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02 Dec 2021

Eicher Trucks & Buses Opening Driver Training Center With Phoenix Foundation

By News Date 02 Dec 2021

Eicher Trucks & Buses Opening Driver Training Center With Phoenix Foundation

Eicher Trucks & Buses partnered with Phoenix foundation to Opening a driver training centre in Latur, Maharashtra. 

On Monday, Eicher Trucks & Buses, a subsidiary of Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle Ltd ( VECV), announced a partnership with Phoenix Foundation to set up a Phoenix-Eicher Institute of Driver Training and Research in Latur, Maharashtra, to improve the skills of the state's drivers. The company said in a statement that the institute had been set up under Public-Private Partnership with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The institute aims to improve the core competencies of commercial vehicle drivers by training them in a wide range of vehicles through comprehensive and professional driver training programmes. 

The statement also added that the Phoenix-Eicher institute is established in a large area of 12 acres with modern facilities such as an automobile lab, driving practice track and many more. Also, the institute includes training vehicles and equipment and training content which Eicher provides. 

The institute includes hostel facilities for 150 drivers. The company said that the institute would train new drivers and strengthen the skills of existing drivers by upgrading them with new technologies. 

The institute was inaugurated by the Minister of Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari. Gadkari said, "The country has a strong need for skilled commercial vehicle drivers, in which Phoenix-Eicher driver training institute will play a vital role in developing competent commercial vehicle drivers to promote safe and efficient transportation in the region".

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