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09 Jun 2022

Three Wheelers Sales Increased By 7 Folds In May 2022

By News Date 09 Jun 2022

Three Wheelers Sales Increased By 7 Folds In May 2022

The Three Wheelers segment witnessed a massive growth in the May 2022 sales report Sector grew 695.93% YoY. 

FADA (Federation of Automobiles Dealers Association) has released the sales data of May '22 for three-wheeler vehicles, And the manufacturers seem to be happy with the sales. The Three wheeler vehicle segment, which includes E-Rickshaw, passenger, and loading vehicles, has seen massive growth. The May '22 sales recorded a total of 41508 units, going up by 695.93% of the 5215 units of May '21. 

Three Wheeler Vehicle Sales

Bajaj Motors again tops the chart by selling over 10,000 vehicles continuously in the second month. The market share of the company was 25.28. However, the MoM sales went down from 10,492 units in May '22 to 13,377 units in April '22.

Piaggio sold 4177 vehicles, growing 529% of 664 units sold in May '21. However, the company's market share fell from 12.73% to 10.06% in the May '22 sales report.

Y.C. Electric
The company recorded 2045 units of vehicle sales in the May '22 sales data, and the company share is 4.93% in the sales report. The company was one of the few which grew its market share from last year.

Mahindra & Mahindra 
The Mahindra & Mahindra brand stood at 1764 units in May '22, increasing 365.43% from the 379 units sold in May '21. The company's market share went down to 4.25% from its market share of 7.27% in May '21. 

Sales data of Mayuri showed growth. They sold 1367 vehicles, increasing 1280% from 99 sold units as of May '21. As a result, the company's market share is 3.29%, which was 1.90% in May '21.

TVS Motors
TVS Motors
retail sales also increased by 836% in the sales report of May '22. The company sold 1218 units which were 130 units in May of 2021. The company registered a 2.93% market share.

Atul brand recorded sales growth of 300%. The company sold 1146 units 
In May '22, the sales number stood at 286 units in May '21. The market share of the brand declined from 5.48% to 2.76%. 

City Life
recorded sales of 1019 vehicle units in May '22, which was 53 in the sales report of May '21. The company recorded 1822.64% YoY growth. The market share of the company increased from 2.45% to 1.02%

The retail sales of Saarthi also increased to 940 units in May '22, up by 1466.66% and 60 units of vehicle sales as of May '21. As a result, the market share increased to 2.26% from 1.15%.

MiniMetro EV
Mini Metro EV registered 752 sold units in May '22, whereas the company sold 26 units in May last year. As a result, the company's total growth was 2792.3%, and the market share of MiniMetro EV registered was 1.81%.  

JSA Auto recorded a good growth of 1225.53%, resulting in sales. Although the company sold 623 units this year, the numbers could not get to the mark of 50 last year and stayed at 47 units. As a result, the company recorded a market share of 1.50%.

Terra company sold 546 units in May '22, an increase of 1265% from the 40 units of last year. The company's market share is 1.32% going up from 0.77% last year. 

Jezza Motors( Vani) 
The brand recorded 476 units in May '22. The total increase of growth the company experienced in one year was 406.38 %. However, the company's selling numbers were lower than hundred and stopped at 94 units. The market share company fell to 1.15% this year, declining from 1.80% of the market share last year. 

Greaves sold 542 units which is 1124.57% higher than the 423 retailed units of May '21. The company's market share saw a decline from 2.28% last year to 1.31% this year. 

All the other manufacturers also experienced growth in their sales numbers and sold a combined 14,401 numbers of vehicles.

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