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Syed Usman Hasan
10 May 2024

Tata Motors Introduces Ace EV 1000 for Last-Mile Cargo Transport

By Syed Usman Hasan News Date 10 May 2024

Tata Motors Introduces Ace EV 1000 for Last-Mile Cargo Transport

This electric mini-truck, the Ace EV 1000, has a payload capacity of 1 tonne and can travel 161 km on a single charge. It's not just a vehicle. It's a product of your feedback. 

Tata Motors, India's top commercial vehicle maker, introduced its new electric cargo vehicle, the Ace EV 1000, on Thursday. This mini-truck can carry up to 1 tonne load and travel 161 km on a single charge. 

According to the company, it was designed based on customer feedback and will suit various industries, such as FMCG, beverages, paints, lubricants, LPG, and dairy.

The Ace EV is not just a vehicle, it's a comprehensive solution. The model is supported by more than 150 Electric Vehicle Support Centres nationwide, ensuring you're never far from assistance. It features an advanced battery management system, Fleet Edge telematics, and strong parts for top performance. The Ace EV uses Tata UniEVerse's network, collaborating with other Tata Group companies and top financiers, to give you a complete electric cargo solution. It comes with different types of cargo decks and will be sold at all Tata Motors commercial vehicle dealerships across the country, the company said in a media release.

Statement from the Vice President and Head of Business - SCV & PU

Vinay Pathak, Vice President and Business Head – SCV&PU, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, said, “Over the past two years, our Ace EV customers have been beneficiaries of an unmatched experience, which is profitable and sustainable at the same time. They have become ambassadors of the revolutionary zero-emission last-mile mobility solution. With the launch of the Ace EV 1000, we are extending the experience to customers who are looking at solutions with improved operating economics across the varied sectors they service. We are confident that the Ace EV 1000 will contribute to a greener future while delivering superior value and low cost of ownership.”

The Ace EV runs on an EVOGEN powertrain that comes with a 7-year battery warranty and a 5-year comprehensive maintenance package. It operates safely in all weather with an advanced battery cooling system and regenerative braking to improve driving range. It supports regular and fast charging for better uptime. The Ace EV has a 27 kW (36 hp) motor with 130 Nm of peak torque, providing excellent pickup and the ability to climb hills even when fully loaded easily.

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