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About Loan Against Truck

A loan against truck in India is a secured loan which is sanctioned against an asset like a truck pledged as collateral. The commercial vehicle pledged as collateral would remain collateral with the lender until the entire loan amount is repaid. It is a mortgage truck loan that permits you to avail of financial assistance by providing a truck or other commercial vehicle as collateral to the lender. The borrower can satisfy his/her financial needs while the lender keeps the assets until the borrower repays the loan. The interest rates under the loan against trucks are considerably lower in comparison to unsecured loans. Its interest rate varies from 8% to 24% in the case of Loan Against Trucks.

Truck Junction provides the best options for loans against trucks, with flexible repayment terms and low-interest rates. It has simplified truck financing by providing instant approval through a simple documentation process. You can apply for a Commercial mortgage loan online with customised financing solutions.

Get Loan Against Truck Online With Easy Steps

  • To choose the best refinance truck loan, you must go through the Truck Junction web portal or mobile application. On the home page, you will find an option More at the right end.
  • After clicking, you will get a Loan option for various types of loan facilities. You can select Loan Against Truck to get the loan amount in return for your truck or other commercial vehicles like pickup, tipper, etc.
  • You have to fill in your credential details, like your name and personal mobile number. You need to select your location also.
  • Here you can get eligibility for a loan against trucks. The owner of the truck with proof of ownership is eligible to apply for this loan facility. He/She needs to have paid at least 12 EMIs of the Current Loan.
  • For commercial vehicle refinance loan applications, you have to submit various documents like a bank account statement, KYC document, copy of PAN card, and proof of ownership in terms of Original RC.
  • After the successful submission, our representative will reach out to you as soon as possible to proceed with your loan application. We provide you with information on commercial vehicle loans online apply. Finally, you can get an online loan against trucks to expand your business profitably.

How Can the Refinance Truck Loan Help You?

The mortgage truck loan is available to those persons or transporters who own commercial vehicles like trucks, tippers, pickups, and others. If you need the funds for your urgent work like for your business, marriage, education, etc. then you can refinance your trucks. By refinancing your truck, you can avail of the loan amount as per the condition of your mortgaged truck. Here, you can get loans against trucks in easy steps with exciting offers.

Why Choose Truck Junction For Loan Against Truck?

Truck Junction provides comprehensive information on truck financing. This platform recognises your financial requirements and offers customised financial solutions. It clears up any misunderstanding about your commercial mortgage loan online application. This Loan Against Truck Page contains detailed information about obtaining a refinance truck loan. When submitting an application for a loan against trucks complying with the law, the process saves your time. It helps you to access Loan Against Truck online. To accommodate the changes in loan needs, you can also alter the location and pledged truck model.

Frequently Asked Questions on Loan

Ans. A loan against trucks in India is a secured loan which is sanctioned against commercial vehicles like trucks pledged as collateral.
Ans. The owner of the truck with proof of ownership is eligible to apply for a mortgage truck loan.
Ans. 8% to 24% is the interest rate of a Loan Against Truck.
Ans. No, you will not need to mortgage your truck for a loan against trucks.
Ans. Truck Junction provides complete information on truck refinancing. You can immediately get a loan against trucks with hassle-free documentation.

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