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14 Jul 2022

India’s First Commercial EV With Manual Gearbox Displayed at The Expo

By News Date 14 Jul 2022

India’s First Commercial EV With Manual Gearbox Displayed at The Expo

Log9 and Northway Co-developed a retrofitted electric vehicle with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

India’s first electric commercial vehicle, a 4-speed manual gearbox, is presented at Green Vehicle Expo in Bangalore. The EV is developed by the famous electric vehicle component industry, the Log9 Material and Northway, which is widely known in the field of powertrains and electric powertrains. The vehicle used in this fitment is the popular mini truck of Tata Motors, Tata Ace

It is noted that most of the powertrain parts of the Tata Mini Truck have not been changed like the differential and propeller shaft are similar to the original one. The heavy Log9 Electric motor replaces the Engine, and a Northway new 4-speed gearbox changes the gearbox. The main attraction of this vehicle is its massive battery and newly fitted gearbox, which has nothing similar to the conventional gearbox. So let’s check them out.

Log9 Battery:- 

Log9 Materials’ battery is highly in demand, and most big Electric vehicle manufacturers use its batteries in their vehicles, Like OSM. These batteries are powerful, take less time to charge, and have the best passing standards.

  • This vehicle gets a Log9 RapidX12000 battery for powering the gearbox and carrying weight close to a Ton.
  • The battery can work in the most challenging conditions, as it is designed as an LTO battery. It has a functioning range of -45 degrees to 60 degrees. 
  • The company is providing a warranty of 8 years or unlimited kilometres. 
  • The battery has 73.6 V, 160 Ah, and IP 67 rated, which guarantees that it is dustproof and waterproof. 
  • You can fully charge the battery in 45 minutes with a D.C. fast charger, which is very fast for this big battery. 

Northway Motor and GearBox:-

Northway Motors is well known for developing the drivetrain for electric vehicles. In the vehicle, the company has excelled their work and developed a 4-speed manual gearbox in a commercial electric vehicle. It is India’s first trial of a manual gearbox in an ECV. 

  • The vehicle is fitted with a standard 4-speed gearbox with a big motor; the company has not disturbed the propeller shaft and the differential of the Tata Mini truck.
  • The clutch has no use, and the company has designed it so that you can only change the gears while the vehicle is stationary. 
  • The vehicle is designed generally in the 3rd gear; the first 2 gears are there only if you have a big load and need high torque for carrying. 
  • The company has assured that the vehicle can also be designed with a clutch function if the clients demand it. 
  • The power output has not been displayed at the Expo as it was just a prototype by the brands, but soon it will be announced as it will start selling.

The vehicle is an excellent development in this industry, and we are expecting many new technologies in the field.

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