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10 Jan 2023

Altigreen Partners With Exponent To Launch A New 3-Wheeler Cargo EV

By News Date 10 Jan 2023

Altigreen Partners With Exponent To Launch A New 3-Wheeler Cargo EV

Altigreen Introduces New Electric 3 Wheeler In Partnership With Exponent

The partnership of Altigreen and Exponent Energy has launched a new three-wheeler cargo EV called neEV Tez.

Altigreen is a commercial EV manufacturer that has collaborated with Exponent Energy to introduce the world’s fastest-charging electric vehicle. This new 3 wheeler cargo EV is called neEV Tez, which features an 8.2kWh e pack battery. Its proprietary battery is designed by Exponent Energy using regular LFP cell chemistry. Additionally, this new cargo three wheeler delivers a 98 KM certified range and an 85 km city drive range. It charges from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes using Exponent's e-pump charging network. This makes it the fastest-charging electric vehicle in the world. The neEV Tez starts at Rs 3.55 Lakh with a vehicle warranty of 5 years/ or 1 lakh kilometres and an unprecedented battery warranty of 5 years/ or 1.56 lakh kilometres.

In August 2022, Altigreen and Exponent Energy announced their collaboration to make rapid charging a reality for EVs in India. The first product to emerge from this collaboration is neEV Tez. Moreover, it features Exponent's proprietary liquid-cooled battery and an industry-first performance of 0-100% charge in 15 minutes. 

Official Statements By Altigreen And Exponent Energy

The founder and CEO of Altigreen, Dr. Amitabh Saran, said, "neEV Tez will ensure maximum utilisation of the vehicle due to its long range and lesser charging time, resulting in more trips on a single full charge and high earnings opportunity." He further added, "The game-changing neEV Tez finally provides a new and robust solution with its 15-minute full-charge capabilities.” So, the next time a customer asks, "Kitna chalti hai?" we'd like to respond, "Chalti rehti hai!"

The co-founder of Exponent Energy, Vinayak, said, "We are proud to unveil the world's fastest charging 3-wheeler - The neEV Tez, in partnership with Altigreen. While the neEV series already has best-in-class volumetric load capacity and ground clearance, the neEV Tez is an unbeatable proposition with a 15-minute full charge time and 3000 cycle life warranty.”

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