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17 May 2021

Commercial Vehicle Retails Financial Year 2021 – Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland

By News Date 17 May 2021

Commercial Vehicle Retails Financial Year 2021 – Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland

In FY20-21, Vehicle Registrations Decreased Than FY12-13, Which was the Lowest in 8 Years

In FY 2021, total automobile vehicle retail sales dropped 30% to 1.52 crore units, making it the lowest in 8 years. FADA reports state that all vehicle segments suffered a de-growth except the Tractor section, which increased 16.11% to 6.44 lakhs* units.

Two-wheeler sales fell 31.51% to 1.15 crore units while passenger vehicle retail sales dropped 14% to 23.86 lakhs* units, and three-wheeler retail decreased 64% to 2.58 lakhs* units. Every commercial vehicle company noted de-growth both in terms of FY21 sales compared to FY20 sales and in terms of MoM sales in April 2021compared to March 2021.

YoY Commercial Vehicle Sales 

Commercial vehicle retail sales experienced a de-growth of 49% to 448854 units in FY21 from 881114 units sold out in FY20. Tata Motors company headed the list with 163042 units sold in FY21, falling from 372752 units sold in FY20. This decrease was a 56.26% de-growth while the commercial vehicle maker currently holds a 36.32% market share. Tata Motors Limited offers a wide range of commercial vehicles, including the more popular Prima, Ace, School Bus, Intercity coach, Tarmac coach, Venture and others.

Mahindra also noted a drop in commercial vehicle retails in FY21, down 41% to 129005 units, from 218660 units sold in FY20. The Mahindra commercial vehicle range includes Jeeto, Alfa Load, Bolero Maxitruck Plus, Bolero Pickup ExtraStrong and Bolero Camper. With a price range from Rs 1.26 lakhs*s* for the E-Alfa mini truck, it goes up to Rs. 48.84 lakhs*s* for the precious Truck in Mahindra list called the Blazo X 35 8×4 Tipper truck.

Retails of Ashok Leyland dropped 56.44% in FY21. Commercial vehicle sales, which had been at 133167 units in FY20, dropped to 58006 units in FY21. Ashok Leyland company has newly added the new AVTR 4120 – 40.5 Ton GVW 4 Axle Truck to its list. 

Other manufacturers of commercial vehicles that also experienced de-growth were Daimler, Maruti and VE. At the same time, Isuzu and Force Motors experienced the highest de-growth in FY21 of 66.96% and 70.56%, respectively.

CV Retail Sales MoM Dip 23.65%

MoM retails also observed de-growth across the division, with total retails down 23.65% with 51436 units sold in FY21, dropping from 67372 units sold out in FY20. Tata Motors was the only manufacturer able to pass the 10000 unit mark with April 21 sales at 21801 units, dropping from 28821 units sold on March 21, experiencing de-growth of 24.36% and holding a market share of 42.38%.

Mahindra MoM retail sales dropped 17.23% to 9773 units in April-21, falling from 11807 units sold in March 2021. Likewise, Ashok Leyland experienced a de-growth of 15.91%, with 8185 units sold in the past month. In contrast, VECV, Maruti Suzuki, and Daimler experienced lower retail sales of commercial vehicles by 18.85%, 35.76% and 13.40%, respectively. 

Force Motors Ltd. was the only commercial vehicle manufacturer to report positive retails in April 2021, which reached 541 units, up 34.58% over 402 units retailed in March-21. There were other commercial vehicle manufacturers on the record, but they also experienced negative MoM growth, dropping 39.05% to 3575 units sold in April 2021, below from 5865 units retailed in March 2021.

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