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13 Dec 2021

Commercial Vehicle Sales Report Nov 2021 - Tata, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra

By News Date 13 Dec 2021

Commercial Vehicle Sales Report Nov 2021 - Tata, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra

Commercial sales increased by 13% in November 2021. Also a massive increase is seen in MCV and HCV. 

FADA (federation of automobile dealers associations) has released a sales report for November 2021 on a YOY basis. According to the report, 3 wheelers and commercial vehicles have seen an increase by 66.85% and 13%, respectively. Coming to commercial vehicle retail sales, an increase by 14.77%. Retail sales which were 47,656 units in November 2020 increased to 54,697 units in November 2021. Once again, Tata Motors occupied the list followed by Mahindra and Ashok Leyland. Mahindra was the only commercial vehicle manufacturer to register a year-on-year decline.


In November 2021, a total of 36,078 units of LCV were sold, registering a decline of 1.60% compared to 36,664 in November 2020. While a total of 3,647 units of MCV were sold in November 2021, reporting a growth of 51.08% compared to 2,414 units in November 2020. HCV also saw growth in November 2021 by 74.54%. In November 2021, a total of 14,972 units of HCV were sold compared to 8,578 units in November 2020. 

Commercial Vehicle Sales Report Of November 2021 (YOY Basis) 

Tata Motors again led the sales charts by 1.05% units in November 2021.Tata Motors sold 25132 units in November 2021 which is high compared to 17,720 units in November 2020. Market share of Tata Motors in the past month is 43.79%. 

Unfortunately, Mahindra has seen a decline of 29.26%, with total 12,045 units sold in November 2021 being lower as compared to 17,027 units in November 2020. Market Share of Mahindra in the past month is 20.99%. 
In November 2021, Ashok Leyland sat at number 3 with sales of 7,609 units. Ashok Leyland registered 24.11% growth compared to 6131 units in November 2020. Market share of Ashok Leyland is 13.26%. 

VECV, Maruti Suzuki and Daimler registered growth. In November 2021, VE sales stood at 3,745 units, rising from 2,592 units in November 2020 with a market share of 6.53%. Maruti Suzuki's retail sales rose to 3,650 units in Nov 21 from 2,282 units sold in Nov 20, while the market share increased from 4.51% year-on-year to 6.36%. 

Daimler India CV retail has also improved to 1,146 units in the last month from 853 units sold in November 2020 with Force Motors which saw CV sales last month to 643 units from 479 units sold in November 2020. SML Isuzu also saw its CV sales rise to 566 units in the previous month from 370 units sold in November 2020. The other CV makers on the list were those who registered a demand growth of 2,853 units in November 2021 as against 3,190 units sold in November 2020.

Commercial Sales Report In November 2021 (MOM Basis) 

Compared to October 2021, Tata and Mahindra registered growth by 1.05% and 16.92%, respectively in November 2021. Tata sold 25,132 units in Nov 21 which is a hike compared to 24,870 units in Oct 21. Similarly, Mahindra sold 12,045 units in Nov 21 higher compared to the 10,302 units in Oct 21. While Ashok Leyland has seen a decline by 2.72%, a total of 7,609 units of vehicles were sold in Nov 21 which fell compared to the 7,822 units in Oct 21. 

VECV, Maruti, Daimler, Force and Isuzu have also seen a decline by 7.42%, 3.39%, 1.72%, 35.57%, 9.15%, 8.79%, respectively. There were other CV brands on this list that registered an decrease in demand in November 2021 with 2,853 units retailed as against 3,128 units retailed in October 2021.

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