced a slew of smart and imaginative commercial automobiles for prospective Indian clients. Mahindra Supro CNG Duo is the company’s first dual-fuel vehicle in the Small Commercial Vehicle Category. Also, Supro CNG Duo is the ultimate mini truck that offers best-in-class payload and mileage. It diligently continues to reinforce the company’s pledge to give clients outstanding performance while maximizing profitability.

In this thorough blog, we will take you through a deep analysis of the Mahindra Supro CNG Duo Mini Truck.

Mahindra Supro CNG Duo – The Future of CNG Vehicles

Mahindra Supro CNG Duo - The Future of CNG Vehicles

The Super CNG Duo has an appealing set of features. It is capable of running using both CNG and petrol. This mini truck aims to provide customers with class-leading energy efficiency as well as Mahindra’s famed dependability and quality. The all-new Supro CNG Duo includes industry-first technologies, including direct-in-CNG start. This feature alone enables the automobile to be powered on whilst in CNG mode, offering customers improved savings. Furthermore, the Super CNG Duo features intelligent CNG leak detection for increased security and effortless switching between CNG and petrol.

Let’s take a closer look at the Mahindra Supro CNG Duo specifications in detail now.

Mahindra Supro CNG Duo Specifications

Let’s delve into the top Mahindra Supro CNG Duo images and features that make it a remarkable choice on Indian roads.



The latest generation of the Super CNG Duo has been designed as a practical and simple dual-fuel compact commercial vehicle. It can deliver lower emissions and running costs, resulting in significant savings. 

The upgraded Supro CNG Duo has numerous industry-first technologies. It includes direct-start CNG and smart CNG leak detection for optimal safety. This Mahindra Supro mini truck loading capacity is 750 kg, adapting to varying company demands and providing convenient transportation of commodities. 

Furthermore, the highest CNG tank size of 75 litres and higher mileage makes it the smart choice. The refreshed SCV features an efficient Positive Ignition CNG Engine with 60 Nm peak torque. 

The Mahindra Supro CNG Duo mileage is 23.35 km/kg. The vehicle has 145 R12, 8PR tyres, and 158 mm of ground clearance, ensuring better performance and pickup even when fully loaded.

According to Mahindra, they have confidence that this mini truck will prove a fantastic asset to its clients and operators.



The Supro platform has been rigorously tested and verified on all performance, safety, and durability parameters. The Super CNG Duo has a wide and pleasant interior intended to accommodate passengers and cargo. Whether you’re a company owner searching for a dependable delivery truck or a family hunting for a spacious trip, this vehicle meets all your needs.



The Super CNG Duo includes easy-to-use features, including a pressure regulator built for ease of maintenance, resulting in lower expenses. A configurable piano switch for smooth petrol operation. Moreover, the easy-to-understand analogue CNG level indication ensures an intuitive user interface that seems familiar and straightforward.

It eventually comes in two appealing colors: DIAMOND WHITE and DEEP WARM BLUE.

In addition the Super CNG Duo, in keeping with the company’s mission, seeks to provide excellent power, and higher safety, resulting in greater returns.



The Super CNG Duo is another milestone of Mahindra’s extensive and proud legacy of creating inventive and dependable commercial vehicles driven by keen consumer insights and generations of market leadership. 

Also, the Super CNG Duo represents the company’s introduction into the dual-fuel category, providing business owners and operators with exceptionally reduced running expenses. 

It is designed to meet the stringent requirements of logistics, supply chains, and e-commerce organisations while providing consumers with a considerably greater value proposition. Also, the Super CNG Duo clearly represents Mahindra’s deeply established Rise for Good philosophy, which fosters good transformation in all aspects of individuals, communities, and enterprises.



In a country where price and utility are important considerations when purchasing a commercial vehicle, the Mahindra Supro CNG Duo shines out as a tempting option. Moreover, it demonstrates Mahindra’s dedication to providing dependable, eco-friendly transportation solutions that meet the demands of the Indian market without breaking the bank.

The Mahindra Supro CNG Duo on-road price starts from Rs. 6.32 Lakhs – Rs. 6.52 Lakhs* in India. Moreover, the Super CNG Duo, with a price bracket that appeals to varied budgets, guarantees everyone can take advantage of a CNG-powered mini truck by putting in less effort.

The competitive price of Mahindra Supro CNG Duo makes it an attractive proposition for those looking to optimize their budgets.


Mahindra is confident that the current Mahindra commercial vehicle, i.e., the Mahindra Supro CNG Duo in India, is a fantastic asset. The incredible Mahindra Supro CNG Duo payload, mileage, power, and more perfectly align with the evolving needs of modern India.

Get ready to experience the joy of driving a vehicle that cares for the environment and your pocket. Choose the Mahindra Supro CNG Duo today and journey towards a cleaner, brighter, and more efficient India. Your road to a greener tomorrow starts here!

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