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22 Mar 2023

Tata Motors is increasing Commercial Vehicle Prices From April 1st

By News Date 22 Mar 2023

Tata Motors is increasing Commercial Vehicle Prices From April 1st

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers Tata Motors has announced a price hike for its CV range from April 1st, ahead of the BS6 Phase II emission Norms.

Tata Motors, one of India's biggest commercial vehicle manufacturers, has announced a hike of up to 5% on its vehicles. The increased price will be implemented from April 1st or from the FY24. The company has said that this increase results from their efforts to comply with the new BS6 II phase norms.

The hike will be applied to all the models with the amount which varies according to the individual models and their variants. The second phase of BS6 norms - Real Driving Experience (RDE) are ready to apply from April 1st and is the reason for this price hike. 

Official Statement of Tata Motors:- 

Tata Motors has issued a Press Release regarding the price and has said, "As Tata Motors transitions its entire vehicle portfolio to meet these standards, customers and fleet owners can expect a range of cleaner, greener, and technologically superior offerings that deliver higher benefits and lower total cost of ownership,". 

What are BS6 Phase II Norms:- 

The new emission norms of BS6 II are set to apply to the vehicles from April 1st. These norms were first introduced in Europe, and it ensures all these vehicles deliver low emissions in real-world driving conditions. The new emission standards provide that the vehicles are mandated to fit a diagnostic kit into their device, which will make changes to the engine, including the software. The new norms already have some parameters that will be indicated through warning lights if the vehicle exceeds them. If any such thing happens, it means the vehicle needs servicing.

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