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06 Feb 2023

Combined CV Sales Increased by 31.83% in January 2023 Sales

By News Date 06 Feb 2023

Combined CV Sales Increased by 31.83% in January 2023 Sales

In the Combined CV sales, the three-wheeler segment experienced a sales gain of 58.59%, and the Commercial Vehicle sales increased by 16.34%. 

The Federation of Automobiles Dealers Association (FADA) has released sales numbers for all segments. The overall sales of these segments experienced good sales in January 2023. As a result, the segment closed with a total sales of 1,48,224 units compared to the 1,12,430 units in January 2022.

If we break down the sales number, we get that the commercial vehicle segment had 82,428 in January 2023, which was closed at 70,853 units in January 2022 and grew by 16.34%. In addition, the Three-wheeler segments sold 65,796 units in January 2023 against 41,487 units in January 2022, with a growth of 58.59%. 

The Commercial vehicles and three-wheelers segments are differentiated into categories. So let us look at the sales report of both segments and their respective categories.  

Category-Wise Sales Report:- 

E-RICKSHAW(P) -  The E-RICKSHAW passenger segment closed the sales with a 72.89% increase. The segment has 28,534 sold units which were 16,504 units in January 2022. 

E-RICKSHAW WITH CART (G) - This category recorded sales of 1,857 units in January 2023, which is a 45.65% high compared to the 1,275 units in January 2022. 

THREE WHEELER (GOODS) - The good category of Three-wheeler vehicles made sales of 7,229 units in January 2023. In addition, the category gained 19.96% as the sales last January were 6,026 units. 

THREE WHEELER (PASSENGER) - The Passenger category of this segment increased sales by 59.54% in the sales report. The sold units of this category in January 2023 were 28,123, and 17,628 units in January 2022. 

THREE WHEELER (PERSONAL) -. This segment's personal three-wheeler category sold 54 units in January 2023. Moreover, the sales of this category last January were 53 units. The sales went down by -1.85% in January this year. 


All of the categories of Commercial Vehicles showed a good performance in the FADA sales of January 2023. Moreover, closely take a look at the sales of the Commercial Vehicles category in January 2023. 

Segment-Wise Commercial Vehicle Sales:-

LCV:- The Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) category registered sales of 48,115 units in January 2023, which stayed at 42,675 in January 2022. As a result, the category increased its sales by 12.75%. 

MCV:- The Medium Commercial Vehicle has closed the month with 4,670 sold units against the 4,745 units in January 2022. In addition, the category experienced a decline in sales -1.58% in YoY% change. 

HCV:- Heavy Commercial Vehicle registered a growth of 24.71% in the YoY% change in sales. The category had 21,554 units in January 2022, which raised to 26,881 units in January 2023. 

Others:- All the other categories of Commercial vehicles also contributed to the growth of this segment. The sold units of other categories were 1,879 in January 2023, which increased to 2,762 units with a gain of 46.99%. 

The country's increasing infrastructure and construction projects are resulting in the growth of transport vehicles. 

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