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By Syed Usman Hasan
01 Mar 2024

Tata Motors Registered Total CV Sales of 35,085 Units in Feb 2024

By Syed Usman Hasan News Date 01 Mar 2024

Tata Motors Registered Total CV Sales of 35,085 Units in Feb 2024

The Passenger Carriers & CV Exports parts of the brand had a good month. Passenger Carriers grew by 29%, & CV Exports grew by 7%, making them the top performers.

In February 2024, Tata Motors, a major commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, revealed its sales figures. The company's sales within India domestic dropped by 4% in total. Specifically, it sold 35,144 commercial vehicles (CVs) in February 2023, but this number decreased to 33,567 in February 2024.

Category-wise Tata Motors Truck Sales Report for February 2024

Here, we have the total sales report for February 2024, which includes all the classifications.

Tata Motors Truck Sales Report, February 2024

HCV Category (Heavy Commercial Vehicle)

The HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicles) category of Tata Motors recorded a 15% fall in Feb 2024 sales. The brand sold 10,091 units last month, which closed at 11,868 units in Feb 2023.

ILMCV Category (Intermediate, Light & Medium Commercial Vehicles)

The sales of Tata Motors' ILMCV (Intermediate, Light & Medium Commercial Vehicles) segment recorded a 6.00% fall in Feb 2024. The brand had 5,083 sales units in Feb 2024, compared to 5,426 in Feb 2023.

Passenger Carriers (PC) Category

The Passenger Carriers section of the brand has become the constant ranker. Tata Motors sold 4,692 passenger carrier units in Feb 2024, compared to 3,632 in Feb 2023. As a result, the sales numbers surged by 29%.

SCV Cargo and Pickup

Tata has a good market share in the small commercial vehicle cargo and pickup segment. Furthermore, the brand experienced a 4% drop in sales in February 2024. In Feb 2023, the brand sold 14,218 units of SCV and Pickup, which decreased to 13,701 units in Feb 2024.

CV Exports

The performance of the brand increased in export sales. The brand sold 1,421 units of CV in Feb 2023, which increased to 1,518 units in Feb 2024. As a result, its sales increased by 7% this month.

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