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21 Dec 2021

Ashok Leyland Launches New Heavy Duty AVTR Tipper Models

By News Date 21 Dec 2021

Ashok Leyland Launches New Heavy Duty AVTR Tipper Models

Good news for Tipper users. Ashok Leyland launches new AVTR tipper models, AVTR 2832 and AVTR 3532. 

A major commercial vehicle manufacturer, Ashok Leyland, has recently launched a new range of AVTR tipper models with high horsepower, AVTR 2832 and AVTR 3532 at a price range of Rs 58-60 lakh. These commercial vehicles are powered by 8.0L A6 Series engines with iGEN6 technology and generate 320HP and deliver 1200NM torque. ACCORDING TO THE COMPANY, the A6 engines are indigenously developed and designed by Ashok Leyland, which provide excellent torque, incredible acceleration, pulling power, and unmatched fuel efficiency. 

The Ashok Leyland Tipper model range is packed with H6 and A4 engines which will deliver a maximum of 250 hp. However, the vehicle had to negotiate a steep slope with much higher payloads, so a vehicle was needed in the deep mining tipper section. With the launch of AVTR2832 and AVTR3532, Ashok Leyland says it will close this gap and strengthen its tipper portfolio. These vehicles launch with the high horsepower A6 engine, which helps customers in irrigation, deep quarrying, road construction, rock quarrying and others. 

The head of M&HCV, Ashok Leyland, Sanjay Saraswat, said, "The launch of AVTR 2832 and AVTR 3532 tippers with high horsepower, helps us to complete our aim to offer products with efficiency and higher productivity to our customers. We have always endeavoured to identify product gaps and fill them with differentiated products, and AVTR High Horsepower Tippers are a testimony to Ashok Leyland's commitment towards the same.The high horsepower tippers are inbuilt with state-of-the-art A6 series engines which are indigenously designed and developed". 

The head of M&HCV, Sales & Network, Ashok Leyland, Sanjeev Kumar, said, "AVTR2832 and AVTR3532 are very important in this field. Hyderabad city and its surrounding areas are home to progressive and emerging industries like mining, horticulture and agriculture, which encourage the demand for these innovative trucks. The new range focuses on an in-house designed hydraulic system for better productivity, better fuel efficiency, better ground clearance by improving ground clearance in tough terrains and reduced maintenance time, and an overall lower total cost of ownership”.

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